Sunday, October 29, 2006

Shuffleboard Anyone?

I used to love playing shuffleboard as a kid whenever I went to a vacation place in Crestline Califonia with my best friend Jenny. We would spend hours playing. Those were the worries...good friends..good times..summer vacations.

So when I saw the shuffleboard game at the resort in San Clemente, I just had to play. So I got my girls and niece to join me for some shuffleboard fun.

Our little weekend escape ended this morning. I decided to wait until we got home to shower and clean. So we headed for home with mom looking pretty crappy. Then the family including my mom decided we should stop for breakfast at the IHOP near my place.

Now when you look really a mess, there are certain people that you hope never see you in this state. One of those would include EM's new girlfriend. So we are sitting outside the restaurant waiting to be seated. My girls notice her come out with her 4 kids and say "Hi, look who is here." Daddy is inside paying for the meal. He comes over and chats with the girls and says hi. Fortunately, I was able to hold in my emotion until he left. I really didn't like my mom and girls seeing me teary-eyed...but I guess that will happen from time to time....

My passion for poker is dwindling. When I do play. I'm not really into it. If I win or lose it doesn't matter much to me.

What I still enjoy is the chat. Steve was kind enough to invite me into a conference where I met a few new bloggers. I even tried to fight with Waffles, but he didn't seem to have enough spark to handle me tonight.

The highlight of my night was playing HU with Jordan. He is still a challenge and fun to battle in the HU arena. But even he mentioned that I was not giving my usual effort with comments and smack talk. At least I won..haha

Laters all...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bloggers Do It Live

I haven't been playing much online these days as many of you may of noticed or not noticed. But what I have been doing is having fun playing live. This last week I've been enjoying playing hostess for two of my online pals. Perhaps you will get a recap from Gordogg on just how fabulous it is to hangout with the amazing V (don't hold your breath).

On Saturday night at Commerce Casino, I arrived just in time to witness Smokkee walking up the the cashier to collect his nice size winnings from the tournament he just won. Then, I was able to meet up with WeakPlayer and his lovely wife at Commerce. He even took a break from his game to have

Hands like quad Aces, a nut flush on the river, were some of the hands of opponents that killed me at the $100 NL tables at Commerce.

I did make $55 at Hawaian Gardens the night before.

But the best night was on Tuesday. I played in a rebuy tournament at the Bike with 30 entrants and finished in 3rd place which paid $440. My buy-in was 40+10, then I did the double add-on for $40, and one final add-on for $20. So my profit was $330 less the $25 tip. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Party is Over

I won't miss most of the online sites that have cut the cord on us americans. And I definintely will not miss Firepay, but PARTY POKER! I have a fondness for firsts. And Party was always my true love online. My favorite avatar in the yellow dress. My buddy list is forever lost! People that I would just hang out with once in a while when I saw they were playing. How will I find them again? Will they be playing? If so, where? And my favorite FISH! Yes, I actually had a few of those on my list that were really tasty. Ahhh...I will miss Party.

But where one love ends, another is there to take its place. And sometimes the new love is better than you expected. My new online love of choice is Full Tilt. I'm not new to Full Tilt, but this site has done so much to build our relationship. They have shown loyalty. They have provided quality customer service. They have introduced me to new thrills like RAZZ.

I appreciate the communications they have sent via email regarding their plans to stay and provide us Americans with a safe and entertaining place to play this game we love...ONLINE POKER!

Recently, I haven't been playing much online, but if you want a little read on my activity go check out this site.

Aside from that, I still have been enjoying HighPlains home game. It is one of the highlights of my week. Last Sunday was the championship game. I started out with a bang. Got a gift from one of the players and chipped up early. Then played the style of game I love...AGGRESSION BABY! One of the players started calling me "the NUTs". A few commented that I was a "Bully"...yes...I was loving it! Made the final table with the largest stack. I was sitting pretty. And looking pretty good too. Whenever someone said I was doomed to make the money, I would say, "I still have stupidity potential". Why did I have to go there? I started calling off a few hands that I should have been able to release. Lost a few races. And ended up having to work to hang on. In the end, I was UTG+2 with AQo. The player UTG raises, next player calls, so what do I do? Push of course...haha. So I busted out 2 away from the money which paid $175 for 4th and almost $500 for first.

The Thursday before, I played his HORSE cash game and lost about $15. But I so did not care. I was feeeling good when one of the guys opened up a bottle of 1800 and gave me a couple of shots. Good times!

Yes, the Party is over, and I will miss it. But as with other loves, we move on and discover new loves. Ones that will appreciate us, treat us well, and love us back!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The 100 Heads Up Challenge Results

I finally finished my 100 Heads Up Match Challenge. Although the wins exceeded the losses (52 wins versus 48 losses), I ended up with a loss of $5.00. I will just chuck it up to practice for my first HU match against a pro. In case you didn't hear, I beat Gavin Smith in a HU match for a $100 donation to charity. That was sweet!

Now I'm not sure if my mind is cloudy because of too much alcohol, but as I recall, one other interesting thing happened at the Bash.

Al and Gavin were lifting up their shirts and flashing their chests in front of me. Now, if a guy is gonna expose his nipples within arms distance of me, you can be sure of one thing, they are gonna get pinched. So I pinched both of their nipples. What I didn't expect was what happened next. THEY PINCHED BACK! Each of them pinched one of my boobs. That is probably the closest I will come to a threesome in my life..hmmm..or is

Now as for Saturday night, yes, I did play a HU match against my buddy Drizz.

While were chatting it up with Mr. Speaker, I took him up on his offer to play HU with the condition that he pick the game. His game of choice was a PLO8 match. What a mistake for me. I think it took only 2 hands for Drizz to whip me. The hand that did me in was a KJ with a flop giving me two pair and the 2nd high straight. We got into a little raise/reraise battle and once we were all in, I was disappointed to see that I was facing the nut straight..doh! My suckout powers failed again. Congrats Drizz!

Lastly, I finally beat TraumaPoker. Yeah! I can't tell you how good it felt to have a victory here. Thanks Trauma for giving me the opportunity to win one. You will never be undefeated against me again..hehe.

Hasta luego...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dream Big!

I'm staying in Pismo Beach this weekend and loving it. California beaches are awesome! Just walking on the shoreline, smelling the sea air, hearing the waves roll onto the beach, is like a slice of heaven to me. So relaxing and peaceful.

It is especially nice after having a difficult week. A combination of being sick with the flu all week and handling the stream of drama and emotion from my oldest daughter, who is releasing the anger and frustration she feels while dealing with the many changes in our family life.

This trip is a retreat for MK consultants. When I first started my business, it was while I was still living with EM. Trying to sell our home. Moving. Craziness. So my focus was on different things. I took that time to go the the meetings for training. I held one class and had some individual appointments and sells, but I was not putting a lot of effort into it.

Last weekend, I held my "debut" party at my appartment. Even though I still had a few boxes not unpacked, the place has come together enough that I will allow others to come visit. The class went well. And I actually had 3 people sign-up as consultants and one more seriously thinking about it. So WOO HOO...I have the beginnings of my own team. In addition, I had about $400 in sales.

All the recent changes in my life have forced me to alter the dreams that I had of my future. Ending my marriage, losing my home, changes in friendships, and other changes have created a need to find a way to build a better life.

So what are my Big Dreams?

-To have a home again, a Beach House!

-To have a job where I am able to have the flexibility for my kids and the events in their lifes.

-To love what I do.

-And yes, I even want the pink Catillac!

I am ready now to commit to this business and make it into something that enables me to acheive my dreams...just watch me!

I have poker updates too...but those are gonna wait. They only thing I want to mention is that I finally fixed the HU chart with Meek on it and Peak. Sorry guys for taking so long to make corrections.

Take care all...and take time to dream.....