Thursday, September 28, 2006

Climb a Peak

I actually took some time to chat and play poker tonight. Steve introduced me to two new bloggers PokerPeaker and donnie. It was fun to chat it up with you guys. I've been a bit out of control with my comments lately, so I hope you guys will respect me in the morning. Drizz joined us too and offered some rather interesting suggestions to assist me with current lack of certain attentions.

If you would like to see a picture of a good-looking guy climbing a peak, go check out Peak's blog. He is a new blogger, so hit him up with some traffic.

Tonight he got to face the Poison in a HU match. After a while of going at it, he raised me preflop and I pushed with AT. You know me...I just love to push it all in..anyway, he had the nerve to call me with job Peak. Congrats on your win!

Tomorrow I get my girls after a week without them...I can't wait.

It's great to be back hanging in the chat and playing some poker!

I still owe you guys some more fantastic pictures from the BASH and details of my experience..but let me just say this...

His arms felt perfect when they were wrapped around my waist. And when I looked into his amazing eyes, I knew he was pleased to be close to me. This would be the night. I knew it would be wonderful. It would be worth sacrificing the $20 bucks I paid for the beer pong. We found a private spot outside under a tree..there was a bench..the night air was fitting for the moment..and in the moonlight..this first kiss was just as sweet as I thought it would be...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More Boys, Boys, Boys, Yeah!!!

- Our awesome Host and organizer of the BASH! Thanks Al, you are the best!

- No blogger event would be complete without the charming Mr. Speaker. I missed the flashing of his chest (really bummed on that one!)...Gracie, How could you not call me?

- And if you haven't looked into this blogger's eyes, you are missing a thing of and!

Boys, Boys, Boys...Yeah!

If there had been a BASH prize for giving hugs, that title would go to yours truly. What can I say? I like hugging. And more importantly, I love hugging all the good-looking blogger guys!

Just look at these cuties....get ready to be jealous girls...

- I finally found a way to get Falgstaff without a finger in the air, get him from

- I had a great time playing with F-train for our friday night event. Guess who took this Blogger Champ down? Beware of the Poison Dave!

- Wow..I don't know about his Junk, but I like the rest. Bobby is hot!!

- Rock hard! A sweetie and a HUNK combined...just deadly!

- The Wolf doesn't bite. He is a cupcake. I even got rewarded with a cool shirt from Drew (yes I finally remembered) when I he tried to drop the hammer on me!

- Mr. Luckbox lives up to his name and wins the Charity Event. Maybe one day we can get him to drink some SoCo shots and get really lucky...haha

Boys, Boys, Boys...Yeah!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Bash was a Blast

I'm still recovering from the long flight, lack of sleep, and effects of mucho mucho alchol consumption at the one and only BASH at the boathouse.

For links to blogs of BASH attendees go to

I really think the pictures say it all, so here are a few for your enjoyment. In addition, I have uploaded quite a few already to with the tag Bash2006.

Drizz (Dave) is awesome! He let me use his Ipod during the friday night event. After I busted him in the friday night event, he was still willing to join up with the other Dave (F-train) to make a Dave and V

"I'm sooo cool! I need sunglasses to play poker with bloggers. But it is only to conceal my goregous eyelashes."

"Oops..Did I really just land a bunch of chips in my drink?"

My fabulous room mate for the weekend!

Blogger chat pals finally meet.

"Check this out.."

Okay...I have lots more to add...but it takes forever with my connection...I will add a few a lots more..

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bash Pictures

I'm having a great time!!!!!

Let me show you...

Upon arrive in Philly, I called Al to find out the plan for my shuttle to the Boathouse. BadBlood was arriving on a flight shortly after my arrival and would be my ride. So I went to the baggage area to await his arrival. My instruction was to look for a bald guy. Iggy gave a little better description telling me to look for a bald muscular guy who was a hunk. Once I found him, along with Drizz, I would have to agree with Iggy, he is a HUNK!

After the longest wait ever for a rental car (over an hour), we were on our way to the Boathouse. Ready for drinks and food!

One of the bloggers that I most wanted to meet was Tripjax. He was ready and waiting to greet us at the Boathouse upon our arrival. We definitely had some catching up to do. Trip was waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy ahead of us in the drinking category.

I broke the blogger tradition and ordered a half dozen tequila shots. F-train and Al refused, so I changed their shots to the traditional SoCo.

And so the night continued...

Then to poker...

More to come later...gotta get Kat some coffee!

Friday, September 22, 2006

BASH...Here I come...

I am sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to Philly! Finally, I will have some leisure time. No unpacking, no laundry, no dishes, no homework, no WORK, only fun, fun, and more fun! Well, that is my agenda at least.

It is gonna be great to meet so many of the bloggers that I have been chatting with over the last year.

Unfortunately, I did not prepare properly for this event. Al told me to drink everyday....oops! I am fully expecting to get sick. But before sickness....hmmmmmmmm...what will happen?

I've already lined up two bloggers for body shots. The first with Slb159, he has offerred himself up with no restrictions..haha...Al on the other hand, told me he would not let me suck anything off his body, so it will only be one way. guys are getting jealous now right? ....say yes..even if it isn't true.

I'm feeling good. Ready for adventure....

And don't worry. For those who are not able to make it, I brought my new digital camera. If you email me your phone number, I would be willing to do dial-a-shots. Might as well maximize the sacrifice my body is gonna make.

MUAHA...that is a big kiss to all!!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

No Time for Poker

Things that are preventing me spending leisure time at the online poker tables…

1) On the weekdays when I have the kids, my daily commute has increased by about 1 hour making the total time that I spend on the road almost 4 hours on those days.
2) Then there are those EXTRA trips that needed to be made because something has been forgotten at my place.
3) Preparing to get the kids to school. Shopping for clothes, supplies, etc.
4) STILL unpacking…it is endless… At the end of the move, I had to just throw things in bags to deal with later. So I continue to sort, organize, and put away.
5) New things to do…laundry, housekeeping, meals…Yes, there were some perks to having the in-laws live with us. If my apartment were in better shape I could hire someone for cleaning. That is on my list once things are in order. I’ve also given much consideration to paying for my laundry to be cleaned. There is no washer/dryer in my apartment, so I used the community facility to do laundry for the first time this weekend. Nine loads!!!!!!! I was procrastinating. And for good reason. It was a horrid experience…uuuuggggggggghhhhhhhhhh. I think I am gonna hate this most. The thought of washing my clothes in a shared facility is already a turn-off, but having people in/out seeing my undergarments…not appealing….
6) Shopping for household supplies…it seems I needed lots of things that I didn’t get in the split of stuff. Daily silverware, iron, ironing board, laundry basket, lamps, light bulbs, hamper, brooms, mops, trash can…etc.
7) Family functions like Mom’s birthday party last Saturday night. She had about 70 people. I did have a nice time singing and relaxing.
8) Going to church. Although I missed this last weekend. I’ve been going more regularly again. I’m sure I need it!
9) Trying to help my kids adjust with the changes. They finally did start pressing for more answers as to why we are getting a divorce. And want me to go back with their Dad. Not easy...but I’m listening and doing my best…

The good news is that I have been making time to join High Plain’s weekly Sunday night tournament. Last week was RAZZ. I didn’t money. But I did really enjoyed the company as always. Again, how can I go wrong being the only woman with a bunch of young, smart, good-looking, and fun guys? And it makes for a nice ending to my full weekly schedule. This week HP got pretty blitzed. He is always friendly and fun to hang out with. But I must say that he is much more entertaining when under the influence!!! I even got a friendly back massage…woo hoo!! It was no big deal, but these days just a touch from a guy is a little exciting.

My phone has become my lifeline. If it were not for my friends who keep me company via phone during my many travels, I’m sure I would be going crazy. But I’m sooo screwed over the next few days, cause I’m at my limit for peak time minutes…oh noooooooooooooo!

I have treated myself to a few things….

1) A new digital camera…yes, WeakPlayer, I’m thinking of you…and baking cookies…I actually could not dream of attending the upcoming BASH without a digital camera. I made the mistake of going to Del Mar without one and I so regretted that.
2) Keith Urban CD’s…one thing I’m really enjoying is being about to listen to music at home. Previously, my home life only allowed for the constant noise of the TV. I love music. Singing, listening, and dancing. All of it. And yes, my favorite is Country Music. Keith is awesome…hmmmmmmm…If a guy sang his songs to me, he would own my heart.
3) A body pillow...I LIKE!!

I made some updates to my top ten list. There is one blogger who should have been on this list all along. I know...I'm a little slow sometimes..but I must say that his postings are terrific. He does a fabulous job of providing us with a real feel for poker events. But what really turned me on was the photos at the WSOP. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!! I love pictures. Thanks Pauly for getting GREAT poker action shots. For explaining the moment. For taking pictures of GUY players. Not just more useless pictures of hotties with barely any clothing. I'm a fan!!!

I also included the new blogging maniac Slb159. And to think we to push him to start the damn thing!

One day I will have time again to do these things….

1) Entice Duggle to sweat me into going deep on a final table again
2) Team up with Steve to easily slide into a token on Full Tilt
3) Skype with the clever chatty Iggy
4) Lick my lips as I unleash my poison to finish off the Luckbox in our HU match
5) Engage in uninhibited smack talk with the mighty HighonPoker
6) Hunt down the Hoy till he cries "I surrender" in one of the MATH events
7) Torment and Tilt Waffles at a cash game in 15 minutes or less
8) Play SNG’s with Gordo as he sings his "Somebody rivered me again" tune
9) Pound down a few dial-a-shot’s with Al
10) Smooth talk Surflexus into serenading me with his deep and wonderful voice
11) Join Kat in flirting with Garth till he passes out
12) Tease Tripjax about how he tortures me with all his sexy girly photos
13) Watch Wes Whip some royal butt in a Deep Stack MTT
14) Get Soxlover all worked up by sucking out with a hand he can't fathom
15) Drool over Mr. Dreamy after he invites me to a ring game and takes all my $
15) Kick some new blogger’s fine ass in HU so I retain my Poisonous image

Until then, know that I’m okay and thinking of you all……….

By the way, this month marks my one year anniversary of blogging...Thanks for stopping by my site.....

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Steve!

Steve, otherwise known as Slb159, deserves a special birthday wish! As a newer blogger, he has embraced the community with open arms. In child like fashion, he is enthusiasic and excited when bloggers engage and chat with him. So on this special day of his, I hope you will join me in giving him the attention that he welcomes.

Have a fantastic Birthday Steve!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

That felt good...

I got a chance to play NuttNuttz in a HU match tonight. He is one of the players from High Plains Home game. Poison wins...but more importantly, I am almost to the end of my 100 HU challenge and while I have not made much money..I am in the black...

Also, I played one of my favorite peeps on FT for a token..weeeeeeee...I got me a token...

Good to be posting again too...

Nitey Nite...time to get cozy in my bed....

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Itching to Play

After weeks of doing nothing but moving, moving, and more moving...I can't wait till I'm able to relax and enjoy some poker. Let me just say for the record, I HATE MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been overwhelming and stressful. More than I ever imagined. EM did nothing!!! He simply said, whatever is left will go to the dump. And he just left all kinds of stuff. When I saw the things left, I had to deal with it. Computer Hutch, his ammunition, his new shoes, his high school year book, his bible that I bought him...and more.. I was going nuts! So there I am packing his crap..while he is having a party in his new place with friends...yeah..I'm a doormat...soooo lame....I ended up having to do soo much more than planned. And I brought waaaay too much stuff to my to weed through it alllll...and get my place together...So currently, my apartment is full of boxes and bags. But, I'm starting to make a dent and see some light at the end of the tunnel.

I have played a few SNG's here and again. Finally beat Slb159 in a HU match when I showed him that big slick is no good when the Poison drops a hammer.

I was able to actually joined the WWDN yesterday...but had to cut my game short before it I had a pal finish for was nice to see a few familiar bloggers.

The Bash is just around the corner and I can't wait!

Has anyone been wanting the next HUC?...I been thinking it is time to get another one going...Let me know if you are interested...


Friday, September 01, 2006

On My Own...

It's still hard to believe...but I'm finally in my own place...

My girls loved their room. It was sooo worth it. They have already made a dozen signs with comments such as "Rebecca and Julia's room Stay Out","Knock or
Die", "The force is strong RIP"..(not sure what that is about)..

I HATE MOVING!!!!!!!!!! It feels like I will never finish. I would have gladly hired help if it was as simple as saying, "Pack it all". But it is not so simple. Everything has to be separated, tossed, and then finally packed. The nice thing is that EM just told me to take whatever I wanted. The bad thing is that I can't fit everything I want into this apartment.

Today I tried to setup my cable connection. After waiting for about 10 minutes on hold, my cell phone battery died. Later I tried again and finally got someone after about 15 minutes, sooooo freaking ridiculous. It turns out I was doing the right things, but the cable is not working right. They will send someone in a week. Thank goodness for my Verizon connection.

I owe Al a big thanks for a dial-a-shot tonight. It did help me to relax and unwind a bit after a few days of hard work. My legs, butt, and arms have been sore. The good news is that I'm pretty sure I have lost a few pounds from all this.

In spite of moving, I did take some time out to enjoy a trip to Del Mar that Speaker arranged. As he described, the drive that day was a horrid. I already knew I wasn't gonna make it on time. But I was determined to enjoy a little reprive from the nightmare move. Fortunately, I had a blogger pal to keep me company via phone on the drive, so it kept me from going bonkers.

I made it to the track with just enough time to bet on the 8th race. With only 3 races to bet on, I decided to up my usually bets. I picked the horse for a win. And bet $10 accross. Then bet couple the horse in 2 quinella's for $2 each. My horse ended up coming in 2nd place and paid $6.60 for 2nd. So I started with a small profit.

I called Speaker and finally made it to the seats. Mr. Huge Junk was there and I must admit he was pretty yummy looking (and no I did not confirm his Junk status)...but perhaps I should have made a bid on that auction offering...

Rini and Blinders were really friendly and I had a very nice time chatting with them.

For the 9th race, I notice that the only 3 California horses (identified by a picture of a horse riding accross the state of California) were grouped together in the 4th, 5th, and 6th spots. None were long shots. And one was a favorite. It felt right. I liked the 5th Horse for the win. Then I double checked to see if Mr. Huge Junk was betting on any of these. I made a joke out of not wanting to bet on the same horses as he bet. The coast was clear, he didn't bet on any of my horses. So I bet $10 accross again on my winner pick, 2 quinellas (but this time for $5 a pop), and then I decided to add a $2 trifecta box for a total of $12. It was total sweetness when the horses finished 5, 4, 6. My first trifecta win ever for a payout of 491!!! Mr. Huge Junk suggested that I cash out before I lose my ticket, so I followed his advise and when all the tickets were cashed, I ended up with about $660 in profit for 2 races.

By now a couple of the guys thought I might be on to something. So I looked over the horses for the 10th race. I noticed that a horse going off at 8 to 1 was being ridden by the 4th best jockey on the stat chart. I like a good value bet. Not a big fan of betting on favorites. Binders went with my suggestion. I placed a bet of $5 accross on this horse along with a 5 exacta box. Then I told Mr. Junk that I would place a bet for him too since he gave me the tip (i.e. which horses not to bet in the 9th). I bet $2 accross for him and a $2 Quinella. The horses I picked ended up in 2nd and 3rd. We still made money on the accross bet since the horse paid $11 for 2nd. I made about $20 profit that race. And Mr. Junk cashed his ticket for $18.

It was a short but enjoyable experience. Thanks Speaker!!!!

One of the things I am really bad at is finding my way to places. I'm terrible. I got lost on the way to Pechanga and by the time I finally got there, Speaker and Mr. Junk were already gone. So with money to burn and no one to socialize with..I managed to lose alllllllllllllllllllllll of the money I won at the track.

I have more to share...but it's 1:30 a.m. and I need sleep...

P.S....I'm lying here in my new bed in my black silky night gown feeling sexy and wonderful..I think I'm gonna have sweet dreams tonight..