Saturday, March 31, 2007

Did You Miss Me?

At least one person noticed that I hadn't posted in a couple of weeks. Of course, that person knows I have had some post worthy activities happening. Below are a few highlights from what you have been missing.

I have a great time playing HU with Fluxer. Mainly cause it feels sooooo good to beat him. But it is also entertaining to see how MUCH he enjoys beating me. I'm sick, I know, cause I enjoy both. So no matter what, I have a good time. UNTIL.. it cost me major cash. For the first time, I did not enjoy losing to him soooo much. Things started out good. The other day, we were playing some 5.25 games, which is my usual against bloggers, and had a 3 to 1 lead. Then he wanted to up the stakes to $50. I agreed. And won. This put us at 20 - 20 for the year. Of course, Flux will have to give you all the details of why I got lucky and should not of won a couple of don't remember all THAT stuff. I'm a results kinda gal. After these, he suggested we play a $100 game. I actually hesitated. Then agreed. Lost. OUCH!!!!!!!!!! That did not feel sooo good.

Waffles finally played me HU this year. And LOST!!!!!!! hehehe. He was bragging about how he has been kicking ass with some of the other bloggers. But there is only one blogger that counts when it comes to HU. My question was...."Can you beat the POISON?"...the did feel good.

Drizz and I played our Omaha Hi PL Heads Up game recently too. He assumed that playing Omaha would give him an advantage over the Poison Powers. But he was sadly mistaken. Don't you know Drizz, my weakness is STUD. Thanks for playing. I know you don't even like HU. So I appreciate the good time.

Then there is Mr. Slb. He had pretty much decided not to play HU with me anymore because I don't take it seriously in his opinion. not take Heads Up seriously? Does he read my blog? Does anyone else post a chart of HU activity? thinks that, primarily because I will soooo shove the first hand even, if I get the hammer. Ironically, he has confessed to using this move recently and winning...haha. So anyway, if you recall, he had told me he would play me HU if he won the CC Heads Up event a few weeks ago. He did. But I guess even with that victory under his belt he is intimidated by the Powers of the Poison...hehe.

KGB has yet to complete our challenge. He has been waaaaayyyyyyyyy too busy with a life of all things. See why you shouldn't get a girl friend? You forget about poker! That is just wrong. It looks like someone has been messing with his blog too.

Then there is this mystery blogger who offered me a challenge to play a live game. If I lose I gotta get a tattoo of their blog. I was super thrill with the offer. But we keep missing opportunities to play. TEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a great time donating to my blogger friends at the cash game the other night. Just reading the chat with Smokkee gunning for Fluxer was amusing. As one non-blogger on the table put it, "This is better than TV". If you have never played a blogger cash game, you are truly missing a good time. It just hit me, Smoke has yet to play me HU. What is wrong with you boy? Get with the

There are a few people that I would especially like to play Heads Up:

1. AlCantHang - He tells me he will kick my butt if he plays me drunk. Bring it on Baby!!!
2. Duggle - Doug is a player I really respect. But ever since he discovered that War of Worlds game he is hard to find online. Come baaaaaaaaaaccccccccckkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!
3. Gordogg - I think I'm ready for this aggressive toker. He bested me last year, but I'm pretty sure I got his number now.
4. Snailtrax - I still feel cheated that we didn't end up Heads Up in the Vegas Blogger event. Would be fun to face you one on one!!!!!!!!
5. Up4Poker - I want a shot at winning another cool bounty from the Luckbox!
6. Mr.Bracelet - Someone have a link? What girl wouldn't wanna have one on one action with this cutie?

I've decided on the 2007 prize for finishing at the top of my NL Heads Up Challenge. A T-shirt saying "PWNED the Poison". You can play as many games as you like with me. The person with the biggest lead wins. Good luck!!!!

Here is important stuff...Mark your calendars for the WPBT Summer Classic 2007 - June 6-11 . You know I'll be there. If you are looking for a room mate. Hit me up early.

I've been traveling a bit of late. Over the last three weekends, I've been to San Francisco, Vegas, and San Diego. All you guys really care about is Vegas so let me give you a little recap.

While it was a great time with two of my good friends Gordogg and HPD, it was anything but profitable. Perhaps Mr. Braclet will be happy to know, that I don't always run HOT. Here is a breakdown:

Poker: -360
Craps: -200
Slots: -200
Blackjack: -100
Paigow: -100
Roulette: -20
Keno: -20

As you can see, I didn't win at ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!! I did have one winning session of limit poker at the Palms on the last day and made $20. Weeeeeeeeeeee.

If I had just listened to MiamiDon, he gave me a betting tip on Sunday, but I couldn't make it down to the sports book in time. I had to check out of the hotel. Next time, I need to get my priorities straight, bet first, checkout later.

On a good note, I got totally smashed on Saint Patricks and stopped just in time to avoid another Mango Tequila incident. I discovered a new drink I like, Irish Car Bombs...although, I still don't care for Guiness alone.

Last and most importantly, I somehow missed Kat's Birthday celebration. Hope you had a good time girl friend!!!!!! Guess I better get to reading some blogs and keep up with the current events.

Hasta luego all....

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Poker Poison's 2007 HU Challenge

I've been on quite a losing run with online poker lately. In the past, when I had these runs, I could always turn to my HU games for fun. At worst case, I would usually break even.

But now, even Heads Up has taken a turn for the worse. Fluxer, of all people, has found my number. Keep in mind, he has seen me play more HU games than anyone and has actually played me more than anyone. Plus, he has had the advantage of watching me play others with the insight of getting to know what I have and how I play. I of course have the same kinda advantage of knowing his game. I do give him credit for one thing, he didn't give up. There are some who couldn't handle playing me anymore. Who actually told me, never again. The torture was too Flux on the other hand was persistent. After being humiliated last year with the worst record, he still came back for more.

I'm not sure there is any other blogger who seems to get as much satisfaction out of beating me in HU. Hearing his sheer delight is almost worth the whipping. Almost!

Congrat Flux, for moving to the top of the HU challenge for 2007. Now, it seems you are more than capable of handling the Power of the Poison. I still find it hard to believe you have a 5 game lead on me. I'm starting to feel pwned by Fluxer. Ohhhhhhhhhhh noooooooo!!!!!!!!!

I've decided to offer a reward for the 2007 HU leader. I will think about the reward. Open to suggetions. But whatever it is, it will be engraved with "Poker Poison's - 2007 HU Champion".

Now, who wants some?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

HU is in the Air

First and foremost, BoobieLover has officially opened his HU challenge. If you want a shot at free drinks at the next blogger event, go sign-up NOW!

Next, CC hosted a HU event this evening for bloggers. Somehow this event occurred without a special advance warning invite to the Poison. I never get home for this kinda stuff unless I make a special effort. (i.e. get to bed early the night before, get to work early, and beat my usual horrid traffic ridden drive home). Congrats to Steve who won this event. You made me proud my friend!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Live HU Challenge

Remember this challenge......

i have a HU challenge for you... 2 actually... my blog teammate lives in LA... wants to challenge you to a best of 5, LIVE heads up match... the loser has to get a temporary (henna) tatoo of the other's blog name while the winner gets to post video of said loser getting the tattoo in shame... im interested in a best of 5 online for an as yet undetermined prize... let us know if you're interested

I finally got a call yesterday from the local blogger making arrangements for our LIVE HU match tomorrow night. I do not care for tatoo's so this is one match that I don't wanna lose.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

This is How to Get Free Drinks

I'm sure everyone has been wondering what is happening in Veneno's world..haha

Can you say Heads Up? Oh yeah! Still playing HU. Still having fun!

I owe you an update on a few of these exciting events.

First and foremost, a little midget finally got the best of me. After pwning him in 2006 with a record of 9 and 0 (*he did win our very first match when I kept pushing all in because I didn't realize it was him, so I threw that score out). These matches were never on my chart prior to now. Admittedly, he was drunk during most of our matches. This year, I had to nudge him into our first match. He was willing, but on one condition, we had to up the stakes from our usual $5.25 games to $50. He won. I could hear the glee in his voice. At that point, I was actually happy he got me once. Once was okay. And I was having a complete blast playing and chatting and just enjoying his delightful company. Then on to match 2. He was willing to drop the stakes back down, but I was not. So we played another $50 game. He beat me again. This was not okay. How could I lose? He was my sure had to play one more. This time I did agree to drop it down to a $20 game. He won. And so the I lost my undefeated status against the blogfather. Bummer!!! Congrats Iggy. Despite losing, I had a fantastic time as always. Iggy now leads the pack with the best HU record vs the Poison for 2007.

If there was one blogger I could aggrevate more than any other in 2006, it was this youngster. I would taunt him endless about our HU matches. Use it as proof that I was a better player (haha...I knew it had no weight - but it was fun...hehe). He had the worse score (poor thing...he didn't know about Iggy-maybe that would have made him feel better). He of course thought HU was all about luck and no merit should be place on a specific skill or edge in HU. This year, he has played me more than any other blogger. He is the one ASKING ME to play. I think he has actually been turned on to this game. And even more amazing, he admits (perhaps not publicly) that I have helped him improve his HU game. While he is not leading, he is holding his own against me. We are 10 and 10. And I must say, our games now are always a challenge. I must find me a new sure thing!

My marathon HU challenge with KGB continues slowly. We did get in one game last month. It was our first match without Stud (I suck at Stud), so I finally showed him the Poison Power! Felt good to finally take a match.

Now for the most entertaining HU challenges for 2007. I have already had 2 challenges this year with the BoobieLover. The first, we were discussing terms for a bounty on a 1 game challenge. I said, "How about the loser buys the winner dinner". He thought I was joking and reminded me he was only halfway accross the nation from me. I then informed him that the bounty would be paid at the next blogger event we attended. I've been trying to get this guy to come out to an event like he should! He agreed. And had a few more questions, "How lavish of a dinner are we talking here? Like expensive wine and shit too? Do I have to wear a suit at this dinner?" I said yes to all of the yeah, that sounded SWEET!

So with the terms set, we played our match. We were talking on the girlie chat and having an entertaining time, as only HU matches with the Poison can be. He won. I felt like such a loser. Now I have to have a date with this good-looking, blonde, blue-eyed, intelligent sweetheart with a voice that would knock your socks off! I'm such a loser..hehe. If only I were 10 years younger!

Now here is where you learn about getting free drinks at a blogger event. Our next challenge was a best of 3. The bounty, free unlimited drinks at the winter blogger event. Now with this kinda reward, I had to put forth my best effort. No fun and games. This was for a weekend of booze! We played two matches. I won. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! I'm always so bad with details but I do remember a few things aside from winning. Our second game was my longest game ever. It went 118 hands. What a pain! Duration is not one of my strong points. I tend to get impatient and make mistakes. We went back and forth a few times in this match. I finally set him up when I played 34 suited and hit a staight on the flop. We checked the flop. And he lead the betting on the turn. I smooth called. And we were all in on the river. He still had some chips left at this point. So on our final hand. I called his all in and hit my straight flush. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Unlimited drinks for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

We still have details to work on, but the bottomline is that BoobieLover is gonna take on 5 challengers to get his own drinking sponser. I think this is a really cool idea. If anyone is interested in lining up some matches with other bloggers to pay for Blogger Event drinks, let me know, and I will be happy to make the arrangements.