Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Fun Filled Week

Here is a short recap of my week:

Sunday -
The Badugi game at HPD went well. That is definitely my kinda game. You know I love action. And Badugi is full of it. So how did this lady fair in her first Badugi game? How's 2nd?...Woo hoo

Monday -
Played a little online. Joined a 4 way HU with HPD. He made it to the next round. I went about 55 hands and finally lost. Speaking of HU, Gordogg beat me last week in one hand. Gordo, help me out what were the hands? All I ever remember are the results. I LOST in one HAND!!!

Then I used my token that was won the week before in a MTT. I have won so many tokens, but never, not once have a made money with them. Then played a $4 MTT on Stars with Gordogg. He went all the way to final. Must have finished in the top 3 after I went to bed cause I saw that I got a transfer with my cut the next day.

While in the girlie chat with a few bloggers, they started talking about a home game in Laguna on Saturday night. Hmmmm.....that sounds good. So I got the information along with an invite to stay the night with two of my new blogger friends on one condition, I must witness this blogger put panties on his head while he dances. Heck, I would pay to see

Tuesday -
Live at the casino. I went to the Hawaiian Gardens Casino (yes, mistake number uno), but it is right on my way home. I bought into a table. Play was very loose. So I decided to raise in mid position with KJ sooted (yeah, second mistake). The flop came with a K 6 2 rainbow. The EP player made a min bet. I raised it up to a pot bet. He came over the top. I knew I had him. I moved all-in since he had me covered. He had K 8 and hit his 8 on the river. That was enough. It was just a little pit stop.

Wednesday -
I had an enjoyable evening with my girls. We went to one of their favorite restaurants, Chilli's. The In-laws were invited too. They have been part of my immediate family for over ten years, so it was nice to have their company. They have been very good to me during all of this. Then I took the girls to shop for a present for their father. My little one asked, "Why are you gonna buy a gift for Daddy? He is your ex husband." I told her that he would always be her daddy. The truth is I just wanna be nice.

Thursday -
First, I spent some time with my girls again. This night they wanted to go to one place, See's Candy. My oldest is a true chocoholic just like her mommy. So we went to the candy shop. Becca, my oldest, picked out a package with chocolate balls, a chocolate cigar, and a box of lollipops. Julia just wanted so milk chocolate coconut.

After dropping of the kids, I called HPD to see how things were going at his cash game. Pop's was People joke about how easy it is to take money off of this player. So I asked if anyone wanted anything. Pop's wanted a no carb Rock Star beverage.

Upon arrival, I ran into Pop's in the parking lot. He already busted out for the night. Drats! Someone beat me to him. I gave him his Rock Star and headed inside.

It was a lucky night for me. I rivered on a few people to take down some really sweet pots. Once with AK of spades. K and two spades on the flop. They other player was raising and re-raising. We finally were all-in by the turn. He had two pair. I caught my last spade on the river. I made over $15 on that pot alone.

By the night's end, I made $26. And had a great time as always.

Friday -
What a blast. So many bloggers in the girlie chat including: Drizz, HPD, Gary, Surflexus, Kat, Waffles, Jordan, Gracie, Smokkee, Elf, Sox, FP, Princess, and Slb. Me and my girl Elf were having some Pino.

First we played in the 25k guaranteed on FT. Kat, Gary, Smokkee, Sox, and myself had a last longer bet going. Gary won the last longer and was the only one of the group to make the money. Well done!

HPD pointed out the $5 HORSE event and a few of us joined. HPD finished short of the bubble in 18th place. Fastpitch made the final table with me. And I hit a nice payout of $93 for my 3rd place finish.

Saturday -
I'm soooo looking forward to the game tonight.

I broke one of my rules. A while ago, I decided that going forwarded only bloggers that played me HU would get a link on my site. Today, I decided, WPBT pals get exemption from that rule. They belong on my links. So, I finally added many of you to my list. If I missed anyone, let me know, and send me your link. That doesn't mean I don't want a chance at your head! So if you did make the list, please hit me up for a HU match, a HU series, or whatever. Let's just have some fun!

One last item of importance. Slb for whatever reason is comparing our profile I don't want to lose in any kinda competition to him, so do me a favor. Make sure and click on my profile. Tell all your friends to click my profile. Keep in mind, a click on my profile will bring you LOTS OF GOOD LUCK!!!!!!


Hope all of you are enjoying your holidays!!!!!!!!!

Hugs and kisses to you all.................


Anonymous said...

Great job this morning. I had a blast playing with you. I'd like to set up a best 2 out of 3 with you after the new year.

Veneno said...

Sounds great!

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