Monday, May 21, 2007

Live from Los Angeles...

Some of you may have noticed that I am rarely online anymore. Aside from still being busy commuting all the time, I've been enjoying one of the perks of living in LA, playing live poker!

My most recent series of live stops started last weekend. I joined the $40 buy-in no limit game at Hawaian Gardens. This game can be a little crazy, but I was fortunate to find a table where most of the players had well over $100 in chips. You know I'm not into the details, so to make this story simple, I ended up cashing $250 ahead after 2.5 hours. Super sweet.

Next stop, the ladies tournament at the Bike. This is one of my favorite events. They usually hold a ladies event 4 times a year which includes a buffet with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. The food is great. Plus they give all of us ladies a couple of charms for a bracelet. We feel pretty special. The women are all in good moods and it is quite the social affair. I generally attend with my girlfriend Debs. In fact, I called her the night before to join me. She was interested but had no money. So I told her if I made money at HG, I would stake her for the event. I think that was partly why I was able to leave HG with money. Once I had enough to pay for both our buy-ins ($60 each), I didn't want to blow it. Upon leaving HG, I called her and told her I was on the way to the Bike to buy our entries for the next day. This way, we didn't need to rush or worry about it selling out. I did just that. Then went home.

Unfortunately, Deb's husband called the next morning to tell me they were at the emergency room. She was in pain due to gall stones and was gonna have surgery that day. The Bike was really good about giving me back my money. I was pleased that it was no hassle at all.

I was pleased with my play during the tournament. There were 133 entrants. When it was down to 3 tables, and 6 places to the money, I had about 9k in chips with 300/600 blinds and 100 antes. There were a few people as low as 2k, so my plan was to just play premium cards and not try to do anything stupid. I look down and find myself with QQ utg. I raise it up to 1800 and a short stack shoves with about 3k. She has AJ off suit. I call. She hits her A and I lose. Then a few hands later, another short stack with about 3k moves all in. I am in the bb with big slick suited. I call. She has pocket 5's and they hold. I'm crippled. I finally go in with Ax and lose. Busting in 21st place 3 away from the money. D'oh!!!

On a good note, I went staight to the $100 nl tables and made $150.

That same night is my regular home game at HighPlain's place. It was a small turn out of 6 people. I end up winning and make another $60 bucks. That win brought my league points up and I am in 2nd place with one more week to go. The way the league works is that a portion of every week's buy-in is put towards the championship event. The starting chips for that event are determined by your final standings for the 10 week league. I am generally dangerous without chips, so those boys better watch out this championship game. Cause I'm gonna be a terror....hehe.

Tuesday night, I stopped at HG again. They had a $58 shootout event with a maximum of 27 players/3 tables. I joined. While waiting, i headed to the cash game. I was doing okay and then my last hand, I limped in LP with Q9 off. I end up hitting the nut staight on the flop. A short stack in EP leads the betting and goes all-in for $61. Next player moves all-in for about $85. Then another goes all-in for over $100. I have to go all-in with my $150. I have everyone covered. The shorty ends up filling a boat when the board pairs and I end up $7 ahead. take that pot down would have been grooooovey!

I head to the shootout. Everyone starts with only 500 chips. My first big move came when I called a raise to 75 on the bb with J5 spades. An Ace is on the board along with a possible gut shot for me and a flush draw clubs. I check and he checks. The turn gives me a straight. I check. He bets. I smooth call. The river makes the club flush. I shove. He thinks for a while. Finally, calls with Cowboys and is disappointed to see he has lost all his chips to my straight. Once I had chips, I was on a roll. I ended up busting 6 of the 9 players on the table. The top 3 move to the next round. During the next round, I get a lead early again when I call in LP with K9 off. Lucky me lands a boat on the flop. The initial raiser bets all the way down and is all in by the river. Poison doubles up. Weeeeeeeeee. I had the lead for a while. Then lost 3 races in a row. Finally ended up busting in 4th place making a profit of $40. Too bad. 1st was $575.

While live play has been fun and profitable, online has not been so good. Boobie Lover helped me bust my last bit of money on Fulltilt last night. Prior to that, we were entertained doing a battle of Roshambo on UB. I'm telling you, it is a total blast. You gotta try it!

My plans tomorrow are to play the ladies super satelitte at the Bike. Wish me luck.

Aside from that, I have plans for a fun post coming up. Inspired by a new co-worker that writes riddles, I have written a poker riddle. I'm working on a special deal to go along with it, then it will be posted. Anyone out there even like riddles?

Hasta luego all.....

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