Sunday, April 15, 2007

Blogger Best #1 - Sexiest Poker Blogger?

Time to vote for the Sexiest Poker Blogger!

You can send me your answers via email to remain anonymous or put them in the comments.

Vote for one man and/or woman.

I will compile and post the results.

My vote goes to DDJ (Drawing Dead Jordan) pictured above.

I was pretty surprised to find out there are still players that have not signed up for PSO (Poker Source Online). Even more surprising that they have not taken advantage of the FREE money that is offered.

My recent referral signed up for Absolute Poker and received his free money. You can get up to $225 if you use a deposit option. Click here and use my YOSOYVENENO bonus code.

For those who have never played online here is a description of what PSO can do for you.

Don't have any money for online poker? Nervous about venturing into the real money games? Let Poker Source Online start you out..for FREE. With our free poker money promotion (also referred to by its original name, Instant Bankroll, or "IB" for short), we will give you up to $100 in free poker money just for being willing to test your skills at the real money tables. No credit card is required. No bank account. No Social Security number. No first born son. Signing up for free poker money is as easy as signing up for an e-mail account. It may sound too good to be true, but it is not. We have funded thousands of online poker accounts at Party Poker, Titan Poker, and Absolute Poker through this promotion. With a little skill and a little luck, you will never have to deposit a single penny of your own money in an online poker room. There is no catch. Free poker money does exist, and it is right here at Poker Source Online.

I don't pimp this site very often, but when I found out there are still players not taking advantage of these deals, I just had to do it.

Good luck all!!!


slb159 said...

Without a doubt, Shirley from PokerBabes if a perfect 10... Tough to beat that:

Do I win any $ for being right?

JL514 said...

SLB, gross.

katitude said...


Wes said...


HighOnPoker said...

ME! Although I have no idea how I got dragged into this.

Irongirl01 said...

Shaniac--handsdown... Hes young, hot, can play poker and this old stoner thinks he is a younger version of Patrick Dempsey only better looking.


Special K said...

I vote for Falstaff, just to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have no taste.

jomieo said...

i am a game freak , but haven't gone to poker games...
so if there is anyone who can help me.. please let me know....