Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bloggers Do It Live

I haven't been playing much online these days as many of you may of noticed or not noticed. But what I have been doing is having fun playing live. This last week I've been enjoying playing hostess for two of my online pals. Perhaps you will get a recap from Gordogg on just how fabulous it is to hangout with the amazing V (don't hold your breath).

On Saturday night at Commerce Casino, I arrived just in time to witness Smokkee walking up the the cashier to collect his nice size winnings from the tournament he just won. Then, I was able to meet up with WeakPlayer and his lovely wife at Commerce. He even took a break from his game to have

Hands like quad Aces, a nut flush on the river, were some of the hands of opponents that killed me at the $100 NL tables at Commerce.

I did make $55 at Hawaian Gardens the night before.

But the best night was on Tuesday. I played in a rebuy tournament at the Bike with 30 entrants and finished in 3rd place which paid $440. My buy-in was 40+10, then I did the double add-on for $40, and one final add-on for $20. So my profit was $330 less the $25 tip. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!



chipper said...

Grats on your nice cash! Those dealers expected a big tip eh? All the more reason to play online these days. I don't know if I'd pay a $25 tip after winning $400+ - I guess it's expected to tip them (which I hate doing cuz I believe casino's should pay their employee's fairly to begin with and not to have them rely on tips). Your story makes me want to head up to the mountains and play some live poker up at Blackhawk and Central City, but with all the snow lately and a busy work schedule, no time for fun! Ah well.

Veneno said...

Thanks Chipper!

pokerbobncsu said...

hmm, quad aces killed my straight last night :(