Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Not My Style

My apologies for posting about the HU challenge with Serg. I did not wish him any harm, and it wasn't my intention to get into a humiliation bashing. Thanks for everyone's support, but I'd like to stop the tailspin here.


slb159 said...

Nice playing HU witcha again...too bad the only two times you beat me were on the first hand...guess you realize you can't outplay me later in matches, so you hafta shove on the first hand with the hammer or with and OESD on the flop.

"I like OESD's" Good luck with that. Guess 8 outs at most is enough for you, but to runner runner a flush? Hmmm, well, fine.

If you wanna play intelligently sometime in the future, lemme know. Until then...keep reloading.

cc said...

GG, V! Really enjoyed it, and send photos of the girls; we'll get them hooked up for the double date soon.