Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Poker Poison

On that Fateful Night,
Playing Party Poker Fish,
I met a lovely lady,
Much nicer than could wish

Veneno loves the suckout,
Coming from behind,
But masked in the Poison,
Is a great Poker Mind

Sexy and Defiant,
Fiery as can be,
What is one to do,
When her spell is cast on thee?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Double Date

Steve did the honors last night of hooking me up with CC for a HU challenge. CC had been waiting a long time to face the Poison, so how could I turn him down when he suggested that we play?

As is customary, we first had to negotiate terms for a bounty. Since my girls were waiting to watch a movie, I suggested that any reward be for their benefit. They are fond of a Disney actor by the name of Corbin Blue, so for my prize, I would get a couple of magazines with Corbin Blue should I be the victor in our best of 3 series. CC wanted to have some munch a crunch or something like that. I might need more clarification....lol

We played our matches. And CC took me out on the first match when he called with AT vs my AK. I knew it was bad when I had the better hand. I don't remember the details of the second match. I just know I looooooooooossssssssssssstttttttttttttttttttttt!! So not only does CC win his first HU challenge with me, but I have yet to beat him, and he moves to the top of the 2007 list. Congrats CC.

To make me feel better, he sent some pictures of his absolutely adorable boys and suggested we set up our kids for a Double Date. Too funny!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Not My Style

My apologies for posting about the HU challenge with Serg. I did not wish him any harm, and it wasn't my intention to get into a humiliation bashing. Thanks for everyone's support, but I'd like to stop the tailspin here.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Whose Got Game?

I've gotten two very interesting Heads Up offers.

The first one from Billy is very cool and creative. I immediately accepted. In case you didn't see it in my comments section, here it is:

i have a HU challenge for you... 2 actually... my blog teammate lives in
LA... wants to challenge you to a best of 5, LIVE heads up match... the loser
has to get a temporary (henna) tatoo of the other's blog name while the winner
gets to post video of said loser getting the tattoo in shame... im interested in
a best of 5 online for an as yet undetermined prize... let us know if you're

The second from X, not so cool...Let's put this to a vote. I will let my readers decide my fate.

Should I take the following challenge from X, who is apparently STILL trying to find ways to stop me from playing ONLINE poker:

so your a HU pro lets see what you got. I say i will smoke you so lets play
for real. race to 5 if you got any poker guts at all. if i win you never play
online poker again. if you win name your price. tic toc tic toc do you have game
or just all talk behind a picture of some other girl. post this challenge on
your site!!!

To place a vote just put a comment on this post with YES/NO to take the challenge. You can also offer up a suggested response to this proposal.

By the way, my loyal readers knew that picture wasnt of me. It was just for fun. But now it is time to get into Pure Poison mode to kick butt on my HU matches. With that in mind, meet my new Latrodectus mactans.

Here is a little descriptive about her...

The adult female Latrodectus mactans is 2-3 cm long and has a body length of 2-3
cm. It received this name (red-back spider) because of the distinctive red
stripe on its abdomen. The male is seldom seen because the female eats him after
mating. That is where the name “black widow” comes from. The male is about four
times smaller than the female and is less dangerous. Besides the reddish
hourglass-shaped design, it often has four pairs of reddish stripes on the sides
of the abdomen

Looking forward to the responses.