Saturday, November 10, 2007

Exotic Berry

Exotic Berry is my Poison of choice for the evening. It is a Bartles & Jaymes flavored malt cooler that is quite tasty. And my donation site for the evening is Poker Stars. Now that I have time and but no money, I've been playing the low limit MTTs for kicks.

Last night, I made after playing about 4 hours in a 3.30 MTT, I made a whole 7.36 (whoopeeee!!!) by finishing 30th.

I've also had fun donating at some of the recent blogger events lately. There are so many new bloggers that I don't even know. How have you guys been missing your proper orientation? Didn't anyone tell you that you must play HU with Mrs. Poison? Hit me up for a HU match already!!!!!!!!

Enjoy your evening all....

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