Friday, February 22, 2008

The Poison Finally Scores!!!!!!!!

I played a couple of tier one SNG's on Full Tilt this week. You pay 11 + 1 on a single table, winner gets a $75 token and second gets $24. On both my games I came in first and got my token.

Getting the token, as you know, is just not a big deal. Generally, I don't ever cash with my sweet little tokens.

I gave some thought to saving my first token to play one of the blogger big games. But given the fact that I don't have much money ohline that plan was tossed.

My plan was to play the tier three a $69 + 6 SNG with 9 player. Top 3 places cash with first place payout of $310.50.

On the first attempt, I bubbled.

But on the second....

Beware...the Poison is back!!!!!!!!!!!!


jjok said...

well done darlin!

$mokkee said...

those tier 3's are the shizz.

DuggleBogey said...

Nice score congrats!