Friday, August 04, 2006

Tooo Hot....

I got my wireless data card for my computer today. And it makes me feel great. Empowered! I can get online anywhere....hmmmmm....nice!!!!!! Okay..I'm sure that I'm just way too easy to please, but this is really awesome! I decided to treat myself...cause I am worth it.

Maybe a good mood was just what I needed to make for an awesome poker night...

It started with a 6.60 Sng on FT for a token..sweet! token taken.

Next, HighPlains hit me up for a HU match...finally..V..wins HU again vs a blogger.

Last, I played a 45 person sng with HighPlains, and came in 2nd.

Hasta Luego...


Slimeface said...

I love my Cingular air card and I am able to connect almost everywhere except a wide area in Nebraska and in the deserts of California. For the most part if I have a cell phone signal then I have an internet connection. Have fun!

kurokitty said...

A wireless broadband card will pay for itself. Long live H-U matches anywhere you are!

Veneno said...

Yes guys..I'm loving it already

HighOnPoker said...

How much does such a device cost? Thanks.

Veneno said...

Jordan...Sorry for delayed response it is $60 a month

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