Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Chip and a Chair

Played another Full Tilt Satellite tonight using 300 FTP in a 9 person SNG. After a few hands, I was down to 15 chips. I came back all the way to win. Take a look at the final hand that got me 1st place.

Here is what I play next:

Still Trying

I haven't given up trying to win my seat this year to the WSOP. Here is my results for tonight in 2 of the 3 attempts I made to move forward.

This win gets me into this...

And I keep getting close on these crazy one seat games..this one was a freeroll...

HighPlains had a special 6 max event last night with a two table start of 9 players for a $40 buy-in. This is one of my favorite games, so I definitely didn't want to miss it. I finished first for $172.

I wish I could keep up with my reading of blogs. Every time I open one, I'm finding really cool things. Hoyazo monied in a WSOP event. Jordan is running a chess tournament which I am joining. And Bloggers having fun at the last WBPT in Vegas.

If anyone chats with VinNay, he needs to put up a special banner and ode to Veneno..hehe..Congrats on his win last week of the MATH.

Laters all...