Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sucking All Around

It was an evening of fun with Waffles, Flux, WeakPlayer and ChiefBigToke. Flux was talking about how boring it was to play low limits. I guess after you have been playing at the 2k no limit tables to step down to low limit games would be a little dull. I tell him that is why I play Heads Up. To keep some excitement while I am grinding in the low limit world. So he asks if I would like to play Heads Up. Let's see..Would Veneno like to play Heads Up?..doh

So we join a 4 person HU Sit n Go. And get placed on separate tables. I lose my match but Flux takes it all. Nicely done Flux!

Then Waffles, Flux, WeakPlayer, and I join a 18 person Sit n Go. Waffles gets KK and raises 3x bb preflop, WeakPlayer calls with JT, and Flux calls with 5h 7h. And to other players call making a pot of $750. The flop is [4h 9c 8s]. Flux moves all in for $1625 with a gut straight draw, back door flush draw, and a few runner runner shots. Both Waffles and Weak call. The turn is 6d. The final board is [4h 9c 8s 6d] [6s]. Flux wins. Excellent suckout by Flux! He takes out Weak and leaves Waffles with $1320. A few hands later Flux finishes Waffles off. Flux ended up in 1st and yours truly took down 2nd. Here are a few comments from the chat:

UconnStyle said, "worst hand wind"
Sidney1012 said, "LMAO"
Sidney1012 said, "all in on a gut shot"
Sidney1012 said, "LMAO"
SirFWALGMan said, "lol"

Then Flux and I play another Sit n Go with ChiefBigToke. I end up in a hand with Chief. I have K 4o and Chief has J Q. The flop was J Q x. Chief bets 400 into a 500 pot. I meant to fold, but accidentally call. Then a K comes on the turn. So I push with the top pair. Chef calls. Yikes to my dismay I face 2 pair. And I lucky land a 4 on the river. Veneno suckout style. So looking back, I had a 5.45% to win on the flop. A 18.18% chance on the turn. Sweet. See how lucky I am?..lol.. That same game. Flux and I are the last 2 players. I have K 4 o again I raise preflop and he pushes with JQ. Sound familiar? I take it as a sign. My lucky hand right? So I call and win the match with K high. Very nice!!

Flux, Chief, and I play one more Sit n Go together. This time the Chief takes it all. He didn't even have to suckout to win. What is that about? He plays with the best hands and wins. That is just wrong...lol

Hasta luego.....

Visit Little Known Blogger Facts

Stubbled accross this posting this morning and had a good laugh. Check it out:

Poker Fund Investments

If someone knows who the author is I would like to know.

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Donkeys are Missing their Lessons

I was just reading a posting by Jestocost where he explains that the DLF players will play hands thinking that their opponent has AK. What happened to the donkey at my table? Did he miss his lesson? I will get back to this.

I was playing online in a few low limit MTTs ($2 and $3) today with Garth. In the background, the I had joined a conference with Mafioso gang members. They were playing together in a SnG.

In the first MTT, it is level 4 of the event and I am doing pretty good with 2480 in chips and the blinds at 50/100. I get QQ in mid position. EP player raises to 600, I push, and the big blind calls. The EP raiser has TT and the BB caller has KT. Cool not bad, I just need to avoid 3 out of Kings and the 1 out of T. I'm chanting no King, no King, and then a T hits on the river. Ouch!!!! With only 825 in chips left, I bust a few hands later with KQ. Bust number uno for the night.

While this MTT is going, I tell Garth that I still have outstanding heads up challenges going with Jordan and TripJax. But will wait until they tell me they want to play. Just a few minutes later, I get a message from Jordan asking me if I want to play Heads Up. The answer was an immediate yes, of course.

The game with Jordan was highly important because one more loss for me and I would owe him another bounty. And that just cannot happen. It was my choice of games. Jordan mentions that there is a HORSE option. Interesting. I'm game. So we play HORSE. This time it was me who attacked Jordan on the Razz game. I was not gonna let him bluff me like last time and take my chips in that round. So I did mucho bluffing on my own in that round and came out ahead. It was fun as usual, as Jordan is always a challenging opponent. So I am 1 for 2 in our challenge. By the way, these mix of games are not included in my HU stats which are just No limit holdem.

So just as we wrap up, I start my next mtt on stars. On this game, I was in donkey mode. I was doing pretty good again with 2800 in chips at level 2 with blinds at 15/30, when I get 88 in the big blind. An EP player raises to 120, small blind calls, and I call. The flop comes 7 T 7. I get it in my head to make a move and bet 360. I get called. Yuck. That wasn't my plan. The turn comes 7. I review the situation. A bigger pair will beat me (likely), a 7 (not likely), or a ten. Reasonable move would be to check. But ohhhhhhhhh no. I am not in the reasonable mode. So I bet 360 again. He raises to 720. Okay..really really really..I should check/fold at this point. But Mrs. Donkey can't do that..oh no..I push instead. Get called. An lose to QQ. What a surprise!

Shortly after, Fluxer comes online inviting me to play the $24/2 MTT on Full Tilt. I tell him that I only have $23 bucks there, so no go. He offers to swap money from another site. Hmmm..Should I risk my entire full tilt roll on an MTT that I am unlikely to place in, YES! So Flux transfers $5 with 20 minutes until the tournament starts. It is taking forever. So I read the email and it says that Flux sent me a transfer which will complete in 24 to 48 hours. Well that will not work. So I decide to earn it on my own. Razz has been the game of the day for me on Full Tilt. In two sessions I won $4. Okay dont laugh. Remember I have a whole $23 on this site. So I made $8 of that on Razz. So I go to the 2/4 Razz table and after a few hands I make $4 and have enough for the $24 tournament.

This is where the Donkey missed their lesson. I get AK sooted in middle position. An EP player min raises, then gets raised by the short stack to 255. I decide not to mess around and push. The EP player calls. He has AJ sooted. He is supposed to think I have AK and play accordingly right? What happened? Did he miss class? Oh well. By the way, the Full Tilt transfer came about 2 hours later. Soooo lame.

So I start to draft this post, and just when I am typing about having outstanding matches with Jordan and Trip, and how I will wait till they invite me to play, Trip sends me a message to play. Perfect. So we play our match. This is a different Trip than before. I had a feeling this would be the match for him. He was zero for 3 in matches against me, so I figured he would be highly motivated. And he was indeed. Much more aggressive. I got off to an early lead. And then got the hammer. I went with it. And lost a bunch. Now Trip was in the lead. Then I get the hammer again. It can't fail me twice right?..ummm...wrong again...lose another bunch. I hang on for a while and finally lose after about 50 hands. Nice job Trip!

So all in all, I won 5 of 8 Heads Up matches this weekend. Won 2 lost 1 versus Sox, beat 2 random players, beat Jordan, and lost 1 to Trip. So I'm not getting creamed like I was for a while. And still having fun.

Hasta luego y bueno suerte.....

Cabo Wabo does Veneno

I'm feeling pretty gooooooooooooooooooooood right now thanks to Mr. Sammy Hagar and his Cabo Wabo tequilla..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......

It is Saturday night and I am totally feeling alright and it is midnight. This may be a pretty stupid posting when I check in the morning but okay..I can have a few right?

Hope a few of you are feeling as good as me tonight.


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Califoria Dreaming...LA Classic Commerce

I have been dreaming about playing in the LA Classic that is currently running at the Commerce Casino. So tonight, I took my shot. Upon arrival, I go upstairs to the ballroom where the tournament is running. I was wishing to maybe see some famous poker players or stars, but it was not a "hot" night. This was the 7 card stud event. Amazingly, I actually recognized some of the regulars from the days when I used to frequent the tournament activities, not that I know them by name or anything.

So I ask around and finally make it to the satelite area. Since all of the lower buy-in events ($300 + 30) have passed, the minumum buy-in for a single table game was $80. They had a super satelite running for $200 something with rebuys for a 10k seat (that was a definite NO). I decide to play the single table satelite.

One of the aggressive players at the table starts making moves right away. He gets called on one of his overbets holding K J off-suit and wins by hitting his K. Lots of loose play at this table. Meanwhile, I am patiently waiting for a hand. So when I finally get a pair of 9s, I was more than ready to play. I call a raise pre-flop 1 spot from the button. The flop comes 44J. My eyes are already on the nicely sized pot. Three players in front of me check including the initial raiser. I decide to make a move. One player behind me. I push. He calls with J T off-suit. And that was the end of it. So guess I will only be playing the LA Classic in my dreams.....

On the upside, I invested $40 on a 3/6 limit cash game. Played for over 3 hours and made $135. Ended up making a $55 profit for the evening. Took my shot at getting in the big game. And had a good time.

Hasta luego y bueno suerte....

Sunday, January 22, 2006

What was I thinking?

I thought being diversified would be a good thing!! Now I am not so sure. Playing Razz Head's Up is quite interesting. I actually had the lead initally. But Jordan took me down. This makes 0 and 2 for our series. Yikes!!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

A New Head's Up Challenge

New Challenge with Jordan. First one to win 3 games in our Head's Up Challenge will receive a Poker Related Gift. The new twist is that we are going to mix up the games. Round one was No Limit Holdem. It was a good match as usual, but I had bad timing when I pushed all-in on the turn with my trip Jacks made on the flop vs his straight. Ouch! Nice game Jordan. Congrats!

The good news, before this match I played some random player on Royal and finally won my first match in 6 games. It was a long dry run.

Jordan is great fun to play Head's Up. I enjoy his taunting and remarks. Today was no exception. Looking forward to our series.


The Secret to RAZZ

It was an evening of entertainment online last night. Starting with the HORSE tournament that April was kind enough to organize. I was not anticipating a victory here with the mix of games included but it sounded like a good time, so of course I had to be there.

Just prior to the game, I made two side bets. My goal was to get in a last longer with Waffles, which was accomplished. And a second deal was made with Aussie Davee . And it was off to the HORSE race!!

My game started with Garthmeister, WeakPlayer, Drizztdj, who is a female nurse on FT, Penner42, Obie315, BobRespert, and BrokeDrooster.

In the background, I was chatting it up with my poker pals, Davee, Waffles, Gary, Willy, and Jordan, who joined in late and missed the whole event.

One of my favorite things about these events is meeting other bloggers. I especially enjoyed meeting Garthmeister who was playing at my table. We started chatting at the table and I soon invited him into our IM chat room.

Early on Waffles was off to a slow start and down in chips. So my sidebet was looking pretty promising. Then he got on a hot streak and left me trailing. If he hadn't screwed up (read his post), he had a good chance for the money, and a bigger chance for winning his side bet with me. But it turns out this was my best bet of the day. (I'd like my payment on Stars please..lol).

The early leader in our group was Davee, he was making a killing. Holding the lead for awhile. He ended up finishing just 6 spots out of the money.

Mr. Dreamy on the other hand did not fair so well tonight. Busting out 2nd.

Gary was having a good game also. He missed the money by 3. Nice effort Gary.

And our hostess, TexasBaby, was kind enough to bust out on the bubble.

I ended up busting about middle of the pack in 32nd out of 61 that played. So at least I had the chance to experience the horse event. It was a challenge to keep track of the games as they changed. But overall, it was a fun format to play. I lost my side bet with Davee, but my win vs Waffles covered it.

By the time things were winding down, which seemed like forever. My support was for Garthmeister. Davee and I were still keeping him company in the chat room. He was playing in super aggressive style.

Congrats to the final table finishers as follows:

1. Biscutblocker
2. Scurvydog
3. Garthmeister
4. Kameelah
5. on_thg
6. willythewise
7. Mourn
8. Maigrey
9. TexansBaby
10. The Venetian

After the match, I managed to lose $30 playing NL holdem. I was up $20 when I got AK, flop is an A, ended up all in against A 3 with 2 pair. Yikes!!!!

But the night ended nicely, first I played 18 person Sit n Go with Garthmeister. And as luck would have it. We ended up Heads Up on the final table. Veneno wins. $30 profit. Woo hoo.

Then I move to the Razz table with $5. I had noticed in the tournament that Garth had been doing excellent on the Razz portion. So I asked him his secret. Here is "Garth's Razz Tip, discovered while playing Razz for like the second time ever during Blogger tourney."

"Have at least one good card in the hole, keep your eyes open for scary boards, and if things look good... POUND POUND POUND."

The key is the whole POUND POUND POUND!!! So I tried it. And left the table $3 ahead.

Hasta Luego y bueno suerte.....

Thursday, January 19, 2006

HORSE on Full Tilt..Let's play some Poker...

Okay, just in case there is someone totally oblivious, everyone is invited to the HORSE tournament on Full Tilt this Friday at 10 p.m. EST. Come join the fun!! For more information, click here.

Now for the fun stuff. Visit Sox's blog and check out his awesome new banner!!!

Lastly, I did get back on the horse tonight (the HU horse)..LOSER again. Tonight I stopped at one loss. I think I will wait for TripJax.


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Owned by ChiefBigToke

Bottomline..I lost 4 Heads Up Matches vs ChiefBigToke. He was so sweet saying, "Sorry Veneno" after every match. Why was he sorry? Because I SUCK? Because I didn't SUCKOUT? Okay, not really. He is a good pal and I think he just felt bad that I was so retarded in my play with him. Just in case I didn't express it clearly. THAT SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the other hand, I met a new player, LostLess, on stars playing Heads Up, she incidently also kicked my butt tonight. Very impressive play. After seeing my stats online, she is interested in playing Weak Player.

Oh, I did actually beat two players tonight on Heads Up matches. This was before the beating that Gordo gave me.

Must have chocolate.......


Sunday, January 15, 2006

Mr. Dreamy gets Poisoned

I had just arrived home after taking the kids to Downtown Disney for a few hours. We did the Build-a-Bear thing, ate at the Rainforest Cafe, and then watched the Knockout all girl band perform. My girls had a good time. They danced during the performance. And my little girl did the puppy dog face to get me to buy their CD which came with a free poster. So how could I resist? At the end of the session, the band signed the poster. It was worth the $12. The girls were so excited. They thought it was really something special. So anyway, I get home. Fire up the computer. Start up Yahoo IM. Waffles is on, so I ask him, "What is the plan?". He replies, "Razz Tournament..10 minutes". Okay. I'm game. Never played this before. Didn't have a clue. Sounds perfect. So I register. And then ask for guidance. He gives me his basic strategy. And I am ready to play some Razz.

Before the tournament starts, Mr. Dreamy sends me a message on IM for a Heads Up challenge. I tell him that I am getting ready to play in a Razz Tournament, but will be ready for a match after it is over. But the Dream Boy could not wait. He had the urge for a HU match with Veneno. How could I deprive him? It just wouldn't be right. So I sit out of my Razz Tourney just to coordinate getting our HU game together. It only took a few hands to take down the Dream Boy tonight. And true I needed runner runner hearts on the final hand to beat him. I think you will enjoy reading the challenge as presented below:

williamscott mcmillan: I challenge you to a heads up
yosoyveneno : oh cool
yosoyveneno : but right now im gonna start a razz tournament
yosoyveneno : so after that
yosoyveneno : we are on
yosoyveneno : deal?
williamscott mcmillan: razz over me
yosoyveneno : dang
yosoyveneno : no way
yosoyveneno : okay screw razz
yosoyveneno : im gonna lose anyway
yosoyveneno : u want to go now?
williamscott mcmillan: yes
williamscott mcmillan: $5
williamscott mcmillan: go
yosoyveneno : okay hold on
yosoyveneno : let me get to that screen
williamscott mcmillan: lol now now now now
yosoyveneno : dang
yosoyveneno : patience boy
yosoyveneno : i am on the screen
yosoyveneno : next time a new game comes
williamscott mcmillan: k
yosoyveneno : register
yosoyveneno : k
williamscott mcmillan: got satuck in a other one too
yosoyveneno : that was quick
yosoyveneno : you feel better now?
yosoyveneno : lol
williamscott mcmillan: you lucky litttle winch
yosoyveneno : oh thanks
yosoyveneno : k let me focus on razz now
williamscott mcmillan: have fun
yosoyveneno : thx
yosoyveneno : that was 3 hands
yosoyveneno : right?
williamscott mcmillan: 6
yosoyveneno : okay
yosoyveneno : thanks
yosoyveneno : gotta get the details straigh
williamscott mcmillan: make sure you spell it right....S U C K O U T
yosoyveneno : oh whatever
yosoyveneno : lol
williamscott : L U C K Y
yosoyveneno : yes
yosoyveneno : that is me
yosoyveneno : poison

Just for fun, here is the history for our first and last hands:

Full Tilt Poker Game #385446175: $5 + $0.25 Heads Up Sit & Go (2498879), Table 1 - 10/20 - No Limit Hold'em - 22:33:53 ET - 2006/01/15
The button is in seat #2
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to yosoyveneno [5c Qc]
ScottMc calls 10
yosoyveneno checks
*** FLOP *** [8d 9c 3c]
yosoyveneno bets 80
ScottMc calls 80
*** TURN *** [8d 9c 3c] [7c]
yosoyveneno bets 200
ScottMc calls 200
*** RIVER *** [8d 9c 3c 7c] [7s]
yosoyveneno bets 400
ScottMc calls 400
*** SHOW DOWN ***
yosoyveneno shows [5c Qc] (a flush, Queen high)
ScottMc mucks
yosoyveneno wins the pot (1,400) with a flush, Queen high
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 1,400 | Rake 0
Board: [8d 9c 3c 7c 7s]
Seat 1: yosoyveneno (big blind) showed [5c Qc] and won (1,400) with a flush, Queen high
Seat 2: ScottMc (small blind) mucked [2h 9d] - two pair, Nines and Sevens

Full Tilt Poker Game #385448693: $5 + $0.25 Heads Up Sit & Go (2498879), Table 1 - 10/20 - No Limit Hold'em - 22:35:19 ET - 2006/01/15
Seat 1: yosoyveneno (2,380)
Seat 2: ScottMc (620)
ScottMc posts the small blind of 10
yosoyveneno posts the big blind of 20
The button is in seat #2
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to yosoyveneno [Ah 2h]
ScottMc raises to 60
yosoyveneno raises to 100
ScottMc raises to 620, and is all in
yosoyveneno calls 520
ScottMc shows [Ks As]
yosoyveneno shows [Ah 2h]
*** FLOP *** [Td Jh 8s]
*** TURN *** [Td Jh 8s] [9h]
*** RIVER *** [Td Jh 8s 9h] [Qh]
ScottMc shows a straight, Ace high
yosoyveneno shows a flush, Ace high
yosoyveneno wins the pot (1,240) with a flush, Ace high
ScottMc stands up
yosoyveneno stands up
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 1,240 | Rake 0
Board: [Td Jh 8s 9h Qh]
Seat 1: yosoyveneno (big blind) showed [Ah 2h] and won (1,240) with a flush, Ace high
Seat 2: ScottMc (small blind) showed [Ks As] and lost with a straight, Ace high

Finished 20th in the Razz Tournament out of 113. Only 4 to the money..dang! Not bad for my first time playing. Waffles busted on the bubble..ouch...

Hasta luego y bueno suerte...

Saturday, January 14, 2006

New Head Hunt has Begun

It is so cool when I get an invitation for a Heads Up game from a blogger. My usual response is "yes, yes, yes". Anyway, been getting a few invitations, but whenever I try to play outside of Ultimate Bet, things get messed up. Just too hard to coordinate getting on the same table on other sites.

Anyway, I have been playing lots of HU matches. Having fun. Meek and I tried to get a game. But I ended up playing someone else. Soon though. Check his blog. He finally posted..lol

Today I played TripJax. He was just unfortunate to bet into me when I had sweet hands. The first time I had AA vs A3s. The final hand I caught my straight on the flop, checked, turn was an A so I bet the pot. He raised. I pushed. He called. Game over. We have established a new bounty for the first to win 5 games. If I win, TripJax will post a Veneno poem on his blog. On the other hand, if TripJax wins, I will send him an engraved card holder. So the battle is on.

Then later, Waffles wanted the chance to even the score. No dice. I beat him too. Of course, he will claim that I was lucky. It was a good battle. We went back and forth a few times. All I know is I played a good game and won the match. The final hand I had him out chipped about 2 to 1. I raised pre-flop with 44 and he pushed with A Q. I called. He didn't catch. And that was the end of it.

Some of you may have noticed that I have finally added some advertising to my blog. What the heck. May as well try and get some poker funds. For any of you that have not tried the VPP promotion, I must say that Jordan is right. It is pretty cool. He suggested that I try Royal Vegas. I did. I earned my bonus of 40% in no time. Plus got $10 just for opening an account. And on top of it all got a $50 best buy card. So if you haven't tried it yet, feel free to click on my link at the side here. Oh and if I hadn't played a $20 rebuy tournament. I would have $175 profit. But now it is just a little over one hundred. All this by playing about 300 ranked hands of low limit play and sit n goes.

Lastly, I been thinking over some ideas for a Heads Up tournament. Stay posted for details.

Hasta luego...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Lucky Charm Arrives

This morning as my husband is brushing his teeth he says so you busted out of all your poker sites (technically I still had a few bucks left). I then admit to reloading yesterday on one site for $65. He makes a few digs about how he is putting money in the bank with his poker play and I am taking it out. Cause he is the winner of the family! But how would he know how I am doing? Could it be that Mr. V is actually reading this blog? Then the subject of the DADI event comes up. I tell him that I won't make it home in time. And then he offers to cover for me until I get home. Wow..that's nice. But I don't have any money left on Stars I tell him. He then says to go ahead and buy-in. Too sweet!

So I re-load on Stars for $50. Register for the tournment. And then head of to work.

When I get home, a package is waiting for me. What from Jordan? My card protector has arrived. It is a cute little budha with big belly...I think I will call him Jordo..lol..just what I needed. Very cool. Thanks Jordon! I love it!!!!

So me and little Jordo go to the back room to see if we are surviving in the DADI. Yes. We are still in. Mr. V did a good job in getting me started. Lots of fun. Chatting it up with the blogger crowd. And to my surprise, I finish 7th. In a Omaha tournament. Go figure. Anyway..thanks Jordan and Trip for putting this together. Congrats to Waffles who finished in 4th.

After I played a Heads Up match for the second time with Donkey Puncher..uugggghh..lost this one.

Below are the final stats:

PokerStars Tournament #17497958, Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
Buy-In: $10.00/$1.00
47 players
Total Prize Pool: $470.00
Tournament started - 2006/01/11 - 21:00:00 (ET)
Tournament finished - 2006/01/11 - 23:53:51 (ET)
1: Jestocost (Kirkwood), $141.00 (30%)
2: ZeemJr (Bellevue), $94.00 (20%)
3: felicialee (Golden Valley), $56.40 (12%)
4: SirFWALGMan (Dover), $47.00 (10%)
5: DuggleBogey (Edmond), $37.60 (8%)
6: dbirider16 (ThePokerBus.com), $30.55 (6.50%)
7: yosoyveneno (Whittier), $25.85 (5.50%)
8: Boobie Lover (Vale), $21.15 (4.50%)
9: HighOnPokr (New York), $16.45 (3.50%)
10: DeadMeek (Raymond),
11: kaellinn18 (Gaithersburg),
12: mowenumdown (Villa Rica),
13: TripJax (Greensboro),
14: Ingoal (Benningen),
15: joaquinochoa (New York),
16: GameC (Columbia),
17: Guinness (cincinnati),
18: bob labah (Brooklyn),
19: Garthmeister (Washington),
20: ScarKnight (Phoenixville),
21: GCox25 (Oklahoma City),
22: Slimeface (Sunshine State),
23: hoyazo (New York),
24: dcx0 (Westmont),
25: Donegal (Minneapolis),
26: Drizztdj (Maple Grove),
27: AlCantHang (Phoenixville),
28: DnkyPnchr74 (Chicago),
29: poolstud25 (Williamsport),
30: dazza70 (surfers paradise),
31: YouzaViper (Linton),
32: BobRespert (Farmington Hills),
33: grupper (Severy),
34: surflexus (Kennesaw),
35: on_thg (Grand Haven),
36: VPP_Dave (Forest Park),
37: Jackmama (Greenfield),
38: dnasty13 (Riverview),
39: skitchorama (Seattle),
40: badblood44 (Greer),
41: gary634 (Jackson),
42: Lady_Falcon (New York),
43: Joanne1111 (Calgary),
44: willythewise (Kokomo),
45: Mourn (Houston),
46: bdr1968 (Clendenin),
47: aboutmattlaw (Astoria),

You finished in 7th place (eliminated at hand #3609093863).


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What's Up?

I have been meaning to direct your attention to Fluxer's recent posting. A nice reflection on his poker game. Stop by it's an excellent read.

Next visit Waffles and put your name on his map. He is getting a big kick out of it. Like a kid. He gets so excited with his new toys.

Lastly, the new banner for Sox is ready for his return. A big thanks to Flux for his contributions! Below is a little cutout preview...enjoy...

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Stop the Bleeding

After a fabulous morning, I thought this would turn out to be my lucky day. How wrong could I be?

Party - busted. Stars - busted. Royal Vegas - on life support. UB - in a comma.

So how did this happen? I few highlighting details below:

2 MTTs on party for $20/2 last one finished in about 235th busted on one of my most unlucky hands 77. I was right around 2k and needed to move with 10bb. So logically, getting 77 on the button and only one in before me with a min raise the push makes sense. But I knew better. Fold 77. Always. For me this hand is death. I faced QQ.

1 $20 sng - Losing hand:

** Summary **
Main Pot: 1770 | Side Pot 1: 410 |
Board: [ Qd 8d 3c 4h 2h ]
shmaxwell balance 595, lost 60 (folded)
yosoyveneno balance 0, lost 755 [ Ac 5h ] [ a straight, ace to five -- Ac,5h,4h,3c,2h ]
samgwestkid balance 0, lost 550 [ 2c 8s ] [ two pairs, eights and twos -- Qd,8s,8d,2c,2h ]
rdsws balance 2605, bet 755, collected 2180, net +1425 [ 5d 6d ] [ a straight, two to six -- 6d,5d,4h,3c,2h ]

1 $20 sng - bubbled

UB - lost Heads Up to Trump and 3 other players.

Last match I lost with flush to bigger flush.


Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Poison is BACK!

I sign on this morning hoping that Sox would be online to finish our Heads Up battle. My wish comes true. I say hello and ask if he is ready, but he replies that he is playing something. A little bit later, he says, you ready to finish this thing. Am I ready? Oh yeah!! By this time, we are in a chat with Weak player. I tell the guys that I am turning off voice. Time to get serious. Sox attempts to taunt me into keeping the voice on. I refuse. This is the final match for our challenge. Winner gets the prize. And I want to play my best and win. No other games, no other chat, just my full attention on taking Sox to the floor. And so I did. No real interesting suckouts or monster hands. Sox thought I could only win via suckout. Guess I showed him. Yes, I can win via skill.

The prize? I get to provide him with a new banner for a week. So anyone want to help? Give your suggestions. This is gonna be fun!!!

So following the match, Weak player ask if I wanna play him now. I say that I wanna enjoy victory before letting him give me another spanking. I mean at some point it gets old losing to the same person over and over. He calls me a chicken. Taunts me a little more. So I agree to play. It starts out perfectly. I win with the hammer. Not a lot of chips but a good amount. We play for quite a while and he builds up an advantage. Then I get AJ vs KK. We raise, reraise, and go all in preflop. I get a J on the flop. A on turn. And just to nail it in further, another A on the river. Veneno SUCKOUT style at its best. Now he has to work it. And he succeeds. Shortly after he calls my 2 pair hand with a flush draw and 15 outs total. Hits his flush. We agree that his is a "mini" suckout. Not at all on the same scale as my suckout. By this time, we have played 100 hands, and are even in chips. Finally, at 116 hand I flop 2 pair Q 5 vs AA. We go all in on the flop. Aces are cracked by the POISON. Yeah!! Finally I beat this boy.

Laters all...

Friday, January 06, 2006

Sox Admits It - "He is Evil Too"

So we continue our Heads Up Match. This really sucks. Not only do I lose the match with Sox, but look at the support I get from the gang below. At least Gracie was super cool. After Sox beat me, which tied up our score 4 to 4, he could not stop laughing. He was savoring the moment. Then he coerces Gracie into playing a Head Up with him. Poor Gracie. Out the first hand. Ugly.

After Match with Sox....

yosoyveneno: oh gracie
yosoyveneno: sox is taunting me
yosoyveneno: cause he got me good
yosoyveneno: in a HU
soxlover Rosen: it's rich when you complain of taunting evil one
ghengis_socrates: lol
ghengis_socrates: anyone else want a turn trouncing her?
sirfwalgman: how the mighty have fallen
yosoyveneno: yeah..come on
yosoyveneno: bring it

After the Sox vs Gracie Match...
peacecorn: LOL
peacecorn: ONE HAND!
peacecorn: K10 vs Q10!
peacecorn: i'm getting raped tonight
soxlover Rosen: whoops
peacecorn: no more!
peacecorn: but you know the software. i'm confused by the buttons.
peacecorn: no rematch.
sirfwalgman: 26 I mean
peacecorn: TOMORROW
peacecorn: LOL
peacecorn: blog this.
peacecorn: this is hilarious

At least he admitted that he was Evil. I say, he is pure evil.

Congrats Sox!

I'm Sick of Losing to Weak Player

It's official. He owns me. My opening hand is the hammer. I bet it. He raises. I call. We continue on the flop. I let it go on turn after losing about a third of my chips. I work my way up a ways. Then he beats with a Royal Flush. A Royal!!! He checked to me on the river with 4 cards to a flush. I did the smart thing for once and laid my straight down. Finally, short stacked and pot committed, I call his all in bet with a pair. Weak wins again. Congratulations!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Lucky Days

Tonight another poker pal hit a nice one! Jester finished 4th tonight in the $10 MTT on Party for a nice $1200. Congrats. Very, very sweet!!

Doesn't luck come in 3s? So should be my turn tomorrow. That is the idea anyway. I will play a MTT and see if I can get lucky along with the guys.

Send me the good vibes all....


Chief Cashes

I have always been impressed by ChiefBigToke in MTTs. He plays a good game. Yesterday he was on a run in the $20 180 player MTT on Stars. Waffles was watching and giving Fluxer and me updates on IM.

He ended up placing 3rd and winning a nice $400 and change.

Congrats Chief! Awesome job!!!!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Doubleas Meets the Poison

The year was not starting off on the right track in the Heads Up category. I mean my % of win has definitely fallen below the 50% mark and continues to decline. So after losing to Weak Player, then Sox Lover today, I even tried 2 Heads Up Sit n Goes with 4 players. In both, I busted in the first round.

One game went on for literally over 40 minutes. I had the player out chipped twice, the first time he had less than 500 in chips and got him to call me preflop when I had AA. Unfortunately, he caught 2 pair and doubled up. The next time I had him dominated, the door bell rings. Pizzaman. Will my husband take care of it? Nooooooooo. Of course not. So I step away. And come back with 600 chips less. Crap!!!! That totally put me on tilt. I was not happy. Up to this point, I had been patient and solid. Folded when I needed. I end up busting out when I got outkicked with the top pair. Oh well.

So just when I am ready to give Heads Up a rest. I am chatting with Doubleas and he asked if I want to play a HU game. My immediate response, "yes, yes, yes".

So we hook up on UB for our match. At one point in the match he took a good portion of my chips when I called his all in bet with AJ vs AQ post flop with an A on the board. I knew I basically had to pick a hand to doubleup in order to get back in the game. So when he made a raise preflop and I had A J, I pushed. Doubled. Shortly after that I got KK. Made a few pot size bets which were called. Then he folded on the river. Then I had a tough call to make. I flopped 2 pair. Bet the flop and turn with Doubleas calling me. By the turn there were 3 diamonds on the board which were not any help to me. So when he came over the top of my bet on the river, I had to really debate the call. I called. And won. Now I had the advantage. I finally broke him after 85 hands, when we both go all in preflop, me with AA vs his JJ. When he saw what he was facing, he types in the comments "geez". I waited to release my laugh until the hand was secured. Thanks for the match Doubleas. It was an excellent challenge and a real pleasure!

Wanna Know How to Win on Party?

If you want to know how to win on Party check out recent hand history posted by the and Fluxer of Wired Pairs. He is making a killing. Congrats!!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!!!

This is my first buzzin post..lol..lets just say..I am feeling goood at the moment. The night start pretty sweet. I go to the grocery store to pick up a bottle of 1800 and some margarita mix. The guy at the register ask me for an ID. I laughed. Next month I turn 40 and I am still getting carded. Sweet!

No kids. No in-laws. Tequilla. Poker. IM. Does it get any better than this?

Earlier this evening I had a chance to watch Kipper try to win his WSOP seat on Titan. So close!! He finished 3rd out of 70. Only #1 would get the seat. Excellent effort Kip.

So how did it go on my last night of poker for 2005? I sign on to yahoo first. And Weak player starts a chat with me. I tell him I have started drinking. He immediately tries to take advantage (very cool) and ask if I am interested in a HU match....ummm...lets see..is the HU Queen interested..lol..doh..so we play 3 matches (i think) and I win 2 out of 3. In one match I had JJ vs QQ and lost most of my chips. In the last match, Weak finally finally plays the hammer and goes down in style when he calls my all in with the hammer. Impressive!! Now you are a true blogger Weak.

I play a little of this and that. And who do I see on yahoo? Waffles. So when it turns midnight EST..I send him a Happy New Year message. Then Flux comes on. And Waffles hangs up on me. What is that about? Whatever....

They chat..Flux tells Waffles about his amazing killing on the 2k NL tables. He is up almost 2k. Everyone has their specialty. Appears that Flux is excellent at 2k NL. He has played 7 session on the 2k tables, some 5 to 6 hours. He has won every single time.

In the meantime, Veneno is getting hammered (via tequilla) and playing a freeroll on party, $1 MTT on party, and a 27 player SnG on Stars (Waffles joined me here..read post on this subject). I bust out of the $1 shortly after first break, the freeroll about 10 to the money I bust with AK suited, and the SnG I place 5th so I make a few bucks.

Flux and I are chatting away on IM and we play a SnG on stars. During which I do a couple of IM shots with Drizz (thanks for doing the shots with me). Which brings me to my current state. I am feeling good. Didnt win anything tonight. But enjoying poker pals and poker in 2006 thus far.

Cheers all and may 2006 be an awesome year!!!!