Sunday, April 30, 2006

Heads Up Trends

I always find out something new from the insightful postings of the blogfather. While his last posting might be better without a few choice photos, I did find the link to the interview with Daniel Negreanu to be very interesting.

Here is his comment regarding Heads Up trends..

Q: Right now, no limit hold'em is the most trendy poker game. What do you think the next trendy game will be?

DN: I think it will still be no-limit hold'em, but I think heads-up NL no-limit hold'em is the next hot trend in poker. More and more people are playing it these days. Josh Lochner beating out 30,000 people at to earn a spot in this tournament's 64-player field is a testament to that.

So if you want to be ready for the next hit me up for a Heads-Up match and I'll show you how it is done.

Friday, April 28, 2006

I Found a Sweet Spot

If you haven't tried the 6.60 tier one Sit n Goes on Full Tilt for a $26 token you are missing out. It is a great way to earn your buy-in to a MTT. You only need to come in the top 4 out of 18. And trust me, the field is easy to beat. So far, I am 3 for 4.

Last night I played in one with my pal Jester and we both got a token. Mungo stopped by to rail for a bit and he was planning to try one of these too. Did you win Mungo?

But the Tier two is much harder. I gave it a shot last night and was forced to make a move. Unfortunately, my 88 was facing KK and lost. Definitely better players at this level.

So give it a go and let me know if you agree.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sucking Out on Andy Bloch

I finally got a chance to play with one of the pros on Full Tilt. My plans were just to watch and chat last night. But when I saw a pro registered for the $10 45 person Sit n Go on Tilt, I just couldn't resist. Lucky me, he was at my table. It was pretty cool. Andy got a taste of the Poison when he raised on my big blind with AQo. Being in need of chips, I decided to make my move and pushed with A3o. I won when a 3 came on the flop. I ended up finishing in 10th, busting after Andy by the way. It was cool!

A few have asked about the card protector. There is a link on my sidebar for anyone interested.

Hasta luego...

Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Card Protector for Will Wonka

The card protector for WillWonka, the HUC3 winner, has been ordered. He selected a 8 of clubs and 9 of hearts, his final winning hand in the HUC battle. The card procector will be engraved with "Will Wonka - 2006 Heads Up Champion". Below is an example of how it will look:

I hope he will enjoy his reward!


DADI I'm coming...

In case your head is stuck in the sand....DADI is coming! So come join the fun!

Inspired by Iggy

Inspired by Iggy's post on how to make money playing Heads Up, I decided to play 100 $5.25 Heads Up matches and see how I do. Remember people, my roll is micro...don't laugh!

Tonight I started, I'm 3 and 1 for a whooping $9.00 profit to date.

I also played the $20/2 180 on Stars. One day I will hit. It wasn't tonight.

Laters all...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Lessons in Heads Up

For those who think my HU game is all about luck and suckouts, you are so If that describes your thinking, this post is not for you.

Perhaps a few of you might think that I have a game plan, a strategy, and a style of play that often works. You might think that after playing over 350 HU matches, I might have learned a few things about playing Head to Head. What I will tell you is that I totally don't mind being called a Suckout and lucky. I mean if it is good enough for Doyle, why not me? Especially when I am 1) significantly out chipped or 2)have a significant chip lead.

So when you are significantly out chipped by your opponent in a HU match. Go wild. Go all in preflop as much as possible. If you hit you will double up and you have a chance. Your opponenet will soon be encouraged to play less selectively. You can't sit around and jam only on premium hands. This strategy has worked for me over and over. I have come around to win many times from a stack of less than 600 in chips. And yes it drives some people crazy. So fight, fight, fight!

Recently, I played a match with a respectable blogger (i.e. not him) He thought I won the match because of luck. Now while I do win many of my matches solely by getting lucky, just ask Garth, in this match, that was not the case.

I must be feeling generous because I'm doing something for this blogger that I don't usually do. He is getting a copy of our hand history. This might help him improve his HU game.

On another note, I was pleased to see that my pal has learned how to give me some credit. Check his post from a few days ago. Thanks!!!

Laters...from the Suckout

Monday, April 17, 2006

Finally on Top!

Over the last few days, I have been playing many MTT's and WSOP qualifiers. Really wanting to hit it big. Feeling like I was bound to hit sometime. Busting with AA, with QQ, and with other good hands. It seemed as though I was doomed to bust my roll on Stars.

So finally tonight, with less than $2 in my account, I decide to play a $1 MTT. I was chatting and watching everyone in the Charity even on Full Tilt while playing. That match finished, and I was still playing. Sometime during the match Duggle came around and started to sweat. And guess what? I won!!!! Numero Uno!!!! Finally Veneno finishes on Top.

Duggle thanks for keeping me patient and focussed. It was a lot of fun!

So hopefully I can take this $191 and grow it into something nice.


Friday, April 14, 2006

That's What Friends are for...

What started out as one of the worst days of my life, ended with a night of good times with my blogger friends. Hence, I'm sooo glad that the final match for the HUC3 took place yesterday. Please make sure and visit the HUC site for the final results!

In preparation for the evening I purchased a bottle of 1800 Tequila. Once I started up the chat conference on Yahoo, we had the whole gang of bloggers ready for some fun. Forgive me if I leave someone out during this post.

Immediately, I began to consume my poison of choice for the night. Garth and Katitude were more than willing to keep up with me in the drinking category. Since I hadn't had any dinner, I was feeling rather fine in no time. Soon SoxLover became my personal drinking monitor. He had me pacing myself to avoid a repeat incident from the Mango Tequila night. Kat and I tried to get Gary to sing but were not successful. Next time he needs to be doing shots with us!

I was scheduled to kickoff the evening in a series of HU matches with Flux. But knowing my normal schedule, he didn't believe that I would actually be home at 8 p.m. EST. He ended up showing up just before our second match was scheduled. By that time, I had already lined up a substitute and started playing in a $3 rebuy tournament.

Jordan, one of my all time favorite bloggers to battle, had intially offered to fill in, but he was busy finishing his 45 SNG for the challenge he has going.

I was even willing to play WeakPlayer Heads Up if I had too. But he is holding out till I bake him his cookies...yikes...I really do need to do that....

TripJax was ready to take on Veneno. Hard to believe he was fearful of facing me on the virtual felt at one point in time. We have had a series going for a bounty. He made sure to ask if this counted. Somehow, I managed to type "yes". A note worthy point since typing had started to become a challenge. I don't remember much about the match except for the fact that I lost. Now I owe Trip a nice card case. The word suckout comes to mind.....but I would need to confirm with Trip..Congrats on your victory Trip!

I do remember having a great concern to finish my match with Trip before 9 pm so I could play with Flux. We did manage to complete our game with a minute to spare so I could get my peee break in.

At 9 pm, I was still in my rebuy tournament, just starting to play the HUC3 Lounge event with 11 other blogger pals, and commenced my HU match with Flux. Even tequila could not prevent me from taking the victory against my pal Flux. I am looking forward to his post on the game. Is it possible for him to give me credit for HU skills? We shall see......

The HUC3 final matches with WillWonka and FishyMcDonK were suppose to start at 9 pm also. But they were delayed. By the time they did start their match, I was totally and completely smashed and preoccuppied with the Lounge game, Rebuy Tournament, and the Chatroom.

About this time, AlCantHang, joined our chat. Not long after, I got my first Dial-A-Shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Al! That was great!

Then to make the evening even better, Iggy joined us too.

I somehow managed to make it in the money on the rebuy tournament for a minor profit.

Then, I won the HUC Lounge game....Wooo hoooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Beating bloggers..that's what counts right?

PokerStars Tournament #23000282, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $10.00/$1.00
12 players
Total Prize Pool: $120.00
Tournament started - 2006/04/13 - 21:00:00 (ET)
Tournament finished - 2006/04/13 - 23:12:56 (ET)
1: yosoyveneno (Whittier), $60.00 (50%)
2: weak_player (Atlanta), $36.00 (30%)
3: smokkee (Laguna Niguel), $24.00 (20%)
4: FishyMcDonK (Kanata),
5: 23skidoo (Atlanta),
6: Garthmeister (Washington),
7: willwonka (St Peters),
8: surflexus (Kennesaw),
9: TripJax (Greensboro),
10: HighOnPokr (New York),
11: SoxLover (Jersey City),
12: phluxer (Rye),

Just when I won this match, I got a call from Iggy for my second Dial-a-shot. Of course he didn't let me off with just one. I had at least two with him. I paid the price later...yeah Sox, after all your efforts...I still got sick....I'm gonna have to build up a higher tolerance before Vegas for sure.

Finally, Waffles shows up!

So I ended my evening chatting with two of my favorite blogger friends, Waffles and Iggy.

I can't tell you enough how glad I am to be a part of the blogger community! Thanks for showing me "What Friends are for...."

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Dissolution of Marriage

My husband was kind enough to make an appointment for us today with an Attorney to discuss the "Dissolution of Marriage". I didn't even realize that legally it is no longer called "divorce".

"Dissolution" - that seems appropriate. Let's look at what that word means...

1)Decomposition into fragments or parts; disintegration.

Yeah, my life is about to be pulled into fragments...
2)Indulgence in sensual pleasures; debauchery.
Now this one sounds good. I'm ready to indulge...
3)Termination or extinction by disintegration or dispersion.
Without a doubt, this is a termination.
4)Extinction of life; death.
It feels like a death. At times I can't breathe....
5)Annulment or termination of a formal or legal bond, tie, or contract.
And the "legal" stuff is part of all this for sure. As if it isn't bad enough already. Now we must pay for the torture!

So what else have I learned about this thing called "Dissolution of Marriage"? Basically, I have no choice in the matter. "In effect, ..if a married person wishes to terminate the marriage, he/she can do so, even if the other spouse disagrees."

California Dissolution of Marriage FAQ's -
1) What are the grounds for a dissolution of marriage?
California was the first state to implement the "no-fault divorce" concept. In California, a dissolution of marriage can be granted if the court finds there to be "Irreconcilable differences" that have cause an irrevocable breakdown of the marriage. In effect, this means that if a married person wishes to terminate the marriage, he/she can do so, even if the other spouse disagrees.
3) After the dissolution case is filed, how long does it take to get the marital status terminated?
Once the Respondent is served with the Summons and Petition, the marital status cannot be terminated until six months have passed since the service was effected.

I have refrained from spilling all the dirty me I have wanted too. But I will resist..suffice to say....

I am hurt.
This really really really sucks!!!

For those that have already been there to listen and to encourage me, THANKS!!!!!! It really does help.

Looking forward to the HUC3 event tonight. I played another HU match this morning and won. So that is 7 out of 8 for my last few HU matches. I think I'm gonna move up to the $10 games. At least that is something. Perhaps "dissolution" is just the thing to make me a serious and dangerous player. So watch OUT!!!!!!!


HUC3 Final Match Tonight

Come join the fun tonight at Poker Stars in the HUC3 Final lounge while we watch WillWonka and FishyMcDonK do battle for the HUC3 championship.

The "special" person to open the event in a couple of HU matches with Veneno is none other than Flux(DP). He deserves a chance to improve his ranking with the Poison. I think this boy is out for blood. Should I be nervous! Nah...

Our first match will be at 8 pm. You won't want to miss this one! Will Flux finally overcome the Poison? Come see tonight....

And a big THANKS to WeakPlayer for setting up all of our matches! In addition to being a super HU opponent (still ranked #1 on the Veneno HU chart), he is has been a great help in putting together the events for the HUC3. Please go by and give your thanks.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Who Says HU Isn't Profitable

I decided to play some non-bloggers tonight and get my stats back in order. So after 7 matches, I won 6 and lost 1. All in about 30 minutes. That was cool! Nice little $25 profit for my efforts.

Yesterday, L'Artiste entered into his debut match with the Poison and earned his way onto the Veneno HU chart. He showed me that he had some Poison of his own when he managed to land his flush on the same river card that gave me a straight. Congrats!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mark your Calendars

Check out the lastest news related to the HUC3. The final battle will take place this Thursday night. I am trying to set-up a private MTT on Full Tilt for railbirds. So mark your Calendars!

Also, I'm looking for a special someone to open the event in a Heads Up match vs Veneno. Just let me know if you are interested.


Sunday, April 09, 2006

Jordan has a New Goal

Dang! I can win't these long matches. Just not going the distance. Jordan took me out on our 106th hand today. I've had some great competition today in Heads Up and this match was definitely one of them. His goal is to be at the top of the Veneno Heads Up Chart. Everyone wants something. Sorry Jordan but you won't be reaching this goal if I can help it. Great game as always. Congrats!

If you want to see some action for the HUC3. It looks like WillWonka and FishMcDonK are gonna play tonight at 9 p.m. EST on UB.

Laters all...

Garths finds the Antidote!

I knew better! Yesterday I was on chat with Garth talking about the continuance of our Heads Up series. He mentioned that he didn't know if he would be available since he would be working on his taxes. Red FLAG! Don't mess with someone who has been doing taxes. I said to him it was okay. Wouldn't want to play him on the day he does taxes. (I just thought he would be playing with a vengence after doing taxes).

So today on chat when I inquired when we would have our next match, he said how about now. Instead of remembering that it was his tax day, I immediately accept his offer to play.

It was a very challenging match. He had me short stacked a few times. Once as low as 340. But I fought my way back a few times. One thing I never do is give up. My opponents know that I am still very dangerous when my stack is low. Many many times, I have been able to come back from a short stack position and win. In true Veneno style, I managed to suckout and hit a runner runner flush on him to crack his Aces and turn things around. Soon I had him down to about 500 in chips. At that point, I tightened up to wait for a good opportunity to take him down. He played his short stack well. And managed to get up over 1k. Finally, he made a move when I had AQ soooted. We are both all-in preflop. He had pocket dueces and ended up winning back the lead. Back in the weakened position again. On our 102nd hand, he jammed with top pair Qs. I had 16 outs between my flush draw, straight draw, and A. Nothing hits! Veneno failed to happens more often than I care to admit. Excellent match Garth. You finally got me...congrats!

Are you HOT?

After weeks of waiting to finish our best 2 of 3 series with TanOrpheus, he was finally ready today. Before I could even ask him, he asked if I wanted to play HU. Ummm..let's see...would Veneno like to play Heads Up?..."Oh yes"..was my reply.

So we headed over to UB to hook up. Before we started, Tan warned me that he has been running "hot hot hot". That was great! Who wants to play a whimp anyway? I like playing "hot"

This was not the same TanO from previous matches. He played very aggressively. Seemed determined not to give me any edge. We had a nice battle. Unfortunately for me, I went out when I caught a straight on the same card that gave him a flush. So TanO got his first win versus Veneno.

With one game to go for our series, we started our next match. I kept getting short stacked and had too claw my way back. My hands were not hitting, the OESD, the flushes, just couldn't make it. And TanO did an excellent job of making me pay for any draws. Finally, I got a break and took the lead. On the last hand I landed trips and took him out!

I love a good battle and TanO was definitely a worthy opponent! Looking forward to my prize...

So next time any of you are "HOT" and feel like you can take on the Poison, look me up for a Heads Up match...

Saturday, April 08, 2006

"I Can't Tell When You are Bluffing"

Tonight Biggestron invited me to play him HU. Without hesitation, I accepted. We played 2 matches and now our stats are 3 and 0. But the best part was his comment during our match, "I can't tell when you are bluffing." I had a nice chuckle on that remark...

Family of Bloggers

“Friends are God's way of taking care of us”

When this blog was created, I never realized just how amazing it was going to be to be part of the Blogger family.

Friendships that have been made online have helped me deal with some very difficult times.

While I have been tempted to blast my woos to the World, I think some challenges are better kept in private.

Thanks Friends..for listening, encouraging, and for making a difference!


Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hoyazo Learns His Lesson

As I always say, I love an invitation for Heads Up. Hoyazo keeps trying to overcome the Poison. The stats are now 3 and 0. This time we did go more than 5 hands however. Here is a little clip from our chat... ok one sec ok here it comes wow veneno that was really fun. im 99% sure ive learned my lesson now.
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: lol
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: gg u2 great game from you
yosoyveneno Rodriguez: can i post that? absolutely


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Dream continues

Remember when I predicted that Mr.Dreamy would do amazing things with his $7 on Titan? Well, check out his blog for a taste. As of this morning, he had turned it into $140. That boy is sooooooo Dreamy!!!! And one of those dollars is

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I got a Cherry!

Yes, umm yummy yum. I did get a cherry. It was Fairnbalncd who did the honors. Even if I did lose, he was pretty fantastic for a first timer. It was cute how he even asked after if he did okay. Go check his post for a nice write-up. Oh and this one has some manners. He even asked how I like my eggs. Congrats Fair!

What Women Want

“What Women Want: To be loved, to be listened to, to be desired, to be respected, to be needed, to be trusted, and sometimes, just to be held. What Men Want: Tickets for the world series.” Dave Barry Quote

The Poison makes it to 300

Wow..that is unreal. I have played 300 Heads Up matches. The list has really grown. 32 Bloggers have faced the Poison. 11 of those are have leading stats and 21 are unders. All have been exciting and fun!

Lately, I have been really enjoying my Heads Up matches with other bloggers. Recently added to the list is WillWonka. He is one of our HUC3 competitors that is still in the running. And I can see why. Very aggressive player. Aggression in HU is very powerful. I definitely look forward to a rematch. He was able to face the Poison in fearless fashion and took me down rather quickly. Congrats Willy!

So who is Mr. 300? That would be Biggestron. We had a good back and forth match. Then I got some momentum and refused to let him back in the game. He did manage to drop the hammer on me a couple of times. And a Brave boy too. He goes all-in with that hammer! Now that impresses. Good game!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Poker Comic #69

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