Sunday, July 20, 2008


I had a damn good time at Smokkee's hosted event for the OCPT. This despite the fact that I did not cooler or suckout on Smokkee as has been the case in our prior meetings on the live felt. Last year I landed Quad Js vs his boat.

Lil Elf
makes these events the bomb with her munchies including meatballs, toasted bagles and all the fixings (my choice the pizza baggle mmmm cheese), along with veggies, cheese & crackers, chips, ohhhhhhhhhh, and lots of boooze! For those not interested in keg of beer (that would be me) there was wine and mixed drinks. I opted for Elf's suggestion of Amaretto Sour, which hit the spot perfectly.

Blinders did an excellent job as usual on running the event. I would watch his blog for a recap of his hands at the final table versus Smokkee. He was set on winning the Charger Tickets bounty on Smokkee's Head. By the time it was down to 4 people Smokkee swore that just to spite him, he would lose it to Russ the Accountant, the only person at the game who didn't want the tickets. Which was in fact what happened. It was all highly entertaining. Lastly I must thank him for the cool jams which I enjoy throughout the event.

My starting table included Blinders and the following:

Russ - one of my pals from the Tustin Rounders (the poker crew from HighPlains home games. I sure do miss him.) He was much more tan that usual from his recent days at the beach.

Russ - the accountant that I met last year at Smokkee's. Might have been the only person not to drink (because of a limitation which could result in his death).

Drew - one of the OCPT Tour members. I have played a few times with Drew and his girlfriend Christina, winner of last year's event, who was seated at the other table. They are both good players.

Mike - one of the OCPT Tour members. He was cracking us up with his "acting" and gestures during the game. He was the "over-thinker" of the night. At the final table with Elf, we were waiting for a long time for Elf to act on her hand after Mike essential put her all-in. The board had a KQxxx. He was making his faces and reached and tilted his cup for a drink only to find nothing was left. All of us at the table chuckled. He was getting squirmy with all the waiting and Elf was staring at him looking confused. We all thought she was trying to study him for a read, when she was thinking he hadn't acted and was wondering why it was taking so long. Finally, Drew spoke up and said, "I know she is the hostess and all, but can we get a clock?" Once she realized it was her turn to act, she responded immediately with, "I'm all-in". The cards were shown with Elf having AJ spades and Mike with 88. And the little Elf was out.

At the 2nd table there was...

Smokkee - our host was kind enough to give us some white Bodog caps and black Bodog T-shirts. Thanks my friend for an awesome night!

Lil Elf - the hostess with the mostest. I had to disappoint our hostess and not get completely smashed and stay the night, since my secret boyfriend was pestering me to leave the party. To make up for it, Elf and I have agreed to plan a girls night and make sure to turn off my cell. Thanks for making the event super duper!

Christina - this woman can play the game. She is a tough competitor. Her and Drew play in a few poker leagues. She played one of the $1500 events this year by winning a $300 sit-n-go. I wouldn't be surprised to see her cashing in a major event.

Al - the luckbox from our Tustin Rounders crew. When I walked into the game (late as usual), he had already won the first 5 hand that were deal. Which he boastfully made sure to tell me.

I don't remember who else was there....

All 3 woman made it to the final table, but none of us cashed.

I left when it was HU with Blinders and Russ the account still at it.

3rd - Drew
4th - Smokkee
Bubble boy - Mike

A few hands before my bust, I was up against Smokkee, me with KQ clubs and Smokkee with pocket jacks. The flop came with 2 clubs and an A. He checked to me and I insta-shoved. Smokkee threw in his cards face up and said I fold and some other commentary that I don't remember. I only mention this because of my sick delight at causing any frustration on players I respect. So my mission was accomplished and for this I am satisfied. He would get even later.

The highlight of Smokkee's evening was taking down the Poison! We were at 30 / 60 blind level with my stack right about 10 times the blinds. He was seated in the cut-off position and bet 200. Players behind folded and I shoved in the bb with A3. He called with AK. The board didn't save me and I was out.

I agree with EasyCure's comment, Smokkee next time make the annoucement sooner and bring some of our neighboring bloggers to California!

Hasta luego all....

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"I opted for Elf's suggestion of Amaretto Sour, which hit the spot perfectly."

alcohol is good for disinfecting wounds, but that's the best purpose.

don't take that to heart, though; i'm biased.

what's with referring to poker players / friends / acquaintances with weird nicks? oh yeah, weird world and/or particular group -- my bad.

lol... good 2 c u had fun, take care.