Wednesday, May 31, 2006

HU 100 Challenge Update

On the Heads Up Front....

I'm finally a winner again!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo...

After that last spanking with Waffles, I went back to playing the fish and found a sweet one...

This weekend, I played the same player for 11 matches and won 9! That brought my challenge back to the positive side and my overall lifetime wins up! It was pretty great. If you find someone who you keep beat, I suggest you click the play again. I kept doing it until this guy gave up. Now I'll tell you I was just a little was typing things in the chat to tilt the guy..Like "I love you".."you are soo sweet to me".."can you give me more money"..lmao..okay..maybe that was a little too much!!


Where's Veneno?

In case anyone has noticed, I have not been online EVERYDAY....Is Veneno finding a life outside of poker? Has her husband kept her hostage?..

What is the cause?

1. Computer issues:

- One of home computers died and I have yet to get it in working order
- Then, as I mentioned before my husband had me blocked for a couple of days from using the 2nd computer
- DSL line out in my area for Adelphia on Sunday
- When the 2nd computer is working and available, husband is using it

2. Playing live

- Since I was on a little hot streak, I decided to take some of my profit and try for a big score. This Sunday, I played in one of the events at the Bike. I ended up busting out just before the first break. The cards were not coming and finally I needed to make a move or be blinded out. It was a good experience and a lot of fun. The players in these events can be quite entertaining.

3. New ventures

- I decided to start my own business as a Mary Kay consultant. This is the perfect opportunity for me to do something positive for myself and earn extra $$. Already, I feel uplifted by this venture. In addition to the products working wonders on this old face, the culture and atmosphere of this business is amazing! Plus, with so many things in my life that have made me feel powerless, this business is something that I CAN CONTROL and that feels GREAT! Once I create my Mary Kay website, I will add a link here for anyone who might be interested in ordering product.

Hasta luego....

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Muy Caliente!!!!!!!!!

Wow..where do I begin....

First my husband thought it would be a good pay back to lock me out of our computer. The computer that I usually play on is out of commission. Then he changed my password on the other computer so that I couldn't have access. Yes..I was fuming to say the least. It felt like I was a hostage.

Here is a little recap of my week...

Sunday..I played at the Bike..busted in the Woman's tourney..-$60 bucks..but cleaned up at the $40 NL cash tables..made a $240 profit...Later..I played in the Gemini, which was lots of fun..but not profitable..

Monday..I played a $20/2 SnG on Party with 23Skidoo..finished in 2nd place for a $38 profit..and I played the $6.60 Tier One on FT to win my $26 token.

Tuesday - NO POKER, Wednesday - NO POKER, Thurday - NO POKER

Friday - Had to use my sister's computer to play one SnG on Party..a $30/3..finished 3rd

Saturday -
In the afternoon, my husband finally changed my password back so I could get on the computer at home. I was ready to play..but what? No poker programs? He deleted all my programs. So I loaded on Full Tilt. I had $33 in my account and one $26 token. I played a $5 single table SNG and came in first which brought my account to $50. I signed up for the 18k guaranteed with Waffles and then took a break to spend time with the kiddos.

I started my game and shortly after, Waffles busted. He left and I found myself a little bored. I'm used to chatting it up while I play, so one game is usually enough. But without the usually company in the chat, I decided to join a few other games. So I signed up for a 45 person $10 SnG and a $10 MTT both NL Holdem of course.

Guess what? I came in the money on all of them. I finished 5th in the SNG, 72 out of over 800 in the 18k for $45 (finally made a profit with the 6.60 token), and 3rd out of 305 in the $10 MTT for $366. Bottom line..account moved from $33 and a token to $466. Super!!!!!

That and my profits on Party, still kicking butt in the SnGs. So I got my account up to just over $500.

Hey guys..I have a bankroll!! I'm actually making money playing poker! Should this be a secret? too gooooooooooood!!!!!

I was also soo EXCITED to hear about our pal Hoyazo finishing 1st in the 40k on Party! That is just awesome..

And I am still getting offers for HU..Surflexus wants to start a series..super sweet! life sucks..but POKER is totally ROCKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh..and now I'm off to play live poker..cause I'm in California..and all the best casinos are just a short drive away..Are you jealous?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

This time I get to Play!

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 7330476

Sunday, May 21, 2006

3 Quickies with Waffles

Waffles finally agreed to play me HU again after taking a beating in 3 poker events this evening. Since he was already feeling the pain, he figured a few HU games with the Poison would fit right in.

But instead of enduring more pain, he found the reward he was looking the 3 quick matches..he scored 3 victories. He beat me to a pulp...

Oh least he got to feel good..I on the other hand am less than satisfied...

Congrats Waffles!

As for my evening at the Bike, I busted early in the ladies tournament with a flush that met with a full boat. On the good side, I had already made enough in the cash game to cover the cost of the $60 buy-in and won some more after I busted.

Live at the Bike...

The Women's Tournament at the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens in California is one of my favortie LIVE poker events in which to play. They have these events once every 3 months. So today, I will be joining the 13th Annual Queen of Dimanond No limit tournament. It is a $40 buy-in, $10 headhunter bounty, and $10 entry.

These events used to cost less that $25 bucks, so it was a really sweet deal. The buffet alone was pretty much worth the price of admission..with champaigne and mimosas, good food, and yummy desserts..mmm..chocolate covered strawberries..I REALLY love those..yes, I'm a chocoholic!! Then they make us feel really special with some kinda gift. Today, I will get a diamond shaped-pendant.

It is an all around good time. Many of the women literally have no idea how to play. They even pass out hand ranking sheets..really..I'm not joking. And ladies do things like apologize for taking your chips. It is quite entertaining.

Even if you don't score in the money, you can usually redeem a few headhunter tokens for $10 each.

As an added plus, the top 3 players will receive a seat to the LOP Ladies Event.

Yeah...Just one of the perks of being a lady in

Now for an update on online activities....

First, you must visit Jordan's blog for a recap on the PSO freeroll event..somehow with the events of my dramatic soap opera life, I failed to sign-up. The bloggers that did really reaped some rewards, especially Jordan who finished in 2nd. Awesome Jordan!!

While all my pals were playing in the PSO event, I decided to play on Party. With my roll at a healthy level (just under $500), I decided to reward myself with a buy-in to a $10 qualifier to the 500k and the $20/2 40k guaranteed. The qualifier was unsuccessful, but in for the 40k, I went a long way..finishing 117th out of 2433 entrants. In the end, I was forced to move or get blinded out. At least I made $26. Not the fortune I was dreamed of but at least my roll didn't get damaged.

I also played another $6.60 tier one for a token. And won. I keep winning the tokens and fail to make money with them. So again, if you are paying full price for your buy-in on $26 MTTs on Full Tilt you are missing out on this opportunity. They are really THAT easy!

Then I made a bad judgement call and place $50 on a NL ring game...umm..that did not go well at all...out one buy-in in no time..DONE with THAT!

I ended the night with what has been working. Another $30 SnG. Finished 3rd.

So I ended up down about $25..not too bad....

Hasta luego....

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Winning Streak Continues

Tonight I finished 1st in another 30/3 SnG and 2nd in a 20/2 SnG on Party. So the Party Poker bankroll is looking very healthy at $485.

On the other hand, my HU Challenge is going down the drain..I failed to keep my own advise and stay clear of bloggers. Tuesday, Mr.Dreamy got a win on me. And tonight it was 23skidoo. But how can I have resisted an invitation for HU. I still love it! Congrats guys..

As for my personal dramas..this was probably the worst week of my life. Keep the prayers coming. Thanks to everyone for you thoughts and warm wishes. They are appreciated!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

How is this for Serious?

I have been making gradual progress in my play on Party Poker. It has ALWAYS been my favorite site. Mostly been playing SnGs. For me, they are my bread and butter. My downfall has been my love of MTTs that just drain my bankroll and getting involved in cash games beyond my bankroll just to play with bloggers.

Tonight, I played 2 things. First, I wanted to play with Iggy. He made the selection to play BBJ 2/4 on party. Shortly after Duggle joined us. I left with a $40 profit.

With my bankroll at a little over $200, it was time to play my most profitable game. A $30/3 SnG on Party. Here is how it ended:

Played on : 17 May 2006 03:13 AM
On Table : Mercury Island
Game Type : Texas Holdem
Buy-In : $30
Fee : $3
You finished in position 1
1st place - yosoyveneno - $150
2nd place - bellanrusty - $90
3rd place - dgenrtgmblr - $60

For the first time in a long time, I have what I would consider a roll. Sweet...$320 on Party plus a little here and there on Stars, FT, UB, and Netteller.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

HU Challenge Update

I am continuing with my personal 100 HU challenge. My mistake has been adding too many bloggers into this think I have much better success with the non-bloggers. The stats to date are 14 wins and 7 losses - $19.75 profit.

Today, I beat a player named Mowglison for 3 matches on UB within about 30 minutes. I tried to go for a 4th, but I guess he finally gave up. Well he did get screwed in the 2nd match when he lost on the first hand with a flush, cause the Poison sucked out and landed a boat on the river. Hey, that is my gift. I can't always win via skill right?...Waffles don't get

My Mother's Day started with me treating my girls, mother-in-law, and myself to a breakfast out. We went to one of our favorite spots in Uptown Whittier, the Rocky Cola Cafe. It is a very kid friendly place and has the old time 50s atmostphere, including a jukebox where you can put a few quarters and make your own selections. My girls are into Elvis, influence of Full House - they think Jesse is sooooo hot.. oh my..I have a feeling I am gonna be soooo much trouble down the road. They also like the Beach Boys. Just enjoying my girls and their smiles and laughs and thinking that as long as I have them in my life, things will be okay.

My In-laws made me feel special too. They had a dozen roses and an orchaid corsage for me. It's nice to know that they care.

Now it's off to a BBQ with my family....


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hoyazo gets Brave on Booze...

I was pretty surprised to get an invite from Hoyazo to play HU tonight. But apparently alcohol works for him..cause he got braaaaaaavvveee!!

I'm not sure what really happened, but before I knew it, he had me out chipped. I tried to fight back with my meager stack, but he was determined not to let me back in. Excellent job Hoyazo! Congrats!

Earlier tonight, I sat down with the last of my Stars roll ($23) on a cash table with Waffles, when I turned that into $85, I decided to play safe and cash out. We were chatting with Surflexus and watching him make the money in this $10 MTT. He has really been on fire.

Then I played a $20/2 on party and came in 3rd.

I did actually turn down a match earlier today from WeakPlayer. He caught me in an emotional moment. I've been doing pretty good overall through all of this but once in a while, something triggers an outburst...

Another evening of I can't complain...

More importantly, with all the craziness in my life, I forgot to mention the great time I had playing at HPD's home game. He posted a some nice things about yours truly, so definitely check it out.

Laters all...

Friday, May 12, 2006

Poison is Back

First and foremost, I think the Yo Yo days are over. Recent events have lead me to the conclusion that there is no possibility of reconcilation for my marriage. I'm is over..and it is time to move on...I'm sure my future x is having a wonderful time in Hawaii...

Thanks to everyone for their continued support during all of my recent personal dramas. Your comments and willingness to listen to my sad tales has helped immensely.

Tonight, it felt soo good to play and hang with my online pals. When I signed on, 23skidoo sent me a IM inviting me to play in the WWDN Not. It had already been running for a few minutes, but since late registration allowed I was still able to get in. So I joined the blogger madness with 14 other players. The table chat was quite amusing. I especially enjoy BloodyP. He is quite the entertainer in the chat. As an added bonus, he sent me some pictures, one of him and his lovely wife.

Fortunately, I was able to make the money finishing in 3rd place. Then I had to leave before it finished to put the kiddos to bed. Surflexus has been doing really well lately in these events. He took first tonight and Darval took 2nd. Nice job Surflexus!!!

Later, I decide to play a SnG on party for $20/2. Took second in this one.

To end the evening...I played on a $50 nl cash table..I left with a $35 profit.

Total profit of $92.00 for the evening..not a bad night at all....

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

That was a Really Short Boat Ride..

I am starting to really appreciate the name Iggy gave me..Yo Yo. Cause that is just what I feel like a Yo Yo.

Divorce..No Divorce..Poker..No Poker..He loves me..He hates me..

After surrendering to the yesterday's terms of not playing poker anymore. I had made some demands of my own. Of course, what I didn't realize was that I HAD NOT earned the right to make any demands. In order to have some demands, first I had to PROVE myself worthy.

So on the first day following our discussion, I try to call attention to the fact that he did not live up to one of his terms. He then clarified for me that he did not agree to anything. HE did not have to be accountable to me. I was the one who needed to change. Once I change, then I can make some demands. Needless to say, this did not go over well. And as the discussion progressed. He basically stated that he was DONE. I screwed up again. It is my fault for pushing. For expecting him to make changes. For not falling to his feet and kissing his behind. Well screw that!!!! He felt he was bending over backwards by giving me a chance to change. lmao...okay perhaps in dilerium...but just starts to be sooo pathetic that it is funny... guess what?....

Good news - I can do whatever I want including teach my kids to enjoy simple pleasure and not be spoiled rotten, play poker, hang with my online friends, go to Vegas, enjoy life and just maybe even be happy...
Bad news - I'm trying to figure out if there is a bad side...

So if you thought you missed that chance to play HU with the no longer have to worry...cause the Poison is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am gonna take a few days off..just to prove a point..that stupid test he made me take to PROVE that I am an ADDICT is just pure garbage....

This may be one of the classic deleted postings....catch it while you can...


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Did You Miss the Boat?

Good news - I have a chance to save my marriage...
Bad news - I have to stop all forms of gambling (primarily online poker)...

Good news - I can go to Vegas and play in the Blogger event....
Bad news - I can't sleep with anyone while I'm there...

Good news - I can still chat with my online "fake" friends...
Bad news - Since I won't be playing poker, it won't be the same...

Good news - I might rediscover interests outside of poker..
Bad news - I will miss my online adventures with all of you...

Good news - I will have time to bake Weak Player some cookies...
Bad news - I won't have the chance to try to win some Waffles...

So what boat did you miss? For those who didn't play the Poison one on one, you may have missed your chance to play in one of the most challenging and pleasurable Heads Up matches to be found...

Keep me in your prayers...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Another Victim Surrenders to the Poison

Garth has been procrastinating in our Heads Up series - best of 5. Aside from the fact that I usually beat him (one way or another), he does not care for HU games. So today, we finally had another match. We had a nice long battle..over 60 hands. A few times he took a slight lead. But in the end the Poison stood strong. For some, the Poison Power is just too much. They cannot take facing it again. Garth has now been added to that list. He has authorized the publishing of the following chat, stating his surrender:

yosoyveneno Rodriguez: excellent match
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: again?
garth: Nope
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: or u need a break
garth: I am free of my obligation.
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: what?
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: free of what?
garth: The series is now over.
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: really?
garth: Yep
garth: You won 3-1.
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: r u serious?
garth: Yep
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: u surrender?
garth: Yep
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: can i post this?
garth: Knock yourself out.
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: r u upset?
garth: Nope
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: oh ok
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: surrender?
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: really?
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: why?
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: i have fun playing u
garth: I don't like HU.
garth: I'm better at it than I ever have been, but it doesn't mean I enjoy it.

There is a down side. He has set the condition that I will collect my bounty when I make cookies for WeakPlayer. So perhaps the added incentive will be just the thing to get me in the kitchen. I have a feeling Weak will be getting his cookies afterall...

Speaker Gets Poisoned

It was a little after midnight when Joe sent me an IM message. He thought I might give him a hard time for standing me up on our scheduled HU match a few nights ago. But how could I be upset when he was having a "real" life and meeting "real" women..kissing..and what not?

Earlier in the evening he had played a $50 sng with Daddy and Iggy. Apparently he is quite capable while playing drunk, as he managed to beat these two. Daddy came in 2nd and Iggy bubbled.

It was really cute how he warned me that his Heads Up game was really sharp. He was feeling quite confident and ready to take on the Poison. Let's just say that even with all of Joe's preparation, he didn't stand a chance. It was a short match. Result: Veneno 1 - Joe 0

I look forward to a rematch...

I also had the opportunity to play one of my favorite Heads-Up Competitors, WeakPlayer. We went 2 and 1. So Weak now moves down to the second spot of the Heads Up chart. He was #1 for a long long time...

For those who are curious, I have a new chart to track my progress in the 100 HU Challenge that I started. So far, I am 10 and 5. Not quite where I want to be, but profitable, so that is good.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Boy Toy for Veneno

My evening started by joining in the chat with Gary, Duggle and Surflex while watching a few bloggers finish the battle in the Mookie. I had the pleasure of cheering for my pal Surflex as he took the victory. Fabulous job!!!

Once it was finished. It was time for the Poison to have a little fun. As most people know, I just love when one of my blogger pal's invites me to play in a game of Heads Up. Such was the case this evening. When I was talking to BoobieLover about playing something, he inquired if my plans were just a prelude to a Heads Up match. Just seeing the word Heads Up in the chat window brought a smile to my lips. Boobie is such a good sport, I thought it was time to up the stake on our Heads Up games. So we negociated to play best 2 out of 3 game for one week blog renaming. You must visit his Thanks definitely brightened my evening..I enjoyed our matches..your laugh..your sighs..and your great sportsmanship. Let's do it again soon!!