Monday, February 27, 2006

SirOldMan's Tilt Fest

Mark your calendars! Waffles is getting older and we must be there to celebrate!

In honor of his Birthday, we are gonna have an online tournament.

A banner is in the works and Full Tilt has been contacted to schedule the Private event, but let's start spreading the word. Here is the information:

Site: Full Tilt

Date: Sunday, March 5th

Time: 8:30 P.M. EST

Title: SirOldMan's Tilt Fest

Game: No Limit Holdem

Buy-in: $10 + 1

Password: WafflesRocks

We need bounties and goodies. So just post a comment or send me an email if you have any suggestions.

Let's Party!!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Round One is Done

Read Waffle's blog for the play by play.

First I must thank Katitude. Both of us got talked into this thing by none other than Waffles. It was a fun event, lots of amusing chat, and a good time with the gang. Kat even wrote a nice Haiku for me, awesome Kat:

"Spur of the moment haiku for Veneno:

Cards shake on the breeze
That sails Kat's boat away
For Dems Quads Beetches!

It was fun V!"

I would like to thank the following bloggers who came to cheer and enjoy the show:


Thanks to my warm up partners (and yes they both lost):


Thanks to my cool down partner (yes, he also lost):


Finally, thanks to the Poker Goddess, who apparently shares my taste in eye candy.

Stay tuned for round two information. It will take place on next Sunday late afternoon.

Garth made it to my top 10 list. Been enjoying his postings lately.
Flux had to come back on the list. He is fancinating.


Eye Candy for the Poker Goddess

Good Morning Poker Goddess,

Here is some eye candy just for you:

Isn't that a yummy sight?

I would so appreciate your help with my Catfight today.


Heads Up with the Poison


Waffles will start up the chatroom. If you would like to be included just send him a message on Yahoo. His screen name is Sirfwalgman.

Now you may be wondering what it is like to play Heads Up with me. So I thought I would compile some quotes from those who have faced the Poison in the past.


"Now if only someone could knock Veneno out, because I CAN NOT BEAT THAT CHICK! DAMN!" - October 27, 2005


"Veneno from the weird west coast! I learned to be careful of playing her Heads Up. 1 loss is enough for me. Also beware of her side bets!! She will have you sign over the deed to your house!"


Veneno oh Veneno,
How hath you done smoten me.
From high atop the mountain horse,
I have fallen to the deepest....depthethesses.
Your greatness shines like a beacon on the sirens shore,
Inviting wary travelers to be bespoched upon your dangerous shoals.
I hopeth that ifith I goeth into battleith,
That you shant be mine enemy again.
Lest I be smothenith again.

- November 14, 2005 -


"I've found that I'm successful when playing Veneno because usually I'm on my tenth beer by the time we get started."


"Everyone who knows Veneno knows that she digs hot and heavy one on one action. She also enjoys playing Heads Up. Her duels with other Poker luminaries are famous... And I had been marked as a target.

This weekend I finally bit the bullet and played her. It was a to and fro afair, during which I grabbed an early advantage but had been pegged back when the pivotal hand occurred. I had cunningly flopped TPTK, and there was a bit of money in the pot when I pushed on the turn. There was a dramatic pause, and it was clear that a) Veneno was not happy with my move, and b) she knew that she was behind. And that's when she called her shot. Flipping over her open ended straight draw she whispered words that haunt me still...

"Poison coming."


And that's how I lost my first Heads Up match with Veneno. How was your weekend?"

So if you have the itch to play some Heads Up, just hit me up. You know I'll be game.


Saturday, February 25, 2006

Time to Get Dirty

The Heads Up match with Katitude is tomorrow. We will be playing our first match in a 3 part series on Full Tilt at 12p.m. EST (9 a.m. PST). So come watch if you please.

I warmed up tonight on Garth. Check his blog for a nice recap.


The Poker Goddess has Answered

Lucky for Waffle, he read the posting with his wisdom of old before setting out to play today. Following his own advice on how to be successful in poker, he offered a tribute to the Poker Goddess. Turns out his advice was right on the money. For his first poker adventure of the day, he played in the Stars 180. Gordogg, Kaellinn, and myself had the pleasure of witnessing the whole affair and cheering him on in the chat room. With the Gods on his side, Waffles was getting AK over and over. Funny thing, everytime he would get AK he would say, "No, I don't want this hand now" Guess he has taken so many beatings it has affected his confidence with the big slick. It was an incredible ride. I love being on chat when Waffles is winning! He sings, laughs, and has a good time.

Congrats Waffles!!! Excellent Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

True Success in Poker

If you haven't been through Waffle's archives, you are truly missing out. Amazing that he has forgotten some of his own wisdom, so I must bring back some of his excellent advice from the past:

"Listen up you bloggers for I have found the true secret to success in Poker. What is it you say? Buy my book for 19.95.. oh wait, that comes later.. Starting Hand Selection? Bah. That is for amateurs. Post flop play? Ha! Like that really works. Chasing flushes until your opponents are afraid if any one suited card is on the board? Yeah right. The true secret to making money playing poker is – write an ode to the Poker Goddess! I swear she is doing naughty little things to me these last two days. I just had almost a 100BB night! That is the best night I have ever had. You might give credit to the SSHE book, which has taught me a lot of scary aggression type things that work. Perhaps my skills in poker have improved? I am here to tell you it is all for naught if you do not court your ladylove. So I expect to see some poems to the poker goddess from you slackers!!!!" - September 21, 2004

Yes! Write a poem to the poker goddess. Then you will have great poker success!

Amazingly, he knew these things before he met me.

What happens when you mess with Poison?

Flux learned a hard lesson tonight. He lost 3 Heads Up matches to the Poison. My cards were running very hot. For example, Flux got a set of 7s vs my nut flush. On another match we were all in and my 33 held vs his A K. On the final match he did attempt to suckout when he went all in with a flush and gut shot draw and failed. He did finally proved that he could suckout too. He bet all in with A 8 off, I called with A 9 sooted. A 9 came on the flop, but then runner runner 8 8 hit to give him the win.

So the secret to beating the Poison, you must go for the suckout. Trump is an excellent example. He was completely willing to put his money all in with the worst of it. On our recent match, the 3rd hand into the game he called my all in bet with a draw and hit. He is the one person who gives me competition for suckout ability.

Hasta luego...

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Destruction Abounds!!!

What is with the destruction of blogs lately? I just don't get it. Really I don't!!!

A goodbye at least would be nice. Perhaps it is a mistake. An error of some kind. Doubleas's blog is blank. Double if you read this, can you at least tell us why? And you can guest post on my blog anytime.

I am too upset to decide on a replacement for the top ten tonight. But soon!

TrumpJosh has destroyed his blog too. At least he comes back to take my money playing Heads Up periodically. Like last night. Garth. When I get a chance I will recap the game. Then you will have an example of how to take down the Poison. Not sure you can handle it. But I will give you the inside scoop on how to beat me as illustrated by Trump.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I saw him, the great, the man!!!

I have had so much to post about and haven't been making the time. First on my list of updates is regarding Saturday night.

As you may have read I won my Satellite to the 30k guaranteed on Full Tilt. For the second time night in a row, I ended up missing the start of my tournament. This time I just got the time all wrong. I was sitting at the Hair Saloon, waiting for my hair to process (you know gotta get the grey out) and decided to connect to IM from my phone. I catch Waffles online and he says, "Didn't your tournament start?". It is then I realize that I got the time wrong. Oh great!!!! A waste of my $100 buy-in. I tell my stylist, "How quick can you get me outta here?". Then I try to reach my husband, I message him on chat, "Call me, Important". He doesn't answer. Call home. He doesn't answer. So my stlyist rinses my hair, I leave the salon hair dripping wet. To the normal world, I'm sure I sound like an absolute freak. Finally my husband calls while I am on my way home. He signs on, I ask how many chips do I have (1600), what are the blinds (50/100), and what is the average (3000). Okay, I still have a shot. I make it home in about 5 minutes which is about 1 hour into the game. A few hands after I sit down, I get AA. I push preflop, get a caller, and double up. So I end up only a few hundred out of average range. After that I didn't get much. Ended up busting on JJ.

Once I busted, I planned on playing in a MTT with Waffles and Garth. I had an hour until the tournament started so I went back to the salon and finished getting my haircut. My stylist, Miguel, is a friend from High School and he was super cool about the whole thing. I even told him about my blog and poker playing.

I didn't last too long in the MTT, which ended up being a good thing. Since my husband was out with the kids, I had the perfect opportunity to meet Weak Player at the Commerce Casino. I decided to surprise him and just call him when I got there. Waffles made sure I agreed to say hi to Pauly for him.

Since the LA Classic final events were running and it being a Saturday night, the Casino was alive. Even still, the Casino is so big you can get on a table within a reasonable period of time.

As soon as I entered, I noticed a few security guards around the high stakes area. I wandered closer to take a peak at the action. To my amazement and delight, I see Doyle. Yeah that's right. He was playing a high stakes cash game with none other than Gus and Ivey. Wow..what a sight!!! Unfortunately, security informed me that they didn't want people watching them. So I moved on.

I knew Weak was gonna be playing at the 400 no limit game. His plan for the week was to crush the players at that game. So I made my way to the 400 no limit section. Didn't see Weak, I had a picture of him. So I gave him a call. Once he answered, I asked "Where are you?"..he let me know he was at the tables..and I asked "Where specifically are you?"..Table 15.

I found him at the table. He was wearing his Blogger Cap with the hammer symbol, a black sweater, and casual pants. He looked very comfortable and relaxed. Totally in his element. But the most interesting part of his attire was his shoes. They were high top sneakers with USA stars and stripes. He seemed to be having a really good time. Just finished winning a nice pot and had a pretty decent stack in front of him. In fact, it was enough to build a nice high pyramid, which he did. I was able to sneak a picture of it, so maybe you will get to see it some day if he puts it on his blog. It was really cool to meet him in person.

I headed to the $100 no limit table. Weak made a $50 investment in my play. First hand I got was TT. I called the min raise of $15. The flop had A Q so I had to lay it down. Then a couple of hands later, I get 88. I limp in. Make my set on the flop. I bet it and call an all in raise and get busted by someone with a higher set. That lasted about 10 minutes.

I head back to watch Weak for a while. He takes a break so that we can stroll over to the where the big boy's were playing. For you ladies, a little fact about Gus, he wears Calvin's. We were not allowed to watch, but it was still exciting to pass by the table and get a glimpse of them playing.

Once Weak was back at his game, I decide to go to the ballroom and look for Pauly. I had received a couple of IM messages from Waffles, "Say hi to Pauly". It didn't take long to find him. And yes, I delivered the message Waffles. He was very down to earth and friendly. I found it interesting that he gets to travel and write about the poker tournaments. Sounded like a great way to make a living.

I ended up playing some 3/6 limit for a few hours and lost another $40 bucks.

When I was at the Valet getting my car at almost 1 a.m., I look behind me and Doyle is there waiting for his car. I fumble with my camera on my phone. And when I finally get it working, the Valet starts honking with my car. As I am walking away, I hear someone ask Doyle, "Did you win?". He replied, "Yeah, I won a buck".

An excellent evening despite my losses.

As for my online events, check out the recent posting by Garth for an excellent recap of our most recent Heads Up Match. Tonight I played another of the 4 person matches on Stars and won. Need to keep in shape for the Catfight you

Hasta luego....

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Do people really enjoy a Catfight?

If you do, get ready to witness the Kat Fight for HU Goddess of the World Heads Up Challenge with contenders Veneno vs Katitude. The 3 match series will take place on Sunday's at 12:00 EST starting on February 26th. For more information on the event, please visit online poker's Don King.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

How could I miss DADIII?

I was soooo disappointed. After weeks of waiting and wanting to play in the one DADII event meant for me, I missed it. My husband was coming home from Vegas, so I decided it would be nice to pick him up from the airport. Initially, his flight was to arrive at 3pm. So I would have had plenty of time to make it home. But as fate would have it, his flight was delayed. And by the time we left the airport, it was already rush hour. When I made it home, 18 minutes after the games began, I was already out.

At least I had the usual blogger gang to cheer me up. Thanks guys!! I always enjoy these events because the chat rooms are amusing.

Gary and Sox made an impressive showing in the event. Flux even made a few comments about never wanting to play Sox Heads Up again.

Then Kip was kind enough to bust my affiliate cherry by being the first one to open a Full Tilt account with my bonus code. Thanks mucho!!! Don't worry, I am considering a move up in the top 10 list.

Then Trip offered to play Heads Up with me so I would not be totally left out. I tried to use the Poison and suckout on him, but alas it did not work for me tonight. Good game Trip!

Meanwhile, I decided to try the $10 MTT on Full Tilt. Waffles joined in this event with me. We were both having a good run. Then shortly before the money he took a few hard hits. He made the money, but didn't have enough chips to move beyond the first level. Flux continued to watch my game and assist (and point out my bad plays). Davee came on the scene just in time to see me drop the hammer and win a nice pot. (picture captured by Davee..thanks!)

Guess What?...I made the final table..finished 6th..and cashed out for $205.50. Waffles finally hit with one of his 10% Flux will be rewarded too. Thanks Flux for hanging with me the whole time!

Tomorrow night I get to play in the 30k event on Full Tilt with my token for the $100 +9 buy-in.

Too tired to put in all the links...

Hasta Luego...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Please Don't Hold It Against Me

So I'm not a nerd

I am nerdier than 13% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

I like nerds, does that count?

My Turn Will Come.....

I played a satellite tonight on Full Tilt for the 30k on Saturday and won my entry. So far I have never hit it big in an MTT. Perhaps this will be my turn.

Wish me luck all...


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Rake Back?

Has anyone ever signed up for a Rake Back account?

I was just checking out the following site and wonder what you might know about it:


This is interesting. I'm just starting to get curious about all these promotional sites. Now that I see this, why would I sign up with a promotional site. I mean they give you about $50 when you complete your required play as a one time payment vs a Rake Back plan that would continue to give you a % back of your play.

Also, why provide the promotional companies with referals if you can become an affiliate yourself?

This stuff is all very new to me. So I would be very interested in hearing from you.

Thanks all...

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines Day!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Veneno's Favorite Top 10 Poker Blogs

It was time to update the top 10 list. I think you will find this list to have a nice balance and variety of poker blogs. Here is a recap of the changes:

Waffles finally updated his blog with a fresh look. He got rid of the money stats that were never kept up-to-date. Finally added links to current blogs. And more specifically to his favorite blog (Poker Poison), okay I know I'm not his favorite. But the absence of a link to my blog was keeping him from being #1 on my list. His blog has alway been my favorite. Mostly because it was the first blog I ever read. And because Waffles has become a good poker friend. Now his blog is in the top spot as where it belongs. It didn't hurt that my blog was selected as his first blog of the month. And knowing how consistent he is at updating, I might just be the only blog of the

WiredPairs was removed primarily because Flux does not like too much attention. He couldn't careless about my top ten list. His goal is to reduce his reader traffic. So out of respect for that he has been cut. (I am laughing with you trust me, I realize my list really has little to no bearing on reader traffic).

I had to add the Obituarium. He has found a soft spot in my heart.

WeakPlayer had to move up on the list. His taunting of me in one of his recent postings got him extra points for sure.

Nickles and Dimes was added. There are some blogs that entertain and make you laugh. Then there are a few that help you grow as a player and provide insight. They make you think. Drizz's blog falls into the insightful category.

Discofinery almost made it to the list. Enjoying his poker recaps. I'm gonna keep my eye on that one.

Acorn, I still enjoy your blog. It was a hard choice to cut your blog from the top 10.

I enjoy many of the blogs that are not on my top ten. So don't feel like your efforts are not appreciated by Veneno if you didn't make the list. The top ten are my favorites which I read on a regular basis. My time is limited so I had to narrow my daily list down to a managable size. These 10 poker blogs are outstanding in my book!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Getting Ready for DADIII

Been playing Heads Up matches to get ready for this Friday's DADIII Heads Up Invitational. There are already 17 players signed up, so it is looking good. For more information visit the cooler.

As my little song referenced I finally beat Gordogg (aka ChiefBigToke). Prior to our recent 3 matches, he had me owned. The score was 0 for 6. So winning all 3 was a major victory. If Flux is willing maybe you can get a more detailed version of how it all went down. Since he add a side bet against me, his recount might be slightly baised.

Yesterday, I finally got to play against Drizz. Unfortunately I called his all in with JJ vs KK. It was a honor to finally go up against this master. He doesn't care for Heads Up play, so this match was almost a favor. Thanks for kicking my butt Drizz.

Next was WeakPlayer. He is my nemesis in Heads Up. I won my first match with him then he took me down on the next too.

I had to take on some random players just to rebuild my confidence. These were not a problem. Won two games.

Then for the fresh meat. This blogger was soon to experience the Poison. He pushed with top pair/top kicker. I paused with my OESD. Decided it was "Poison" time. I informed him on voice chat that I was about to suckout on him. Then typed on the table, "Poison coming". As predicted, I hit my OESD and he was out in true Poison fashion.

This year I started to track my poker sessions at What is very clear is that my best game is No Limit Holdem Sit and Go. So that is what I have been playing the last few days. Making some decent progress.

Make sure and sign up for DADIII. It is sure to be a blast!!!!


Friday, February 10, 2006

At Last....

At last my link is on Sir's blog
My losing days are over
And poker is like a song
Ohh yeah yeah
At last
The SnGs are bank
My cards held up till it was over
The night I cooked Gordogg

I found a site, that I could score on
A felt that I can call my own
I found a thrill to push my chips to
A thrill that I have seldom known

Ohh yeah yeah

You smile, You smile
Oh and then my spell was cast
And here we are on blogspot
For you gave in at last

At last... at last

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Waffles Takes It ALLLLL

Waffles played an amazing game tonight in Will's Bogger Tournament. He will tell the story sooo much better, so give up your congrats on a job well done. I'm totally thrilled for you Waffles. WELL DONE!!!

Are you Threatening ME?

Apparently someone thinks they can bust my legs. They better think again. You breaka my legs and I will squeeze and twist a couple of .....How is that?

Oh and your sidekick is gonna pay too. guys are too funny..guess I better get in the kitchen and start baking.

I was gonna do some cool pictures for you, but now you will only get the hands. You blew it big time!!!!!

Are You Ready For DADIII?

There is at least one diligent student taking lessons from Veneno to prepare for DADIII.

Yesterday he learned you can drop the hammer and win some chips, but you can't suckout on the Poison. In our first match, he lost when I called his A6 with a OESD vs A7 with a gut shot, my 7 kicker held up and he was out after about 50 hands. The next match, he called with an OESD and no pair vs my A high pair.

Perhaps by the time DADIII comes he will understand that Donkeys Always

Hasta luego y bueno suerte...

Monday, February 06, 2006


Thanks Acorn for pointing out this THEIF!!!

If you happen to be on the website... know that this site is taking my postings without my permission. I don't know how to stop them yet. But I will be trying to find out.

For the real POISON, do a google search on yosoyveneno.

Readers..Any ideas? How can I prevent this?

What is really interesting is that the posting that I lost was on this blog. Whenever I try to post lately, I get a message that says republish in 10 minutes. And I as Duggle suggested, I even check in my postings to edit. But it wasn't there.

This is really ridiculous.. least you can enjoy my lost posting..I had re-written some of the things trying to forgive the redundancies..

Get Ready for DADI
Finally a DADI event for Veneno!! That's right it will be Heads Up on the next DADI. Just click here to see the invite from Jordan:

DADIII, Did I Stutter?!

So for those of you who need a lesson in Heads Up, you can always see me before the event for a schooling. This weeks students have included Meek and TripJax.

This morning Meek had his first encounter with the Poison Heads Up. It was a good match especially for a introductory match. He did gain the lead for the portion of the game. But ultimately, the Poison was victorious. So Meek finally makes it onto the HU chart. Nice match!!

As for TripJax, he came into this game with more confidence having finally won his last match against me. But he could not handle the Poison this time. On this match my hammer turned into a full boat. I landed a straight on the river. And then closed the came with a full boat when he had a straight and bet into me. It would be a challenge if I wasn't getting cards, but when you combine my skill and good cards, it is a deadly combination. (okay Waffles waiting for your comment on my skill).

Milestone for Veneno happened yesterday. I was playing on Stars and a reader recongnized me. Okay..I get excited for little things. Nice meeting you Butch. See comment below:

butchhoward: oh a tournament with the poison!
yosoyveneno: lol
yosoyveneno: yes
butchhoward: love your blog
yosoyveneno: omg
yosoyveneno: awesome

Then this morning while playing RAZZ on Fult Tilt, Falstaff from Pokerstage, made reference to my blog. So I guess I really do have readers! Way cool!!!!

As for my poker activities, I have been playing the 6.50 No Limit Sit N Go Turbo games lately with Flux and Gordogg (aka ChiefBigToke). Last night I placed in the money 3 out of 4. So I been holding my own online. Nothing major. But moving the right direction.

Now for the good stuff!! On Thursday, I could not resist. I been thinking about the LA Classic at Commerce ever since it started. As you know, I made an attempt to earn my buy-in about a week ago. I went back for another attempt. Since I did so well previously on the 3/6 limit table, my plan was to make $120 in order to play a satelite. If I won the satelite, it would pay for my buy-in to one of the 1k events. So step 1 of my plan worked perfectly. I was ahead $129 after less than 30 minutes. But instead of moving to step 2 of my plan, I started to think. Should I really leave this game where I am winning? This game has a better chance than a 1 in 10 shot against an agressive group of players on a single table satelite. I am better off here. (Okay, I was a chicken.) Well next thing you know, I have pocket aces. The table I was playing at was pretty loose. Usually about 5 players were in on every hand. So a raise preflop was a must. I raised and still ended up with 4 callers as expected. The board was all unders with a flush draw possibility. I jammed on the turn and river. And the one player that remained hit his flush on the river! Ouch. Back to start. I continued to play for a total of 3.5 hours and decided to cashout when I was $107 ahead.

So did I do the right thing? I missed my chance again to score my buy-in on the big event. But I am showing a profit. Thinking about it, if I had only played 3/6 limit this year in live play, I would be ahead $235. So my hourly rate, again just this year alone, for 7.5 hours of play, would be $31.30. That almost sounds like I might know what I am doing. Okay only based on 7.5 hours of play, but the point is that I can make money at live limit poker. That is kinda cool!

Lastly, congratulations to WeakPlayer. He has been having a nice upswing lately making the final table twice on Fult Tilt MTTs. Check out his blog for details.

Make sure and sign up for DADI!

He Got Me Twice

I had to give Flux an opportunity to redeem himself after Saturday's beating. So we played 3 Heads Up matches last night. Usually when a player pushes all their chips in with an A on the board, I would give them credit for having a top pair at minimum, but with Flux it is almost the opposite. If he pushes, it just might not be with the best hand. Unfortunately for me, he did in fact have the A pair in our first two matches when I called his bets with the second pair. I didn't feel these two games were my best effort. And I definitely thought letting those hands go was the better move. As it turns out, the 3rd game when he pushed, I had the top pair against his drawing hand.

Still learning lessons of my own.....

On another note, some of you know that I am not a football fan. But just for the record, as any true American, I did watch the Super Bowl Game yesterday. I was routing for the Steelers. In addition, I suffered a football injury while tossing some ball with my husband. When I went to catch the football, it hit my fingertip and bent the nail back. So it is cracked and got a little bruised.

Have a great day all! Especially any of you who called in sick to recover from yesterdays parties...

Sunday, February 05, 2006

School is in Session

I just noticed that my post before last is totally missing. Blogspot has been acting up lately. But I didn't realize until now that my whole post was missing. That really sucks!!! It was a good one too.

If you haven't hear the news yet, the next DADI will be this friday. And this time it is a Heads Up event!!! Totally SWEET!!! Thanks Jordan for thinking of me.

Go to Jordan's blog for information. And again, if you need some Heads Up lessons before the event, just let me know.

My students of late have included Meek and TripJax. I had a whole write-up on the games in the post that was lost. Oh well... Both were excellent matches, but they were unable to take down the Poison. And Meek finally made it on the Veneno HU chart.

On Thurday, I made another attempt to earn my way into the LA Classic. Since I did so well on the 3/6 limit tables last visit. I decided to play there first. The plan was to win $120 to play in a single table satelite where I could win 1k. Step 1 of the plan worked perfectly. Within 30 minutes, I was ahead $129. But instead of moving to the next step in my plan, I started to think. Should I really leave this game where I am winning? Should I play the satelite with super aggressive players where only one person is the winner? I chickened out. So I continued to play on the limit table. Shortly after, I had AA and jammed the pot for the whole run. And lost to a player who hit his flush on the river. Back to start. After playing 3.5 hours, I decided to cashout with a profit of $107.

Did I make the right choice? Could I have made my 1k to play in the LA Classic? I don't know. But for now, I made another $107. If I hadn't played in the $80 satelite last trip, I would be up $235 with my limit play.

Today, Flux may have thought the odds were in his favor in the wee hours of the morning after I had a few glasses of wine. But he soon learned that when it comes to Heads Up, the alcohol just enhances the power of the Poison. After beating him in 3 matches, I just couldn't let him suffer another loss.

Earlier, I play Sox 4 matches, we went 2 for 2. For the two I lost, the first he called my push A9 vs A3 with an A on the board. He caught a 3 on the turn to bust me. The next, I bet into his set and lost.

But the best match was this morning when the Cooler showed up. I warned him that I was running hot. And he warned me he was the "cooler". Sure enough, after 72 hands, he finally got me when we pushed, my 22 vs KK. Okay, I didn't really need to go all in preflop with the dueces.

Aside from all the Heads Up action I've been getting, it was another fun evening with the blogger gang. Waffles turned it early after he finished a MTT, then Garth, Flux, Sox, and Weak were playing in an MTT together on Full Tilt. My bankroll couldn't handle it. Weak took a hard blow when he busted 1 away from the money with JJ.

And Sox has some real competition in his family. Sounds like his wife is kicking his butt. She is totally rocks in the $3 MTTs. Last night she took first prize on one. Congrats!!

When will I learn? I need to stop playing MTTs and Qualifiers until I have some kind of roll. It has been a total loss for me. I busted in a 500k qualifier with KK vs AA.

After the MTTs, Garth and Flux tracked me down playing Literati with Jester. He is the Literati King. Even with the assistance of an online dictionary these boys couldn't compete with the Joos on this game.


Thursday, February 02, 2006

Talk about a bad run

Waffles like to think of himself as the most unlucky one in poker. But after reading Iggy's posting on a session at live game, I think Iggy has even Waffles beat in terms of a bad luck run.

Hey Iggy, looking forward to hearing how you get back some of you money from Stevie.

Have a great day all!