Thursday, July 19, 2007

Me & the Mookie

I was home earlier than usual last night, so was able to join the Mookie. Although I didn't last very long, it was pretty entertaining. You know I had a good time if another blogger was making fun of me. Last night it was Cracknaces who felt the Power of the Poison in this hand... Of course, DDionysus got a good portion of my chips shortly after this hand. Enjoy the hand histories on the links above. Below are a few cut-outs of some of the comments for your enjoyment.

cracknaces (Observer): such good players here
yosoyveneno: lol...yep
columbo: where?
cracknaces (Observer): KT out of position vs re - raise weeeeeeeee donks
yosoyveneno: only donks win
yosoyveneno: weeeeeeeee
cracknaces (Observer): oh I am sure you and Waffles are HUGE winners
RecessRampage: KOD, you need to start treating these like the 26k
yosoyveneno: I play for fun
yosoyveneno: dont you know
yosoyveneno: and that is getttin more fun by the minute
cracknaces (Observer): so playing for fun = playing like a tool box.... and to think I was always having fun playing poker before

Is this what I've been missing?....

In case you've been wondering about me, I've just been playing a lot of low limit Sng's. Nothing worth writing about.

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1 comment:

SirFWALGMan said...

Little Chaddy is a childish toolbox.. so fuck him.