Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ready to Sing Again....

I used to wake up in the morning with a song. Singing in the shower, singing while dressing, and pretty much during my whole morning ritual. But I can't remember the last time that I was singing in the morning.

Lately, I have been focussed on one thing. Moving out! So tomorrow that day arrives.

On Monday, I went to Lender's Furniture to shop. As soon as I saw the bedroom set I knew this was the one. Hardwood and painted in white. Definitely a feminine quality in the design. And the matresses had to be top quality too. The small desk with a hutch and chair was perfect. I had to get two sets of them. Lastly was the matching mirrored dresser. The salesman rang it all up...$4218...yikes! But it was gonna be worth it. My girls better love their new bedroom set!

I didn't tell them what I bought, so I can't wait to surprise them.

Gotta run...catch ya all laters...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Eight Days

I have been crossing off the days until I move. My mind has been in a haze..

It has been days since I posted and alot has happened, but I can't seem to organize my thoughts...

Here is a brain dump..of random things occupying my mind.

Will the China Cabinet fit? This is one thing that I keep thinking about...I went back to the model of the apartment and realized it is sooo much smaller than my 2150 sq foot 3 bedroom home. Downsizing sucks! I started collecting Princess House Crystal before I even got married. Part of my treasure chest if you will. See...I am a the thought of not having room for my cabinet is bothersome. I have decided if it won't fit, I will store it.

I did splurge on one item besides my computer. I bought a bed. Cost me almost 3k for the queen bed and headboard. But I don't think I will regret it. It felt wonderful..nice foam..sleep...relax...feel my own new bed...hmmm...It will be delivered to my new pad on the 24th.

In my last post thanking Iggy for being such a good friend, I didn't mean to single him out as the only person who has been there for me. You guys have been soo great. You have been willing to listen and just let me let out my frustration and suffering. I honestly don't think I would have weathered my recent trials without the support of so many friends and family. Some of you have even gone beyond the Yahoo chat and trusted me enough to let me pester you on the phone during moments of weakness. I can't tell you enough how much of a difference you have made...Thanks! I would like to give a special thanks to my buddies below:


Hugs to you all...

I have especially been enjoying the live home games that HighPlains holds on a weekly basis. I try to make it every other weekend when I don't have the kids. It is not that I am making any money. But I do have a great time with a bunch of young guys. They call me the "poker Mom"..yeah...I do feel old in this crowd. Once in a while someone my age shows. But they are really sweet to me and I love the attention.

I been doing the bonus whoring thing on Bodogg. It took me 4 buys-ins to earn my PSO bonus worth $90. Fortunately, I made a few hundred on the last buy-in and built it up to almost $300 with the bonuses and with Slb's referral bonus. So I went to cash out and they told me I would lose $65 if I took my money out. Well chasing that $65 is really costing me. I need about 20 more points, but I got about $125 instead of $300...doh!!!!!!!

I have this knack for doing really good and building up and losing a crapload with some stupid move. Such was the case in one of my ring games on Bodogg. First I bought in short for $50 at a 1/2 nl table. I was kicking butt. And before you know it, I had built it up to $125. Then I get AA. I raise it 4x the bb pre-flop and get one caller. The board comes 89Q rainbow. I pot bet and they guy pushes. Without hesitation, I call for $87. Doh!!!!!!!! He flopped the nut straight.

Tonight I played in the Party Poker $33 Mtt. I was doing really fabulous. 2nd in chips with 99 ppl out of almost 600 entrants to start. Then I do my usual bonehead move with TP and K kicker. Thinking the guy who reraised was bluffing...dumb..dumb..lost about 20k in chips and ended up finishing just in the money at 57th.

Haven't played much Hu lately. I played a few games against random players the other night and went 4 and 1. I keep saying I gotta play more random players to get my stats up. And I joined a 4 person event with Duggle and Slb. Go see Duggle's blog to see the results of that one!

I'm having trouble focussing at work...

Did I mention I can't wait to be out?

Looking forward to the Bash.....

Hasta luego....

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Get Me Outta Here!

It seems like the closer I get to moving out on my own, the more I can't stand coming home. A place where I am on constantly on edge.

I don't want to be cold or mean to EM, but nothing else seems to work. If I give any kind of friendly response, it seems to be taken as a sign that I want more. It is difficult to say the least.

I'm hanging on, just waiting for the day I move out from my first and only house. I can't wait to go and yet there is some sadness in leaving the home where we started our family. The home where so many dreams and wonderful memories have taken place...

So it is understandable that I focus on upcoming events with my blogger friends.

First, there is also a day at Del Mar that Speaker is planning. What a fabulous idea!

Then, I booked my flight to Philly for the Bash! I'm ready to do more SoCo shots with Al, and I will try to - Are you sure you can't make it? Oh wait, Derek will be there...

I will need help getting the Luckbox to drink.

There are more and more people on the list that I can't wait to meet. Jordan and Tripjax are going..YEAH!!!!!

I had such a great time in Vegas for the last blogger event, I could not think of missing this event. Not to mention the fact that I am dying to escape.

Waffles says he will try to spend more time with me on this trip (I'm not gonna hold my breath)!

I have promised Steve a big hug. And despite any rumors that Waffle may try to spread, Steve and I will not be "getting it on"!

I may get into some trouble however with the lovely Kat who has agreed to be my roommate. And by trouble, I do not mean any lesbian experiences Waffles!

And then there is this wonderful person, that has become one of my favorite pals, who I can't wait to see again. Which reminds me, I never did share with you the story of the night I met this clever individual. But first, let me back up and share a little about this incredible person. Now most of you online know that I love to chat. I know that I can become annoying and that many people just want to talk about poker, not life, not problems, etc. So when I find a blogger who enjoys hanging out chatting and stays up till all hours of the night, I am thrilled. I met him when I was at one of the lowest points in my life. Many days, I just wanted to onload and would find myself whining and venting. He was willing to put up with me. He has been one of those people who has made a difference. Helped me get through those rough days. A great listener and a caring friend. I never expected this from the blogfather. It was an amazing surprise to build a friendship with one the most respected bloggers in our community. Hence, he was on my "gotta meet" this blogger list for Vegas.

I would get this opportunity on my very first night in Vegas. I went to the MGM to play and mingle with the bloggers. It was not long before someone told me Iggy was at the bar. I made sure to rush over, cause from what I knew, he has a tendancy to get completely wasted at these events. And I did not want to miss the chance to see him in person.

He was not hard to find. And as soon as I approached him and said "Hi Iggy", he knew me immediately. I was greeted with a nice warm hug and a "Hi Yoyo" as he calls me. He was as warm and approachable in person as he has been online. In no time, he was sharing stories about playing Roshambo with some of the bloggers. Roshambo? What is that?..And so he introduced me that night to the competitive version of Rock, Paper, Sissors. And yes, it was Iggy who took my Roshambo cherry. And it cost ME $20 for him to take it. In hindsight, had I not been broken in by the master, I might not have won the Charity Event against a slew of bloggers the next day! So thanks Iggy for training me. My only disappointment was that he didn't even remember. How do you take a cherry of any kind and forget? How sad is that!

So if you haven't planned to join one of these blogger events, what are you waiting for? It is sure to be a great experience...

Hasta luego..

Friday, August 04, 2006

Tooo Hot....

I got my wireless data card for my computer today. And it makes me feel great. Empowered! I can get online anywhere....hmmmmm....nice!!!!!! Okay..I'm sure that I'm just way too easy to please, but this is really awesome! I decided to treat myself...cause I am worth it.

Maybe a good mood was just what I needed to make for an awesome poker night...

It started with a 6.60 Sng on FT for a token..sweet! token taken.

Next, HighPlains hit me up for a HU match...finally..V..wins HU again vs a blogger.

Last, I played a 45 person sng with HighPlains, and came in 2nd.

Hasta Luego...