Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Smokkee and Elf Rule!

A big thanks to Smokkee and LoveElf for hosting a fantastic Poker game last Saturday night. And to Blinders for coordinating the tournament.

It all started when Boobie Lover beat me HU in order to win a free dinner from yours truly. He decided to come to LA to collect this past weekend.

In preparation for his very first visit to California, Smokkee and Elf agree to open their home for an evening of poker goodness. Smokkee does a nice job of recaping the evening.

I should post a picture of the LoveElf slapping Boobies buns. He has quite the grin. But I'm gonna get to bed instead.

On the sexiest blogger front....Kat & Falstaff have been added to the list. Waffles (sexiest man) and Slb159 (sexiest woman) are still #1. Not to late to vote!

For the next category of Blogger Best, who is the most Admirable Blogger? This one will just have one list. Cast your vote here in the comment section.

Hasta luego all....


SirFWALGMan said...

Glad you had fun! I am going to show up at Smokkee's one day!!!

smokkee said...

i think everyone had a great time. thx for kicking us in the ass to host a poker game.