Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Keep it Simple

"Keep it Simple" Veneno- This was the best advise I received during my private lesson with Phil Gordon - July 2009. Although I haven't gotten a big score from using his advise, I have seen improvement in my results.

After play poker for years, reading bits and pieces from poker books, blogs, and from players at the table. I was making the game too complicated. The biggest mistake was my focus and effort on picking up tales, which is not to say that I don't pick up tales now and then, but my focus on this was distracting from poker fundamentals.

As in poker, so with life, I've recently moved forward in resolving some big issues that had been a source of great stress. One of which is picking a new apartment that will give me a 15 minute commute instead of the hour plus commute that I currently make to work.

Looking forward to a anticipated improvements the simplicity will bring both at the tables and in life.

See ya on the felt!