Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Another Concert..What a

Tonight I get to see Paul McCartney in concert at the Staples Center, box seats, and all the Magaritas I want. Gonna be sweet!

For my poker play, I am continuing with the Sit and Go Challenge played another 2 $10 games last night and finished 2nd in one (Davee took first) and lost another. So up $8 for the night...any progress is pleasing at this point. So in total, I am up a whole $2 i think after over a dozen games.

Hasta luego y mucho suerte para ustedes!!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Get it on Boys

Okay enough with the stalling TraumaPoker and Drizz. It is time to get the final Heads Up match on. It is only fair for all of us who played. There must be a winner. Otherwise, what was the freakin point? If you wanna split the dough, you can work that out later. Just set a date and time.

Check out Trauma's blog. He finally got his prize.

Yesterday BigChiefToke got me in another HU match..thank goodness there were no bounties involved!

As for my Sit n Go challenge, I finally took another 1st yesterday and one loss..still it is a I was happy.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Veneno is a Shark

You must visit.Sox Lover's blog and tell him how great his new banner Sox..looks terrific!!! Please tease him endlessly on my account! Thanks..

I beat him in a 2 out of 3 Head's Up match today. In fairness to Sox, I was getting wonderful cards in my first match against him. He had me down to less than 500 in chips and I had to really work it to recover. Then the sweetness began. I get QQ. On the flop I make my set. I slow play and check. In the meantime, Sox has made a straight and bets into me. Pure loveliness. Then the golden card hits. Another Q, oh WOW. I am dilerious. And to my surprise, he is still betting into me. I can't stop laughing. When he finally sees what he got himself into it was too late. Now I have the advantage big time. I end up with a flush to take him out.

This was my first match in a 4 person HU battle. In the meantime, BigChief beat WeakPlayer. So now I get to battle BigChief for the first time. He wins. All Hail the Chief on your victory!

I also play WeakPlayer a Heads Up match and finally finally win. I was 0 for 5 with him and feeling totally owned. Just not acceptable!!!!

Then I play Jordan finally, who beats me too. And now has a tie record with me. I think it was fate. My own fault of course. We had been discussing bounties for future HU matches and I knew that Jordan wanted a dealer button. So last week when I went to buy a bounty for TramaPoker, I picked up a dealer button, just in case. So last night when Jordan came on, I tell him that I have a dealer button for him if he wins....doh..I don't remember how I busted, I just remember that I had the lead and blew it. Congrats Jordan! Now we are even which is not satisfactory for you I am sure, so we will be meeting again.

So much for my Heads Up lead against bloggers. I am now officially a loooooooooosssser. Ah well. Still great fun. Stats are now up-to-date for your reference. Don't tease me too much.

As for my Sit n Go challenge on Party..losing..losing...I placed in the money 3 time out of 8 games so far but only 3rd place..and bubble a couple of time. I better hit soon or I will wipeout my bank again!!!

The guys had also been playing some MTTs on Stars. Sirfwalgman, Chief, Sox, and WeakPlayer entered a $10 MTT and aggreed to split a percentage if any of them hit. They actually won $4 bucks thanks to Sox who finished 28th out of 1308. Excellent playing Sox.

And the evening ended on another good note when WeakPlayer finished 4th in a the $20 - 180 player MTT on Stars to make a nice $288. Very sweet Weak!!

Wish me good luck guys cause I sure need it and thanks for visiting.

Hasta Luego y Bueno Suerte para usted!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Love Comes and Love Goes

Well the FIRST LOVE welcome Veneno back to Party is over. I have been on up and down swings over the last couple of days, but no more 1st place victories in the $20 SnGs. I have been playing a few more had a couple of 2nd places, a couple of bubbles, and many losses.

I had a great run on Thanksgiving at the bad beat tables. My bankroll was at $160 and what do I do? I played $2/4 limit..and WON!!! A $100 dollars...woo hoo...of course, I think that I have tequilla to thank...hmmm...perhaps I should add this more often..who knows..all I can say is...I was tight..aggressive..and fearless..a very Poisonous

Since then, I have managed to lose most of that and my roll is down to just over $100.

On Poker Stars, I made an attempt to strike by playing in the 180 for $20/2. But as fate would have it, some donkey managed to suckout on me. I was 7th in chips when I got pocket jacks. I raised preflop about 3x, the board was all unders so I bet, then hit my set on the turn. I made a strong raise. Ended up all in with a player who went all in on a flush chase..and he hit..Veneno finishes 27th..grrrrrrrrrr! Only cool thing was meeting Tomfather7, who made the final table..Congrats Tom!

After that, I tried a couple of 4 person Heads Up Sit n Goes...again I had pocket Kings..and the player calls with A rag..not suited..for all in?

Then I finally get the opportunity to play in the Heads Up Tournament with a few hundred players..busted out on the first match.

So with my last $3 and change I play .02/.04 Omaha limit hi/lo figuring that if I can get it up to $5.50, I would play one last 4 person HU Sit n Go. On this table, I was hot..figures..I am hot at the penny tables..haha..anyway..Trauma shows up and ask what I am playing. He wants to know if I wanna play any HU. So I tell him my plan and say, yeah as soon as I hit $5.50 I will join you on a 4 ppl HU game. Rather than wait for that to happen, he transfers me $ hoo..Ready for one more round, so we are off to play. I didn't get matched up with him for round one. So second hand, my opponent pushes preflop, I look at my hand, AKo,hmmm, I figure its a race, I am thinking he has low pair or something, I ask my pals on IM, what they think, Trauma answers, he would do it cause he likes to gamble, so I make the call. He in fact does have small pair, 33 to be exact, thats it, the end, all money gone on Stars.

Now for the most humiliating of my poker adventures this weekend. I meet a new person on IM in one of my chats with blogger pals. Weak Player. He is interested in playing HU with me. So over the last few days, we play 5 matches. I lost ALL of these matches. Every single freaking one. Okay, I feel soooo owned. At least he is pretty cool about it. He keeps telling me that it is not enough games to make an evaluation...haha..I think he just wants more of any case, he played all games very well..only one bad beat game. He has just started a new blog. So the least I can do is pimp his blog. You should check it out. I think he will be one to watch. I predict awesome things from this guy. Both in poker and in blogging. Seems to take it all quite seriously. Congrats Weak!

Had lots of fun chatting with the usual cool and entertain bloggers Kipper, Sirfwalgman, GaryC, Davee, ChiefBigToke, TraumaPoker, Fluxer, TrumpJosh, Drizz and newest IM pal Collin.

And in a category of his own, I got to chat with the infamous Doubleas. I enjoyed this very much. While we chatted, I watched him in his $100 Sit n Go on Party. He finished 1st. Made it look quite easy. So he asked if I had taken the Sit n Go challenge. I didn't know what it was so he explained that you play 20 $5 Sit n Goes and see how you end up. I mentioned that I seem to attract suckouts in the $5 games and do better in the higher games. So we modified this plan to be $10 games. So far I bubbled on game #1. But I like this plan for my remaining roll on Party.

I had an excellent Thanksgiving with family. And I appreciate all of the warm wishes and comments from you guys!!! Feeling the love for sure.

Links to blogs are on my blog list. Also..I know, I know..need to update the HU stats..bear with me..sooon Trump..just wait!

Hasta Luego y Bueno Suerte para todos!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have met a lot of very interesting and wonderful people this year while playing poker online. Often my time online with you has been the highlight of my day. So I would like to express a special Thanksgiving wish to the following:

Iggy from Florida

May you be blessed with your families and friends and have a wonderful day!

Hasta Luego y Mucho Suerte para todos!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Party Loves Me Too

I am sooo happy to be back on Party. Not only do I love the environment, but I am winning again. Which feels really really goooooooooooood! It has been a long dry spell for me. With minor hits here and there but no real progress...and wipeouts of $$ on 3 poker sites.

Inspired by TripJax plan to create your own freeroll into the 40k. I decided to play Sit N Goes on Party again to sponser my MTT play. The only difference being that I started with a $20 SnG yesterday and came in 1st. SWEET!!! $100 payout for a nice $78 dollar I tried another..and 1st again..woo hoo..that is just what I needed. I did play the 40k, but took a hit early and busted out before the first break. So all in all, I ended with a $136 for the night.

Since that worked out so well, I decided to try it again tonight. I came in 5th on the first try..but the next $20 SnG..1st again..excellent. So another $56 up for today.

Good luck all...

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Acorn takes the victory - representing the ROW team

In the 3rd USA vs ROW (Rest of the World) Blogger Event held today, it was Little Acorn who took the victory. This time we played a regular Multi Table Sit N Go, so there were non-bloggers in the mix. Below are the final results of bloggers only:

#2 - Zagga (ROW - LittleAcorn from United Kingdom)
#3 - Yosoyveneno (USA - Veneno from Los Angeles )
#5 - GCox25 (USA - Gary from Oklahoma)
#7 - Davee3283 (ROW - Dave from Australia)
#8 - TripJax (USA - Jason from North Carolina)
#10- Grupper (USA - mystery blogger)
#11- PokerDwarf (USA - Chipper from Colorado)
#12- DeadMeek (USA)

Acorn deserved this victory with his excellent play. Below is the move where he outplayed me and took a big chunk of my chips.

PokerStars Game #3111338397: Tournament #15383811, Hold'em No Limit - Level VII (100/200) - 2005/11/20 - 17:05:17 (ET)
Seat 1: yosoyveneno (6280 in chips)
Seat 3: tk_7 (2115 in chips)
Seat 4: zagga (5845 in chips)
Seat 5: davee3283 (2035 in chips)
Seat 6: billiz (2255 in chips)
Seat 7: TripJax (1075 in chips)
Seat 8: GCox25 (1405 in chips)
Seat 9: JONTHEMUTE (5990 in chips)
PokerStars Game #3111338397: Tournament #15383811, Hold'em No Limit - Level VII (100/200) - 2005/11/20 - 17:05:17 (ET)
Table '15383811 2' Seat #8 is the button
Seat 1: yosoyveneno (6280 in chips)
Seat 3: tk_7 (2115 in chips)
Seat 4: zagga (5845 in chips)
Seat 5: davee3283 (2035 in chips)
Seat 6: billiz (2255 in chips)
Seat 7: TripJax (1075 in chips)
Seat 8: GCox25 (1405 in chips)
Seat 9: JONTHEMUTE (5990 in chips)
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to yosoyveneno [As Qh]
zagga: raises 400 to 600
yosoyveneno: calls 400
*** FLOP *** [Qd 3s 5d]
yosoyveneno: bets 1500
zagga: calls 1500
*** TURN *** [Qd 3s 5d] [3d]
yosoyveneno: bets 1500
zagga: calls 1500
*** RIVER *** [Qd 3s 5d 3d] [4s]
yosoyveneno: checks
zagga: bets 2220 and is all-in
yosoyveneno: folds
zagga collected 7500 from pot
zagga: shows [Ac Qs] (two pair, Queens and Threes)

Not sure I would have done anything different here. Was hard to call with the flush and paired board. If I bet more on the flop the result would most like have been the same. Acorn made an excellent move by pushing and I laid down the hand that could have split the pot. Dang!! Nice play Acorn.

Then later he took me out in a race with my AK sooted vs his QQ. See shot below:

This is really sad guys...we are 0 for 3 now!!!! This undefeated status cannot continue.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Craps Here I Come

Lots to write..but no time..

I am off to Las Vegas to play on of my favorite games..CRAPS! I will most likely play some cards too, but that I can do in California.

Online poker update..losing, losing, losing..oh yeah..I been just awful..even my HU play is no good..busted out of Titan, UB, and I decided to go back to my true love..PARTY!

Had great fun last night playing with Jordan, GaryC, and Davee. But the best was a SNG with GaryC and Davee on Party. GaryC finished 1st, me 2nd, and Davee 3rd. We sang a little Desperado duet which was very nice.

Lost another HU match a couple of days ago to Davee, and TrumpJosh, went 1 and 1 with Sirf to maintain my lead.

Anyway...Good luck all..laters

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Rewards are Sweet

I am just loving my rewards for winning Heads Up Matches against bloggers.

Yesterday when I got home a nice package from TripJax was waiting for me. My girls were excited too helping me open it. I love suprises and while I knew that a reward was coming, I didn't know what was going to be inside. It was perfect. A glass card shaped coaster/card protector with the Queen of Hearts! I love it. And to make it even better, Trip sent a thoughful hand written note. Thanks made my day!

I have been checking daily for a Veneno Tribute from Twitch that was due. This morning, I was delighted to see a poem written in my honor on his blog. Be sure to check it out. I really enjoyed it! Thanks Twitch..well worth the victory.

Soon to come..CD from Gary and poker gift from Jordan. Loving it!!!

Good luck all...

Sunday, November 13, 2005

New Love

As you may know, I have a real fondness for Heads Up games. My newest love is a variation on this game. Poker Stars has a Sit n Go Heads Up format for 4 players. It is available anytime. You play one player if you win then you play another. Beat these 2 and you win. I have been playing the $5.25 which pays $20. Yesterday, I won 3 of these and lost 2, which resulted in a $ profit.

So check this out. If you play 4, below is your profit/loss opportunity:

Win 0/4 = $ -21.00
Win 1/4 = $ -1.00
Win 2/4 = $ 19.00
Win 3/4 = $ 39.00
Win 4/4 = $ 59.00

I think this is a much better value than playing Heads Up straight matches. Playing 4 HU matches straight up for $5.25 would only give you a $19.00 profit compared to the $59.00 profit with this format. And given my track record for HU matches at winning slightly over 50% of the time. This seems like an excellent opportunity for yours truly.

So check it out and let me know how it turns out.

Now for the bad news, I took a blow from TraumaPoker (aka 100-2-Infinity) yesterday. He beat me in two Heads Up matches yesterday. Both excellent games. I am not great on details when I am the losing it is a suckout or lucky sucker..which is not the case with Trauma. He play solid in both games. I also need to reward him with a poker bounty. Congrats Trauma! Good luck in the last round of the HUC2.

I have added my Heads Up stats to date on the sidebar for your reference.

Good luck all...

Saturday, November 12, 2005

I am not even worth a buck?


My only inkling of success lately has been playing Heads Up. I played Jordan again..and guess who is in the lead at 5 to 4 with him. I have a great time playing with Jordan. I did get lucky with one hand as you can read on his post..but later..the sweetest..was when I made a stone bluff reraise and got him to fold...then showed my may still be like a kid..but I really enjoy pulling that stuff off.

When I get a chance I can share the whole Veneno vs blogger HU stats. I also beat Twitch 2 out of 3 which was very necessary. That 2 / 0 loss in the HUC has been haunting me for a while. Be watching his blog for a Veneno Tribute. Previously, he was the only blogger who had me OWNED. So it felt gooooood.

But the absolute best part of playing bloggers has been the extra bounty rewards. Gary has finished the CD...I can't wait..and by the way..everyone can send thanks to me because some of you are gonna get this one too...How did that happen? I have to beat him HU for a CD..and you guys just get it for has a Card Protector for me..way cool..that will be awesome. TripJax has something..a surprise..but I hear that I am sure to like it. So this has worked out quite nicely.

Tonight I had a new discovery. Sirfwalfman told me that he found a tournament meant just for the Veneno. A $20 HU Tournament on Poker Stars...I missed the events does sound like a perfect match.

Then Jordan mentioned he was playing a 4 person HU tournament. Interesting I thought. So I tried it out. Didn't quite work out..but I really loved it.

For $5.25 you play your first match..if you play another player..if you get $20. Pretty cool. The first one I played..I beat the first player..piece of cake..the second beat me after 110 hands..(I pushed with the best hand by the way..and lost).

The second match, I won.

The third, I decided to move up to $10 range. I lost...bummer...

So I tried one more in the $10 range, beat player 1, then lost my patience with the second player and busted after 135 hands...ouch!!!!

Still enjoying my matches with bloggers..So if you are looking for a good battle..just look me up!

Lastly, I had a great chat with LittleAcorn the other day and got to see pictures of him, the Mrs, and little Acorn. Too sweet! Thanks again.

All the links for bloggers mentioned are on my list..I am just too lazy tonight to do the nice hyperlink....

Good luck all...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

TrumpJosh has the Antedote

One of the bloggers that I enjoy taunting is TrumpJosh. I like to give him a hard time and he handles this well. He has the habit of lecturing me on my play. And I like to ignore everything he says..well..sometimes I take his advise. But I rather enjoy ignoring him on purpose because he loves to be right.

I was enjoying the chat on IM with him and Gary, who was playing a Shootout on Party. Gary was having a good run for a while and made it into round 3 opening with pocket AA. He ended up with some profit for his efforts.

While chatting, I started laying the ground work to entice him into a HU match. I made a point of letting Josh know that neither of his 2 HU victories were included in my stats. And specifically that he was the only person whose games didn't count based on Veneno rules. Because his games were limit and a regular cash knew this was gonna make him want to play me HU. And of course that was exactly my intention.

So after a while, Josh asked if I wanted to play Heads Up on UB. I chuckled to myself because this all worked out according to my plan.

Unfortunetly, the plan completely backfired. I lost 3 of the 4 matches. Ouch!!!! Thank goodness no bounties were involved.

It seems that my hot streak for Heads Up is dwindling...

Good luck all...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sirfwalgman is the Greatest

Sirfwalgman is the Greatest
in the Virtual Poker nest
Not based on bankroll or trophies
but in his drive to be the Best

His Cowboy style may drive ya wild
playin by his own rules
with a manner that is anythin but mild
and his uncanny instinctive moves

Some think of him as predictable
and this may be at times
but if he's out to get ya
plan for your demise

He loves to taunt his opponents
and can type lightning fast
oh there's never a dull moment
cause he's relentless and steadfast

His mind is sharp
and he sticks to his guns
And if ya hap to hear him sing
I suggest you start to run

He's a MTT master
and definitely one of a kind
Suckouts drive him crazy
and he's protective of his blinds

The emotion is continuous
it's an amazing and exciting ride
A love and hate relationship
and there's not much he will hide

He has the natural talent
and proven abilities
If he could just stop the tilting
there's unlimited possibilities!

Veneno Gets Spanked

I really didn't need a spanking. It was a blissful period while I was the punisher not the punishee. So yesterday, Sirfwalgman was ready to take me on in a Heads Up battle. Keep in mind that prior to yesterday he had sustained the worse stats in play against me Heads Up at 1 win and 4 losses. But last night he got me goood. On his blog he stated, "In this whole world there was one person who OWNED me, until tonight". It was sure sweet being the owner. Crap! How could I let this happen? And worse..I lost another stay posted for a tribute to Mighty Sir Waffle. Visit his blog for details. I am still licking my wounds.

On the upside, Davee gave me a rematch...when I was able to win. Thank godness..cause I was gonna be really sad to lose every HU match for the day!

Lastly, on Sunday night I had 2 additional HU matches with "Dreamy" Scott. In the first, he managed to get lucky on our 14th hand. I had AT and he had A6 with a flop of KAA..we ended up all in..and he caught a 6 on the river to take me out. In the second match he was boasting that he would take me out in less than 14 hands, then it changed to less than 25 hands, some predictions of his do not come true. I was the winner after more than 25 hands.

Good luck all...

Monday, November 07, 2005

Praises to Aussie Davee

All Hail Aussie Davee
as the upcoming Poker Lad
He's on fire at the tables
and for that he is glad

This college student from Sydney
has a new place to hide
Now it's Hold'em Poker
that has his mind occupied

He found a few Bloggers
to help with his start
But don't underestimate him
cause this young man is smart

You may be deceived
by his mild mannered ways
Just when you think you've played him
He'll come out with a blaze

He's aggressive and calculating
Yes, he knows a thing or two
So be careful when you play him
or you may pay your dues

He took out the Veneno
in a Heads Up Match one day
And now for his honor
She will give him praise

So visit the Embuscade blog
and you may become a fan
Of this sweet, handsome, and
talented Australian man

Sunday, November 06, 2005

I Found my Thrill

It is not blueberry hill..but boy am I enjoying it. Heads Up Baby!!! That is my thrill. Today I played 8 matches and won 7. The first was a $20 game against a stranger. I especially enjoy the matches with bloggers - Davee, Jordan, and Gary. All of them challenging and entertaining.

The match with Gary was a challenge as expected because he plays very few hands. The highlight however, was special bonus prize. Gary will record 4 songs on a CD for yours truly...I have been begging to hear him sing..and had just a little sample the other day..this boy can SING!

One of my most favorite bloggers to play is Jordan. He is always unpredicable and very entertaining with his commentary during the match. I find myself laughing on a regular basis during our play. Today, I finally evened the score to 4 wins and 4 losses. And again, I will receive an extra reward. Jordan will send me a poker related gift. I was very honored by his kind words in his blog post the other day. See below:

I played two heads-up matches against Veneno. I could probably play HU v. Veneno every day for 2 months and not get bored of it. I won only the first game, but it was for $10. The 2nd game was for $5, based on V's request. Her rule of thumb: if you lose one game, drop to a lower a buy-in. It's a faulty rule because it'll make it harder to climb out of the hole, but it's also pure genius, because often one loss begets another. My record against V is 4-3, which isn't too shabby, seeing as she is a blogger v. blogger Heads-Up specialist (although you wouldn't know from the HUC2).

Later today, Jordan had a sweet victory in the $10 freezeout on PokerStars. He placed 4th in the MTT tournament. It was great to witness this victory. He was very disciplined and selective in his starting hands..yes..I am talking about Jordan..Awesome job!!!

Davee and I played our first match this morning, which I won. It was 3 a.m. for him and he asked if I would like to have a HU match. He didn't have to ask me twice. He has been improving lately, so I was not surprised that he beat me on our second match. After 118 hands, I had a open ended straight and made a move. Unfortunately, he had a hand, and I was not able to bluff my way out. It was his lucky day. He also won Acorn's Private Blogger Tournament. Congrats on both scores! I will be creating a special post in his honor in the near future.

On the other hand, yesterday, the "Dreamy" Scott had the first crack in breaking my record of wins against blogger whenever an extra reward was involved. I will be rewarding him with a special poker item.

One more worthy mention is my match against poker pal Sloppier. He sent me a message tonight asking to play a HU match. I did try to warn him that I doing well in HU today. And then he remarked that he was unlucky today. The perfect combiniation for my success. It was definitely another good match. This was our first engagement and I didn't really know what to expect. This always makes it a little interesting. The cards were fortunately working in my favor for this match helping me take the victory.

Aside from my HU excitement, I was able to play in Acorn's Blogger Tournament. It seemed as though Jacks were the death hand of the day for everyone except Davee. Acorn, Gary and myself all busted on Pocket Jack's. TripJax was doing okay when he had Jacks, but when he faced Davee with Pocket Jacks, it turned into Quad Jacks! The event was great fun, but the IM chat in the background was even better. We all got to hear the voice of the Little Acorn. And despite his warning, we could understand him without a translator. Unfortunately, the USA side has not been victorious yet! We must be do better.

Last but not least, BigChief finally started a blog. This guy has great poker insight. He is a very good player. Definitely visit his site.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Veneno gets a Surprise!

It seems that whenever there is some kinda of extra incentive for my Heads Up matches, I win. Every single time. Something to think about. So yestday, I got a chance to play a match with TripJax again. Another good match. He ended up losing with two pair to my straight. But the best part is that he owes me a surprise! I love suprises. The only criteria is that it will be something poker related. So I will keep you posted. Somehow I seem to have made a good first impression with Trip. He thinks I know how to, he said some very complimentary things on his blog about me that made me smile. So check it out sometime.

The night before, Jordan and I played another couple of matches. We went 1 and 1. The first match, I had the nut straight on the flop A - T. I pushed. He called. And he caught a flush....Ouch..Not much I could do to change that. The pot was big enough at the flop to take it down. And on the off chance he did call, I should be good...or so I thought anyway. He has the record for beating me. Of course, he has played me more than anyone. Right now it stands at 3 wins and 4 losses versus Jordan. He is always extremely fun to play..and highly unpredictable.

Sirfwalgman has made an amazing come back! Winning Pauly's Blogger event today for $294 and placing 4th on a Poker Stars MTT yesterday for $420. It only took a couple of days for him to replenish his bankroll. It was great fun to railroad and see him win. Congrats!!!

As for my play..still nothing exciting...hanging in with my low limit efforts winning small amount here and there..losing on MTTs..and enjoying my occational HU matches.

Good luck all...

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Oops He Did it Again

In case you are completely oblivious, Sirf experienced a major crash again. Ouch. So sorry buddy. Personally, I try to keep all my major mistakes to myself, but Sirf is not afraid to take a bashing. Brave man. He must really love the attention. So definitely stop by his blog and express your opinion. He may as well enjoy your remarks. It is the only upside to this cycle.

On the other hand, we have the "dreamy" Scott who continues to whoop'em good. Now he even posts his game plans on his blog and exceeds even his own targets. Yesterday in addition to his winnings at the cash tables, he took 2nd in the 2k freezeout on Titan. Take a lesson..this boy can play! Congrats again Scott.

I continue to enjoy my Head's Up Matches. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of playing 100-2-Infinity. He was definitely a good player...patiently and gradually taking my chips. After 27 hands, I was in the disadvantaged position and had KK. The flop came with middle cards to a straight..we were both in for the the river..I bet, he pushed, I paused and typed "I know I am screwed..but gotta do it"..with my last 150 I called. He had the straight on the turn and a flush draw to boot. Good game and Congrats!

Even Aussie Dave is doing good. Now that his thesis is complete, he can focus on important, he won an SnG yesterday..and reported profits from the night before of $600 or something. Very nice Dave! Yes, looks like you are doing something right indeed. Keep it up.

Lastly, everyone is getting their equipment which is sooooo cool. I got to hear the voices of Gary and TripJax yesterday which was a nice treat! Just waiting for Gary to booze it up enough so that I get to enjoy his singing.

Other than that..just continuing in the low limit grind..

Good luck all..

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I Love Heads Up

I came home in a good mood. Singing and ready to play some poker. So when I noticed TripJax on Yahoo, I couldn't resist inviting him for a HU match. We had talked about playing on Sunday and I was looking forward to a challenge with the infamous TripJax. It was an excellent game. He was a solid player, just as I had expected. The game concluded after 97 hands. For the final play, I had to make a very tough call. I had 8 5 and landed two pair by the turn. The flop came with 9 high and a possible straight if TripJax had a 6. No flush possibility. He bet the flop and turn. So when he pushed on the river. I figured that he did not have the straight. I just thought if he had it, he would have pushed on the flop or turn and taken the pot down. It was certainly worth it by the turn and not worth risking my hitting a better hand. So I called. And I was right..whew..Great game!!!

On the sidelines, we had DonkeyPuncher, GaryC, and WillyWonka. I tried to talk GaryC into being my next challenge, but he wouldn't go for it. Apparently everyone has had the opportunity to beat him except feel soooo "deprived". While we were chatting someone asked about my HU stats, so I gave them a recap. The stats here on my blog include bloggers and other players. The guys pointed out to me that my results against bloggers have been more favorable..12 to 8 to be exact. Interesting...

DP - Good Luck in the next round of the HUC 2!!

I didn't get around to my gloating and victory dance because in the middle of my game, I got news that was highly disappointing. It made my $10 win seem meaningless in comparison.

Lastly, I missed one of the recent blogger victories on my post the other day of winners. Congrats to 100-2-infinity who cashed on the final table in a Omaha MTT on Party Poker! Sorry buddy. That was definitely worthy of a mention!