Friday, September 19, 2008

Time for Tools??

Every once in a while I think about improving my game by reading strategy books and using software tools. I've read a few chapters in books and downloaded software, but then I come back to reality where I know my poker activities are more for the social aspect. I really don't want to work that hard at it. It's fun. But how cool would it be to find a tool that was fun and easy to use and keep my primary focus on chat and entertainment while playing poker?

I think I might have found a Poker Odds Calculator that is just that. I like the layout, the colors, and the information is good too.

And if I'm on a bad run or bored, the Poker Listings site is a great resource for getting a "pulse" on what is happening in the Poker World. Just in one page you can get some very interesting stats. Personally, I love clicking on the profiles of the Pros to see the pictures.

If you decide to use the calculator, please let me know what you think.


Monday, September 01, 2008

OCPT - Next Stop Laguna Beach

The OCPT (Orange County Poker Tour) has really been putting together some fun events. The next tournament is scheduled for this coming Saturday night. Below is a little cut-out from the invite:

This event will be the standard $20+ Rebuy structure, except there will be a mandatory double buy-in for $40 to start...This is expected to be one of the largest OCPT special events ever, with the largest prize pool to date, so don’t miss it.

This will be a sat. game. there is a pool and kitchen so everyone is welcome to bring swim trunks. if the event goes past 10pm we will have to move to my house which has ample room for a final table plus I would think that cards in the air at 4pm would work for this schedule. I will also bring the grill down to the pool for anyone one who wants to bring something. I will provide sodas and light snacks. alcohol is not a problem but I would like to keep any ruckus to a minimum. this will be a BYOB and BYOM that's bring your own meat to grill I will bring down condiments

I've played with the host for the game above and his lovely wife at a new home cash game that has been running in Huntington Beach. He is a tough competitor and usually makes out nicely at these games. I have been holding my own making a profit for the last 3 games at $80, $10, and $37. Not a lot mind you, but this is a $40 buy-in with a enjoyable crowd. One of the guys at the game is training to be a bartender, so I've been letting him practice on me...hehe

Home games are the best!