Sunday, December 31, 2006

Your Wine

Let me be your wine
Drink from my lips
Taste all of me and be mine
My amorous lover
Show me your desire
Give me your passion
Explore me with your touch
Please me with your kisses
My body will welcome you
Come and make me whole
Make my world complete
Make my dreams come true


Anonymous said...

Great, I was just going to bed, and now I've got chubb...

Happy New Year, indeed...

Peace! (good will to men -and women-)


kipper said...

Well guess I don't need coffee this morning. That was enough to get the blood flowing.


Veneno said...

Sweet! I will take it that you guys liked the poem

slb159 said...

I got an A in creative writing in college, and I have to admit that was quite ghey.

Lol. was semi-good, which matches your poker playing ability against me.


Just kidding...hope the New Year treats you well.

SirFWALGMan said...

Is this Poker Porn? I meant to go to Poker Poison.. continue..

Anonymous said...

How many glasses of wine did you drink before posting this? Guess you were watching a good chick flick just before new year when you posted this. All I can say is - there's a future in this kind of writing. Better start charging for it and include pics. Happy New Year!

Veneno said...

slb - Thanks..I think!

Waffles - Not everything that references sex is porn you know.

Chipper - I did have quite a bit of no chick flick. My mind is a very imaginary place. I don't think I will get paid...cause I DON'T do pictures. Thanks for the suggestion though.