Thursday, June 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Speaker!

Here's wishing you a fabulous birthday Joe!

Last night Iggy was in the mood for a blogger game. So we had a nice gathering of bloggers for some poker madness.

I just love these events. And for the first time ever, I made money in a blogger cash game..woo hoo!

We did learn an important lesson. Don't give Waffles alcohol! Miami Don was even offering to sweat him in a cash game so we wouldn't take advantage of his drunken

Iggy dropped the hammer on me twice!

Wish I had time to share for the write-ups..was quite a night!


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tiempo para Salsa

I've been trying to do things to take care of myself. This week I finally made it to the exercise category. They had a Salsa class at the gym so I joined, sweated, and had a blast. I love to dance, so it really didn't seem like exercise. But I definitely need to get into better shape. Well at least it was a start....I don't have time to get this body to a "hot" status before Vegas, so everyone will get a glimpse of the "before" version of Veneno.

In talking to Iggy, I will fit right in. Something about bloggers not being about looks. Really? Sounds like a perfect crowd. I really can't wait.

Since I have my computer up finally, I had a chance to play some online poker including HU.

First I had the pleasure to play the newest member of the blogger community, slb159. If you haven't had a chance to welcome him, please do stop by his blog. He will be most appreciative. Most of us couldn't figure out what he was waiting for..he was eager to be part of the blogger crowd. So far, my Poison has had no effect on slb. Even with the hammer, I could not break him. In our match, I had the hammer on the first hand, and in true blogger style, I moved all in. He called with something like K J off. And that was it! So he has me 2 and 0. Yikes!!!!

This evening I played 23Skidoo and went 1 and 1. First game he was trying to trap me while I had a Full Boat..haha. Second match he managed to call me with a pair of 3s when there was paint on the board. Said something about wanting to lose. I figured him for weak but didn't push him off the hand as planned. So we went 1 and 1.

The best time this week was playing the Bad Beat tables with Iggy on Party. I made $80 at limit..hmmm..interesting....

Lastly, I did get a chance to play some live poker at the Bike on Sunday. This time I went straight to the 100 nl. My plan was to go one buy-in and see how it went. It went good. I cashed out $171 dollars richer. Need to build that Vegas fund.

My new business venture is going good. Most importantly, I am getting out, doing something positive, and feeling good about myself. If anyone is interested in a link to check out some great skin products or wants a gift for the wifey to make up for your Vegas venture, just send me an email and I will give you a link to my Mary Kay website. You can pay with poker funds! (contact me at yosoyveneno@yahoo).


Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Price of Heads Up

First, I must thank all of you for the great comments in response to the drama in my life. You guys are terrific! Even when I couldn't get on my computer, I was able to read your comments via email on my cell phone. They definitely cheered me up.

I managed to get a computer system up and running, so I am back in action.

As for the price of Heads Up, I lost another bounty. My showing against bloggers lately is not impressive. My newest banner is up for viewing compliments of JJOK. He beat me in a match about a week ago.

I also lost a match to Slb a non-blogger who has made the Veneno list as a special exception. Slb..thanks for the offers for more HU games recently. I do wanna rematch!

And for anyone else who has missed the opportunity to face the Poison, now might be the best time. Fluxer, where are you? I need a sure Oh wait, I forgot, you surrendered.

On the upside, I have had 3 straight victories in HU matches against non-bloggers. One against JVC (Jeff). He owes me another dinner at Commerce...Sweet!

Counting the days to Vegas.....

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Are We There Yet?

I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to the upcoming Vegas trip. A little splurge on myself is definitely needed.

In spite of all the chaos in my life right now...I'm doing okay.

Lately my life feels like a soap opera. It seems that daily I have some kinda dramatic occurence. But I am determined to keep my chin up and move forward.

The latest event took place on Father's Day. I had already told EM (you can guess what this stands for if you like) that my plans for the day were to take my dad to breakfast, play in the Poker Stars Blogger event, and then go to my Mom's place for a BBQ with Step Dad.

The day started great. Me and my girls were up early baking cookies for the Dads. (I'm sure Weak will give me a dig on this account...when will I ever get him his cookies?) I love baking with the girls. Those are the special moments that make life wonderful. The girls joined me to take my Pop's to breakfast at one of his favorite places, Polly's Pies.

I brought the girls home for them to enjoy time with EM. He asked if I was planning to join them for lunch. I reminded him that I had plans and had no intention of joining him. He then made some remark about having to pay for his own Father's day lunch.

Meanwhile, I fired up my computer and signed on the Poker Stars to get ready for the Blogger Tournament. At about one minute before the game begun, my husband walked over threw the computer into the printer, then took a chair and jammed it into the computer monitor. UNBELIEVABLE! With my other computer not working, I would not be able to play the event at home. (I have a list of reasons why I should not consider going back to my husband....this event made the list).

Determined not to let him ruin my day, I drove to my parents and got a key to my sister's house. I started the event 25 minutes late. The event was not nearly as enjoyable as I had hoped. I had been looking forward to chatting and enjoying the company of all my online poker pals. But I did get to play and finished 278th. Which was a good showing, but nothing to show for it.

So I am computerless for the time being.

Last night I was able to enjoy railing Speaker to a nice score at Paradise via phone. Go check his blog for details.

Just counting the days till Vegas......

Hasta Luego!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Pajama Party Anyone?

The planning has started.....

What could be more fun in Vegas than a PJ party?...well at least Kat and I think it sounds fabulous!!

We have already started taking applications. This is a by invitation only affair. Subject to the approval of the Four D Divas. (See Kat for clarification on the four D's)

Waffles has been approved....check out his PJ's

Don't be left out..get your applications in

Retards Rule!

So how does everyone like my new banner? Compliments of BoobieLover. Finally someone who knows how to take advantage! It is pretty funny...

I may be a retard as Boobie Lover states but at least I'm lucky! It was a great night after losing to Boobie. We joined a $10 MTT on party poker. This event started with 910 entrants.

While playing in the background was there was the usual chat. It was great to hang out with the gang again, lately my online play has been reduced. All the cool people were there..WeakPlayer, Garth, Kat, Louddwnouder, SoxLover, Twitch, slb159, Thorm (a new pal for me), and Boobie.

Caught up with some of the recent events.....

Weak placed 3rd recently in a 24/2 on Full Tilt. Go Weak! He is my new hero. Not everyone can quit their job and play poker all day..any day..any time! But it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. He is gonna be in LA next week and agreed to lower himself to my level for some poker fun at the Bike. Can't wait.....

Boobie has been taking a beating on the 400 NL tables and yet he is still up for June. When I asked whether he was going to Vegas, he tried to convince me that he had no money...hmmm...plays 400 NL..has no money? I reminded him that you CAN actually take money out of your online account to pay for trips and

Twitch had invited me to a low limit tournament on Stars as well..I busted in this..but him and Boobie made the money.

Slb159 finally played the token he won on Full Tilt, unfortunately, the Donkey's got the better of him.

Waffles was online too but he was "too busy" to chat something about focus and not wanting to "tilt"..or

So I'm humming along playing in the party tournament..chatting..having a good time..and pretty soon..I'm in the money..and building chips...hmmmm

By this time I was getting an offer for a HU challenge with Thorm, we negociated terms for our best 2 of 3 challenge..and I actually declined to play during my MTT cause I had my eye on the prize. But I will definitely take him up on his offer. He says he CAN DELIVER a poem if I am the winner! Sweet....

Speaking of delivering, nice to know some people can deliver. Unlike Waffles who still owes me a poem for the Katfight! Of course, until I bake cookies for Weak..who am I to speak? And Garth is holding back my reward until I deliver..dang..I better get to baking sometime. And I owe Trip and Jordan stuff..okay..better get to that...oh and I also still need a CD from Gary. Anyone in Okie Vegas willing to get my prize?

Before you know it, I was on the FINAL table. Boobie was super..sweating me to the very end even after he busted. Weak and Slb were the only one left from the conference and they opened my game to rail. I also had a few others on IM cheering me on..Dreamy, TrumpJosh, HighPlainDifter and Jeff.

It was great to talk to Trump again. He has been having a hard time of late with the recent loss of his sister who died at the age of 29. If you wish to offer your sympathies you can send me an email and I will be happy to forward or leave a comment. I'm trying to convince him he needs a Vegas

I must thank HighPlains for introducing me to his home game. It has been a blast. Thursday, I played in his HORSE cash game. By the time I left, I was down $3 but it was well worth the fun and company. I have made a few new friends including Jeff, the super smart young college guy who is gonna Graduate in a couple of days. Of course, he has yet to beat me in heads up..haha..I even won a dinner at Commerce. Then he convinced me to play him in a HU HORSE match. Veneno wins. Woo hoo. After he told me he had a 4 and 0 record for HU HORSE. Should I feel badly for breaking his winning track

So..I finished 7th..and got a $273 payout. And yes, I did play like a Retard...but it profit for a $10/1 MTT eh?

I cashout $600 to pay for my new Mary Kay business so this was a sweet boost to my roll. Now that I have some money to work with, I have decided to finally pursue earning some bonus money and gifts with my PSO account. If you haven't tried this yet. You really should. The few times I have, it has been worth it. If I can get a few Best Buy gift cards and up my roll..I would love to get a new laptop....

So Bodog here I come....

Friday, June 09, 2006

Boobie gets Revenge

I invited BoobieLover to a HU match tonight hoping to win another bounty. Instead..I got creamed Boobie 2 and Veneno zippo...Ouch!!!! He caught me during my losing streak along with so many of my blogger pals. Starting with Waffles. Then Jordan. But this one is gonna hurt. Boobie gets to rename my blog for one week. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.......

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Where did the Poison go?

Okay..that officially sucked...I busted out 961th in the 200k guaranteed...

I do like to go back an evaluate my retrospect..I am not happy with my play. Did I really need to risk all my chips early in the tournament with top pair (Qs) and K kicker? Of course I lost to a major donkey. He called my preflop raise of 120, my pot size bet on the flop of 360, and caught his spade flush with an 8 2. Oh well, I think I was a little on edge. I don't think I had my usually I'm gonna make them pay attitute. But with each attempt, I do in time..perhaps I will have my day of glory...

Thanks to all those who chose to rail and witness the disappointment..first Waffles who finally agreed to sweat me, slb159, surflexus, BoobieLover, Garth, Dreamy and SoxLover who stopped by to wish me some luck before dinner.

Waffles was quick to try to take advantage of me while I was still trying to recover from the shock. He was actually trying to cheer me up when he offered to play me HU. But I have lost my lead on him..after he beat me 3 and 1. Now he thinks he has learned how to beat the poison..What did I do?

Then we teamed up in a 4 person game. The idea was to beat the fish and split the least this time he was on my side...I failed to beat my man..he took the same player out in 5 hands...

So it goes.....

Full Tilt 200k ...Beware of the Poison...

That's right...I'm gonna take my shot tomorrow at the Big Time Sunday game...feel free to stop by and wish me luck..

It all started this morning when I decided to play some poker. First I signed up for the 200k freeroll on FT. This was a single table SNG where first place gets the entry into the 200k Satellite. I won! So I planned to play the Satellite at 5:30pm PST.

I also finished 5th in another $10 MTT on FT with just over 100 ppl and made about $76. The SnGs on Party did not go so well. So I basically lost the money I won on FT.

By the time I started the Satellite, there were over 600 entrants. So I figured my chances of winning were pretty slim. Only the top 9 would get the entry. To my surprise and amazement, I finished #1 and got my entry into the 200k!!! Super SWEET!!!! It was an awesome ride...Thanks to my railbird friends Duggle, HighPlainDrifter, Albert, slb159, and PresDave.

The other thing that did not go so well tonight was my attempts at winning a Token on FT. I ended up 0 for 4. On a up note, the last attempt I played was with slb159, he is a blog reader who has joined in on the DADI and takes an interest in what is happening in the community. He popped on to my Satellite and so we started up a chat on IM. Before you know it, I had him joining me for a token game. We have a deal where I get a % if he makes money from playing a MTT with his token.

He played an excellent game finishing #2 and won his token just after I busted 5th for $4. I think he must be destined to be a blogger..cause he dropped the hammer a couple of times in true blogger first time he played the hammer against the chip leader, he made the remark "I proudly put all my chips in with the hammer on a semi-bluff and dropped it...I was so proud..that pretty A on the turn was so conducive for me to take it down". Then, the 2nd time he played the hammer he really tilted one of the players. A comment was made not "to show him any more blufs" job Steve..Looking forward to you making something out of your token!

Lastly, I played a little $5 Omaha tourney with HighPlains, Duggle, and Albert. Check out this site for a nice little recap of the event. I busted out early..not a