Monday, December 13, 2010

2010 WPBT Bounty Babe

Every time I attend a Poker Blogger event I am reminded how this community of people from all walks of life is truly wonderful. This trip was no exception. And even though my interaction with my blogger friends has been limited over the last couple of years it did not affect the connection that I felt with this group.

I arrived late Friday night at about 1 a.m. which meant many of the bloggers had already left the MGM where mixed games were played. I did manage to see one of my favorite blogger friends, Waffles and his new pal Josie, Miami Don, Joanna, Buddy Dank, Lightning, Skidoo, Katitude, and few others.

The next day at the Aria, I arrived early to make sure I got registered okay for the Blogger tournament. AlCantHang and Falstaff were at a "Training" table and invited me to join. I paid the $25 bucks to get some training by Alex. The only things I remember were being told that "All In" wasn't my only move and to compare a semi-bluff to "Ghostbusters". In order to kill a ghost, you need multiple streams just like needing multiple things to work together in order to make a semi-bluff work. In addition, all the players at the Training table were entered into a last longer for $20 in the tournament.

There was also a team last longer, so I partnered with Patrick, the nephew of a blogger (Wolfgang or something like that), and Russ a blogger (Days at the Office) I had met at one of Smokkee's home games. We named our team - Days with Poison.

To sweeten the event, there were a few of the original bloggers with $100 bounties from Full Tilt - these bounties were represented by a small box of band-aids. Dr. Pauly had a $100 PokerStars bounty on his head.

As luck would have it, my starting table included 3 bloggers with $100 bounties, AlCantHang,Falstaff, and Dr. Pauly. Also at my table was Bree, Snuffy, Mattie, Geek and Proud, and Speaker.

My new title as 2010 WPBT Bounty Babe was earned by taking the following bounties:

1) Bree - Avenging Unicorn set with a White unicorn, 4 different horns with special powers, and 3 figures that could be stabbed in the abdomen by the unicorn. Once rewarded with this bounty, I put the set in front of my chips to act as defenders.

2) Mattie (I don't remember the blog name sorry) - He had the most original bounty - A dvd "Poker Secrets from Poker Champs - Money Management" and a salami football which I sliced once we were down to the final table for everyone to enjoy. It was pretty tasty.

2) Dr. Pauly - $100 Pokerstars- I called Pauly with Ax suited in the big blind and called his flop bet when I had a flush draw. The flush came on the turn. Pauly shoved with a set and was disappointed by my insta call and ultimate win when he didn't improve on the river.

3) Falstaff - $100 FT and a of his book "Returning the Favor" - So sad how bad my memory has gotten. I can't remember how I won this bounty.

4) Brian (FT Social Media rep) - $100 FT and Stanless Steal Flask.

5) Katitude - Beaver I did the honorable thing and called from the BB when she shoved her short stack. Unfortunately, she could not survive the hammer.

I also busted Gracie, but she didn't have a bounty - which I shouldn't be one to speak since I had no bounty for my slayer.

It was a great ride. I had a early chip lead, but didn't learn enough in my pre-game training (hahaha) to know how to play with a bigger stack in the middle tourney stages. I lost chips to Gnome when I misplayed pocket 4s.

Ultimately I busted 12th when BadBlood called my all-in from SB with KQ hearts with against his A4 off from the BB.

MiamiDon earned his first place finish (6 places chopped, but he had the chip lead) with his aggressive play when it was down to 2 tables.

So even though I didn't make the final table, I did make $300 in online bounties and $20 from the Training table last longer, plus the other cool rewards. And if Drizz could have just busted 7 or 8 on the final table, I would have made another $200 bucks from the team last longer.

It was great seeing everyone and especially nice to get a hug from the best midget in the world, Iggy.

Till next time.....

P.S. I think I'm ready to start a new round of heads-up matches against you bloggers, so let me know if you are ready to take on "The Poison"!!!!