Saturday, February 10, 2007

Double Date

Steve did the honors last night of hooking me up with CC for a HU challenge. CC had been waiting a long time to face the Poison, so how could I turn him down when he suggested that we play?

As is customary, we first had to negotiate terms for a bounty. Since my girls were waiting to watch a movie, I suggested that any reward be for their benefit. They are fond of a Disney actor by the name of Corbin Blue, so for my prize, I would get a couple of magazines with Corbin Blue should I be the victor in our best of 3 series. CC wanted to have some munch a crunch or something like that. I might need more

We played our matches. And CC took me out on the first match when he called with AT vs my AK. I knew it was bad when I had the better hand. I don't remember the details of the second match. I just know I looooooooooossssssssssssstttttttttttttttttttttt!! So not only does CC win his first HU challenge with me, but I have yet to beat him, and he moves to the top of the 2007 list. Congrats CC.

To make me feel better, he sent some pictures of his absolutely adorable boys and suggested we set up our kids for a Double Date. Too funny!


Anonymous said...

offtopic... Leander TX and Plano TX (where my dad lives) are 199 miles apart. Hmm..


Craig said...

I hope this doesn't damage your reputation, going winless against CC. Thanks again, and I look forward to getting it all in with the worst of it again soon!