Monday, March 30, 2009

Poker Poison Dream Team

What an incredible weekend!!! The Dream Team Event at Ceasar's Palace is sure to be an experience I will never forget.

On Friday I arrived late to the Friday night reception and the first person I see at the entrance was none other than Phil Hellmuth. From that moment on, I was consumed with the excitement of being in a room of top notch players, poker enthusiast, and friends. Once in the room, I glanced at the wall of Team Jerseys and found the "Poker Poison" attire for the event. It was quite a sight. (See the picture from the Dr. Pauly's blog) Yes, he was there too! His recent post captures the essence of the event much better than I could ever do. You must read.

Once I get a chance, I will load the some awesome pictures including one with Phil and another with Kristy Gaze.

Congratulations to my team mate Masih, we all call him Mas - as in "queto mas", who finished 10th in the event! You did great job hanging in there with the likes of Tom McEvoy at your table.

I have soooo much to write about from this event, but for now I'm just going to leave you with a recap from the press release....

Hi YoSoy,

Please find below a press release with the official results from this past weekend’s sold out Dream Team Poker event at Caesars Palace Las Vegas.

Team Aced took down the team title and more than $59,000 with 2006 WSOP Champ Jamie Gold coming in 9th place and teammate Ashley Nataupsky taking 4th place. Danny Nelson of Team took home the individual prize of almost $24,000.

We have plenty of photos and a full list of team and individual cash prizes, if needed. Please contact me with any questions or for more information.



Record Turnout Sells Out Caesars Palace Poker Room

BEVERLY HILLS, March 30, 2009 -- Team Aced won the first public Dream Team Poker tournament that featured a sold out field, big name poker pros, celebrities and a packed house. 148 teams totaling 444 players entered the event at Caesars Palace Las Vegas with a $222,000 total prize pool.

Team Aced, led by Ashley Nataupsky’s 4th place finish and Jamie Gold’s 9th place finish, and also included Houston Waldie, took home the first place team prize of $59,940 and the championship trophies.

“It’s the most fun you can have without $12 million on the line,” said Gold. “My WSOP bracelet is in a vault, but my Dream Team Poker trophy will be on my mantel for all to see.”

Danny Nelson, Team, who entered the day with $119,000 chips, was able to fight through the final 25 players to win the individual prize of $23,976. Nelson went heads-up with Philip Rousseaux (The Claddaghs) for 45 minutes before sucking Rousseaux in on the final hand. Both players limped into a 4-8-K rainbow flop. Nelson (K9) check-raised Rousseaux (J8), who responded by making the mistake of moving all-in. The 6-7 turn and river were of no help and the individual champion was crowned.

Rousseaux entered the day second in chips with $408,500 and battled his way through the final table as The Claddaghs were locked in an epic struggle against The Clones for second place in the team standings. Rousseaux’s runner-up finish secured The Claddaghs second place team win and netted the team a cool $33,300.

“We blew the doors off of Caesars this weekend,” said Dream Team Poker Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Delshad. “The entire poker room was packed and there was a level of excitement in the air that you don’t see at most tournaments. The tournament exceeded our expectations and we expect to see more like it at Caesars Palace in the future.”

The top 5 individual players were:
· Danny Nelson (Team - $24,063
· Philip Rousseaux (Team Claddaghs) - $13,320
· Jerry Percival (Team Runner, Runner) - $7,922
· Ashley Nataupsky (Team Aced) –$ 6,666
· John Regis (Poker Masters) - $5,328

The top 5 team finishes were:
· Team Aced - $59,940
· The Claddaghs - $33,300
· The Clones - $15,984
· Party at the Mansion - $10,656
· Hellmuth Busters - $6,660

The $500+50 buy-in event drew professional poker and celebrity star power to the event, including 2007 WSOP Main Event champion Jerry Yang, 1983 WSOP Main Event champion Tom McEvoy and 2009 WSOP Main Event Final Table members Dennis Phillips, David Rheem and Kelly Kim. Other notable players include Justin Bonomo (returning November team champion with Team Bluff), Jason Lilly (returning November individual champion), Phil Hellumuth, Johnny Chan, Todd Brunson, Paul Wasicka, Mike Matusow, Erica Schoenberg, T.J. Cloutier, David Williams, and Tiffany Michelle. Actors Mekhi Phifer and Chris Masterson, NBA star Chris Mills and L.A. Lakers owner Jerry Buss also played in the first open Dream Team Poker event.

For more information on future Dream Team Poker events visit

# # #
About Dream Team Gaming
Dream Team Poker is a new “team-based” structure and scoring system for tournament poker. Dream Team Poker’s patent-pending scoring system allows players to compete on an individual basis while getting scored as a team, giving each player better odds and chances to win money as they compete for individual and team prizes. Casinos benefit from Dream Team Poker’s structure as players have new incentives to stay at the property after busting out, resulting in longer hotel reservations, more meals eaten at casino restaurants, and general increase on property, which generates more side play revenue.

Founded in 2007, Dream Team Poker is growing rapidly and licensing its tournament structure to many of the nation’s largest and popular casinos. It is the first gaming product developed by Dream Team Gaming, a privately held company headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA. For more information, please visit

Stay tuned for more of the story and fantastic pictures!!!!!!!! In the meantime, check these out.

One more must read. Go to Poker Listings site for pictures of the final table players, recaps of busting hands, and just an good historical write-up of the event.

If you are looking for an opportunity to play with some of the best poker players in the World for a relatively small buy-in then the Dream Team Event should be on your list of events to play. The experience was all that I hoped for and more. Dream Team Poker Rocks!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dream Team Quest

It's official!!! My "Poker Poison" Dream team is registered for the event at Ceasar's Place next weekend. Take a look at our competitors on this link.

I will need to figure out the most convenient method to send live updates. I'm sure you will be anxiously anticipating the following updates...

Phil Hellmuth has just been powned by the Poison!

Jaime Gold offered to "show me his cards if I folded", only I forced him to show his when I called his second best flush..haha

Kathy Leibert in an attempt to read my strength, stared me down for a good two minutes, but I managed to keep my composure and not break a sweat. She laid down her cards to my "hammer" hand..hehe

Stay tuned.....

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Poison meets the "Chipburner"

In my quest to play in one of the NL events in the LAPC at the Commerce Casino, I decided to join one of the single table satelites with 10 players for an $80 buy-in. The prize was $600 tournament chips and $120 cash, plus a LAPC cap.

At my table I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of fellows promoting the
"Dream Team" event at Ceasars that I've posted about previously. One of them being the Chipburner and the other a young 22 year old (I forgot the name). Little did I know that I was playing with one of the top NL players as stated by Dan Harrington no less.

"He is mentioned in Dan Harrington's NLH Book as one of the top three No Limit Hold'Em players in the world."

Early in the game, I chipped up in a hand versus "Chipburner" when I hooked up a hand of AK and a board of AKx (all clubs though). This chip up helped me to patiently wait for playable hands and ultimately win the Sit-n-Go. Unforturnately, I did not score the $720 payout. When the table was down to 4 people we struck a deal to pay the 2-4th players $80, so that everyone was guaranteed to win at least the amount of their buy-in.

I had to repeatedly reject offers to chop when it was down to 4 people, 3 people, and even at HU. One player in peticular was anxious to leave when there was 4 left. He kept hoping that I would bust so that there would be chop. Instead, his impatience cost him and he busted 4th. There was less than an hour to the start of the NL Tournament. But I stood my ground because I was either going to win and play in the Tournament or take my $80.

Immediately after collecting my payout, at about 20 minutes to 1 p.m., I registered for LAPC Event #15, NL Holdem $545. Starting at table 24 (the day of my birthday). There were a few interesting people at the table including a Semi-Pro who was sponsered by Poker Stars by the name of Bob.

I didn't have too many exciting hands. My first big dent took place when I had JJ. The player on my left joined the table about 30 minutes into the tournament. Shortly after he arrived. I had JJ utg. I limped in for 50 and he raised to 300. It was folded around and I raised another 900. He called. The flop came with and Axx all diamond. I checked and then called his bet for 500. I was hoping that he would suspect a trap and let me see another 2 cards. The plan worked, but I didn't hit my 2 outter when we checked the turn and river. He had KK and won the pot.

In reflection, sure I could have started the betting with more and maybe folded preflop. Or saved $500 on the flop. But really I don't think how I played this one hand made a big difference.

The next hand that cost me was QQ. This time I bet for $300 in EP. There was a re-raise pre-flop, as was pretty common on this table, to which I called. The flop had an Ace. I lead the betting. Got called. Not sure how it went from there, but in the showdown I lost to AT. Drats! No respect!

Finally, when I was down to about 2k in chips with blinds at 100/200 and antes of $25. I chose to make a move with A9 suited in mid-position. My image was pretty good and it was folded around to the button where one of the short-stacked aggro players shoved for $400 less than my total chips. Previously he had shown down a few all-in hands with Ace rag or less. I called. This time he had the goods, AK. I was down to 400 chips. I doubled up a few hands later, but quickly blinded/anted down to $400 before switching tables. First hand on that table was QJ of spades utg. I moved all in and lost to KK. Ironically, I hit the flush on the turn but was countered when the Ace of spades came on the river. And I finished at about 245 in a pool of just over 400.

Despite the loss, it was a good experience. One day, I will be sharing a story of a victory instead of an experience. In the meantime, at least I got a free cap!

Laters all....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Good News

Dear yosoyveneno,
On Tuesday, January 20th, we experienced networking issues that caused a disruption to your play. The problems started at approximately 5AM ET, and tournaments weren’t paused and cancelled for a period of time after that.
You had more chips when the networking issues started compared to when the tournament was paused and cancelled, therefore we have determined that the $368.76 you received for the following cancelled tournament was insufficient:
Tournament #76049420 (Midnight Madness!)
Based on rule #31 of our Tournament Rules (the tournament cancellation policy), we have calculated that if the tournament were cancelled when the issues started, you would have received $627.44. The difference between the amount you received and the amount you should have received is:
This amount will be credited to your Full Tilt Poker Account within 24 hours.
Rest assured that we are taking measures to ensure this problem doesn’t happen again.
Feel free to contact or simply reply to this email if you have any questions.
Full Tilt Poker

Thursday, January 22, 2009

If I can do it....

I've played two of the Tier One 11 + 1 Sit & Go games over the last couple of days in order to win entries to one of the bigger MTT's and/or an entry to the LAPC. So far, I'm 2 for 2.

76894869 Jan 19 22:23ET Tier One $11+$1 Sit & Go $11.00 + $1 9 1 $75 token
7127022 Jan 22 00:34ET Tier One $11+$1 (Turbo) $11.00 + $1 9 1 $75 token

The first token I used to play a LAPC Satellite. I won and got my entry -

75971911 Jan 20 00:26ET WPT - LAPC Satellite $69.00 + $6 18 1 $322
Entry to tournament

Unfortunately, I didn't win my 12k package to the LAPC with this attempt by finishing 36 of 123:

75971333 Jan 20 21:01ET WPT - LAPC Qualifier $300.00 + $22 123 36 --

I'm gonna try try again....

But before I do that, I decided to play for an entry to FTOPs event #1. So I entered a Satellite and scored again -

77173613 Jan 22 01:22ET Satellite to FTOPS Event #1 $69.00 + $6 9 1 $216
Entry to Tournament #73859850

Then I checked my account balance only to find out that instead of using my token, I paid $75 to enter that Satelitte. Shit!!!! So I unregistered for the FTOPS event for now and added $216 in tournament $ to my account.

Then proceeded to play another FTOPS Satellite (this time using my token) - Score again!

7178964 Jan 22 03:15ET Satellite to FTOPS Event #1 $69.00 + $6 9 1 $216
Entry to tournament #73859850.

I have no idea what I'm going to play, but for now I have $432 in tournament $. And still a few hundred from my payout in the Midnight Madness this week.

Something is very wrong here. I'm making money online?

You gotta try it!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


In preparation for my Dream Team trip, I decided to start getting in some MTT play. So I joined the Midnight Madness last night on Full Tilt. Shortly after 2:30 a.m. I started having connection problems. It was down to 10 players and I was second to last. It was soooo frustrating. Lately, my internet has been having problems, so that was what I assumed. Once the system was up again, I discovered that it was Full Tilt. Here was the result:

Dear yosoyveneno,

We regret to inform you that tournament #76049420 (Midnight Madness!) has been cancelled.

Next Guaranteed Payout: $202.00
Remaining Prize Pool: $9558.64
Your Chip Count: 52544
Total Chips in Play: 3030000

When a tournament is cancelled after it reaches the money, according to tournament rule 31.3 (
* All remaining players will have their tournament fee of $1.00 refunded and be
awarded with the next guaranteed payout of the tournament, $202.00.
* The remaining prize pool will be divided and distributed according to chip
count - (Remaining Prize Pool)*(Your Chip Count)/(Total Chips in Play) = Your
Share of Remaining Prize Pool.
In your case, this means $9558.64*52544/3030000=$165.76

Tournament Fee Refunded: $1.00
+ Next Guaranteed Payout: $202.00
+ Your Share of Remaining Prize Pool: $165.76
Total Amount Credited to Your Account: $368.76

If you have any further questions, please contact customer support at We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Full Tilt Poker

I don't think you guys were adequately excited about the Dream Team Event based on your response (of course with my lack of posting, I may not have any readers). But just in case, check out this video.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dream Team Poker

Itching to go to Vegas, I called one of my poker pals from the Tustin Rounder crew and started discussing plans for a Vegas-bound road trip. Our former host, HighPlains, who is planning a move to Las Vegas, provided the perfect excuse to initiate this event.

A few days later I receive an email introducing me to a new tournament format that has me completely intrigued, "Dream Team Poker".

So, the plans are in the works to put together one or more teams to play the event on March 27th.

This is something to get excited about!!!!