Friday, December 15, 2006

Who is the Luckbox Now?

I must interrupt my Vegas recaps for an important update.

My HU challenge with the infamous Luckbox was concluded this evening. And the true luckbox was the victor. Before the game began, I told CJ that "my luck has been excellent lately". He on the other hand replied, "BadBlood suggests my luckboxing is over. lucky in love... unlucky in cards."

We had an excellent battle. I took the lead early and never gave it back. Finally, we both hit a Top Pair...I was behind with a 6 kicker to his Q kicker. He pushed on the turn. I called. And hit my 6 on the river. Boooyah!!!! Yes, I sucked out. That's what I do. Hehe...

CJ will be picking a nice housewarming plant for my new appartment. Any blogger making their way to California is welcome to meet my new Luckbox plant in person.

So speaking of Heads Up..I have other delightful news to share.

Just before my Vegas trip, I received the following email:

Fellow blogger here (, normally people just call me KGB (but you can call me Neil, don't care either way), and I was wondering if you wanted to start a series of HU matches. I'm interested in playing, overall, 15 $5 + .50 HU matches with you because after reading your blog the past few months, it seems like you welcome any HU challenge that comes your way. I appreciate challenges as well, and on top of that, I think we'd have a great time playing together.

Now, the 15 games I want to play are as follows:

2 Seven Card Stud
2 Omaha
2 Omaha 8/OB
2 Razz

If you want to make any adjustments to the format, I'd appreciate it if you contacted me and let me know. The best way to reach me is via AIM, and my SN is KGBlovesOreos.

I look forward to playing these matches with you. GL, and I hope to hear from you soon.


Now this is the kinda offer that gets me worked up with excitement!!!!!!! Oh yeah, I will accept this challenge. Of course, a challenge of this degree requires an appropriate bounty. We have agreed to a Poker T-shirt signed by the loser and blog title rights for a week.

Looks like I will need to add some new charts for the new games. I don't usually play limit and especially not this mix of games. But that can't stop this Luckbox!!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy it while it lasts! I'll have my revenge.

You're just lucky I was ahead when all the money went in. I was really hoping you had AK.