Friday, August 24, 2007

Musta been the Lucky Buck!

Tonight, I was in the mood to play me some pokah! Of course, my accounts online were at a balance of zerooooooooooo. I could reload, but I've been trying to watch my spending.

Then I saw Jordan on the IM. He had $10 to return to me from the chess challenge I didn't play (which would have been a waste). He gladly sent me the $10 plus an extra buck. I foiled his plan of taking it all right back via a one on one match. We ultimately decided on playing an $11 two table SNG and sent an invite to Fluxer to join us.

The game was fun. But even better was hanging out with my buddies and enjoying some Donkalicious poker play.

Flux got screwed and busted early on with TT, vs 99 and AK. Jordan made a nice come back from a short stack. Then doubled up when he had AA vs my KQ. Then it was a race to the finish. We figured one of us would make it. I pushed with AK of diamonds and Jordan called with QQ. I hit the flop and Jordan busted on the bubble. He was very gracious and continued to cheer for me till the end when I finished second.

Great playing with ya guys!!! And don't worry Jordan, I still want that HU game....

Speaking of HU, go sign-up for HUC5 already!!!!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No, the pleasure was all mine... even if I donked off chips and busted early!

Jordan sucks though. (Just kidding, naturally -- everyone knows he's thah man.) But, then again, he shoulda known going all in with QQ preflop against "the poison," lol.