Sunday, July 30, 2006

So Much to Tell...HU, New Equipment, Live Poker

I can't believe I have let this blog go for a week without updates. So much has been happening....

I'll start with an update on the Heads Up front since soooooooo many bloggers have been kicking my butt. Just don't want you thinking that I only share my success!

Yes, I have a new banner for a week compliments of Biggestron who beat me in a best of 3 HU series last night. (Byron..feel free to make this banner BIGGER!) I went into the chat saying I was drinking and feeling good. Without hesitation, he offered me a match of HU. Hmmm....not like he needed some sort of advantage...right? I was willing and ready. While we tried to hook up for our matches, we ended up playing a few random players. I won 2 of the 3 random player matches. I believe Biggestron won both of his. If I would just listen to my own advise and play more random people instead of bloggers, I might be winning in my HU challenges.

Also, Biggestron couldn't help but whine a little. So I have added a new stat chart just for him. He likes to point out that he beat me in two HORSE HU matches that are not included in the regular HU chart. The main chart is just for NL Hold'em.

Next..the continuing battle with CJ...

We had a few more games before he left for Vegas and WSOP coverage. Is anyone else jealous of the fact that he gets to call what he does work? Okay..perhaps it is just me...

Anyway, for our first match it was a long battle that required much patience on my part. I was willing to go the distance in order to win this contest. And finally after over 100 hands, I was successful. That got us even at 2 and 2. I thought I identifed a weakness in his game. Play him in the wee hours of the

So a few nights later, I invited him for another late night match. He had to finish his packing for Vegas and other stuff first which was fine for me. I was thinking the later the better...

When he finally was ready, I told him I didn't think he would last long this time. My exact words were, "I think this will be a quickie". Little did I know how true that statement was. He had AK on the first hand vs my 95o. The flop came with 99x and before you know it we were all in. And the Luckbox goes out in one hand! GROOOOVY, BABY!!!!!!!!

He wins the next match and we are tie again 3 and 3.

Other matches...

Lost to TrumpJosh...he continues to own me...blah!!!! I will win a CD and he will win daily links and praise on my blog if he wins.

Lost to BoobieLover..we are gonna play best of 3 for blog rights again.

**Lost to DonkeyPuncher..he plays best when he drinks...(added after DP pointed out my ommission..sorry DP)

A PRESENT FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a new laptop...wooo hoo...I love it...A Toshiba..Satellite P105..It is awesome!!! I love the widescreen. It has built in wireless card, so maybe I will have the ability to play some of the earlier games. I might be able to go to a cafe or, I'm loving my new equipment!

I've been having a great time playing the home games hosted by HighPlainsDrifter. He is a really great guy. And I have a good time with the mix of people at his game. Doesn't hurt that I am the only female week the Thursday night game was HORSE. I came out $3 ahead which is cool with me.

On friday night, he invited me to join a few bloggers at the Hustler casino. Since I was with the kiddos, I couldn't join until about 1 a.m. I left my house about 12:30 p.m. thinking "What am I doing? But still I thought it would be cool to meet a few bloggers I hadn't met before. So I headed on over.

When I arrived, they were playing in the enclosed tournament room. The table was full. There was HighPlains, TheBloggerChampion, PokerGeek, Penner42, and Speaker. I asked the guys to let me know when a spot opened. FTrain was kind enough to greet me with a nice big hug. He encouraged me to just kick one of the non-bloggers off the table, but I decided to wait and play some Pai-gow. Shortly after, I was able to join the table sitting to the left of Speaker. I prefer to have position on him, since he is

The highlight was when we played a game of Indian Poker. Another first for me. Speaker does a good job of telling the story, so check his blog for a recap. I will just add that I was not gonna fold my hand. That pot was sooo juicy and the guys still in were showing crap. Not even a pair. PokerGeek with his 89 and FTrain with his J high. Despite their raising, I held my ground. And what is hilarious is they knew I was paired. They definitely tried to get me out. But I was in it till the end. Winning that hand was GLORIOUS! And made the whole trip worthwhile.

I took a few other pots and ended up making about $130, in under 2 hours, playing limit against bloggers. Pretty amazing for me! So I was really happy that I went.

Pretty sweet to play with Ftrain. Definitely earned my respect. Meeting the PokerGeek was cool. After taking a pot down with a full boat against him, he asked if he could just have one of my racks. I said, "What do you have to offer?". He was quick to respond, "I am married"..not to let him have the last word, I quickly came back with, "Oh, I don't want any of that" the table times! And I don't think I could ever be bored playing a live game where Speaker is present.

So my next planned adventure...THE BASH!!!!!!!!! That's right. I'm going. Looking forward to a great weekend with a fabulous bunch of people.

Aside from that, I am just counting the days till I move to my new place...August 24th!

Laters all...


Donkeypuncher said...

Ummmm. Someone forgot that she lost another heads up match to a drunken idiot from Chicago... :)

biggestron said...

"Also, Biggestron couldn't help but whine a little"


Substitute 'whine' with 'truthfully claim that he kicked your ass, drunk or not' and you've got a fine posting there. ;=)

Also - try adjusting the "width" setting (in the html img tag) to get the banner to fit. It is the same size as your original banner.

Veneno said...

Donkey..You are so right. I will fix that.

Big..yes..u kicked my butt..the width setting didn't fix the banner..catch me online sometime to help.

Pokerwolf said...

See you at the Bash, Ms. Poison! =)

mookie99 said...

Thanks for making it out to The Mookie last night. Nice run but a tough way to go out. That river is brutal sometimes.