Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dream Big!

I'm staying in Pismo Beach this weekend and loving it. California beaches are awesome! Just walking on the shoreline, smelling the sea air, hearing the waves roll onto the beach, is like a slice of heaven to me. So relaxing and peaceful.

It is especially nice after having a difficult week. A combination of being sick with the flu all week and handling the stream of drama and emotion from my oldest daughter, who is releasing the anger and frustration she feels while dealing with the many changes in our family life.

This trip is a retreat for MK consultants. When I first started my business, it was while I was still living with EM. Trying to sell our home. Moving. Craziness. So my focus was on different things. I took that time to go the the meetings for training. I held one class and had some individual appointments and sells, but I was not putting a lot of effort into it.

Last weekend, I held my "debut" party at my appartment. Even though I still had a few boxes not unpacked, the place has come together enough that I will allow others to come visit. The class went well. And I actually had 3 people sign-up as consultants and one more seriously thinking about it. So WOO HOO...I have the beginnings of my own team. In addition, I had about $400 in sales.

All the recent changes in my life have forced me to alter the dreams that I had of my future. Ending my marriage, losing my home, changes in friendships, and other changes have created a need to find a way to build a better life.

So what are my Big Dreams?

-To have a home again, a Beach House!

-To have a job where I am able to have the flexibility for my kids and the events in their lifes.

-To love what I do.

-And yes, I even want the pink Catillac!

I am ready now to commit to this business and make it into something that enables me to acheive my dreams...just watch me!

I have poker updates too...but those are gonna wait. They only thing I want to mention is that I finally fixed the HU chart with Meek on it and Peak. Sorry guys for taking so long to make corrections.

Take care all...and take time to dream.....


Drizztdj said...

Did we play poker on Saturday night?

Meek said...

You put in that you lost to me, however, you beat me. I don't remember the stakes but does that make you even on $?