Thursday, February 01, 2007

Whose Got Game?

I've gotten two very interesting Heads Up offers.

The first one from Billy is very cool and creative. I immediately accepted. In case you didn't see it in my comments section, here it is:

i have a HU challenge for you... 2 actually... my blog teammate lives in
LA... wants to challenge you to a best of 5, LIVE heads up match... the loser
has to get a temporary (henna) tatoo of the other's blog name while the winner
gets to post video of said loser getting the tattoo in shame... im interested in
a best of 5 online for an as yet undetermined prize... let us know if you're

The second from X, not so cool...Let's put this to a vote. I will let my readers decide my fate.

Should I take the following challenge from X, who is apparently STILL trying to find ways to stop me from playing ONLINE poker:

so your a HU pro lets see what you got. I say i will smoke you so lets play
for real. race to 5 if you got any poker guts at all. if i win you never play
online poker again. if you win name your price. tic toc tic toc do you have game
or just all talk behind a picture of some other girl. post this challenge on
your site!!!

To place a vote just put a comment on this post with YES/NO to take the challenge. You can also offer up a suggested response to this proposal.

By the way, my loyal readers knew that picture wasnt of me. It was just for fun. But now it is time to get into Pure Poison mode to kick butt on my HU matches. With that in mind, meet my new Latrodectus mactans.

Here is a little descriptive about her...

The adult female Latrodectus mactans is 2-3 cm long and has a body length of 2-3
cm. It received this name (red-back spider) because of the distinctive red
stripe on its abdomen. The male is seldom seen because the female eats him after
mating. That is where the name “black widow” comes from. The male is about four
times smaller than the female and is less dangerous. Besides the reddish
hourglass-shaped design, it often has four pairs of reddish stripes on the sides
of the abdomen

Looking forward to the responses.


Doog said...

#1 - YES

#2 - FUCK NO

Don't even dignify that shit with a response.

jjok said...

You give up online poker


He gives up his tiny set of balls....literally.

He says name your price, I say go expensive.....

gracie said...

Hell no. It's time to sever all ties.

Jamin said...

Hey, it's Jamin from Grind or Gamble. I'm the guy who challenged you to live HU for tats. How's it going? When should we do this? I'm in LA ... let's set it up ...

I'm excited ... can't believe i'm sick enough to do this ... email is

smokkee said...

"name your price" huh. how can you believe that he'll pay?

you got nothing to prove to him. tell him to meet you somewhere far for a live heads up challenge, maybe Morongo and don't show.

Billy said...

His challenge reminds me of Caro's Suicide Challenges... i vote no... but I agree with jjok... if you do it, make him pay

As for my challenges, I'm thinking perhaps the Poker Padz Mousepad for the online challenge. I originally was thinking chip protector but that's probably been done.

SirFWALGMan said...

Still trying to control your life.. great guy you had there.. NOT! Fuck him. If your going to do it then if you win he has to videotape himself having anal sex with a hobo OR he has to break up with his girlfriend and never see her again.

HighOnPoker said...

I say, make the deal with the X. Do you know how much you have won this past year online? If so, use that number and times it by 10. If he can lay out that amount of money against you (and he has to provide it in cash first), then take on the challenge. I guarantee he won't agree, and you'll have a justifiable request. After all, if he expects you to give up poker which made you $X/year, then he should have to give up the same. You are being kind by only requesting 10 years worth of poker profits.

Wolverine Fan said...

#1 - yes
#2 - no, you have fun playing heads up and other games of poker. His deal takes the fun out of everything. I think it is a bullshit offer and don't think he can give up something as valuable as poker is to you. Know what I mean? Hope I expressed that all right.

good luck!!

Serg said...

I think Wolverine fan said it best “nothing is as valuable as poker”, yeah bunch of real winners here. How about family, friends, religion and country. I think those things are a little important in the grand scope of life. Anyways the bet was not to control her but was a solid proposal to see if she has what it takes to play for real stakes. No one said she couldn’t play live games or stop blogging, which she also enjoys. I have the same passion for fishing and MMA fighting she has for online poker. Jack is a great person and I wish nothing bad on her. Hell, to tell you all the truth she definitely has more poker skills than I do. In the beginning I had the edge but her poker knowledge and experience now makes her the stronger player.

The question here is, who has game. I think head to head I can take her. Eespecially if we played live. Sitting at a table with six or more players, I think she outplays me. So the ball is in her court. She has an open challenge to play HU she can set up the bounty as long as it is something concrete and worth playing for.

slb159 said...

Too bad Full Tilt was down for me last night or I would have kicked your ass like I usually do HU.


Not sure if I can take a trip out to CA for some live action, so I'll stick to just dominating you online.

Seems like serg is making a valid offer, so good luck with that. I saw you beat Gavin HU, so I'm sure you can take him down. ;)

SirFWALGMan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Veneno said...

Thanks all for the feedback. I've decided to pass.

Mondogarage said...

"I have the same passion for fishing, fucking other women not my wife, breaking up my family, making little big man challenges to the ex to restore my manhood and MMA fighting she has for online poker."

pokerpeaker said...

I'm sorry that he even made the offer. What a POS. Here's an counter-offer. Pick a blogger of your choice to take him on, like, I dunno, Lucko or Fuel, we all throw in $5, and then we see how much money he puts up, say 3-1.

Then we watch him get his butt kicked.

I'd pay $5 to see that.

Mondogarage said...

I'm just surprised he didn't offer a wager that if venemo could beat him in mixed martial arts, he's swear that off forever.