Sunday, October 29, 2006

Shuffleboard Anyone?

I used to love playing shuffleboard as a kid whenever I went to a vacation place in Crestline Califonia with my best friend Jenny. We would spend hours playing. Those were the worries...good friends..good times..summer vacations.

So when I saw the shuffleboard game at the resort in San Clemente, I just had to play. So I got my girls and niece to join me for some shuffleboard fun.

Our little weekend escape ended this morning. I decided to wait until we got home to shower and clean. So we headed for home with mom looking pretty crappy. Then the family including my mom decided we should stop for breakfast at the IHOP near my place.

Now when you look really a mess, there are certain people that you hope never see you in this state. One of those would include EM's new girlfriend. So we are sitting outside the restaurant waiting to be seated. My girls notice her come out with her 4 kids and say "Hi, look who is here." Daddy is inside paying for the meal. He comes over and chats with the girls and says hi. Fortunately, I was able to hold in my emotion until he left. I really didn't like my mom and girls seeing me teary-eyed...but I guess that will happen from time to time....

My passion for poker is dwindling. When I do play. I'm not really into it. If I win or lose it doesn't matter much to me.

What I still enjoy is the chat. Steve was kind enough to invite me into a conference where I met a few new bloggers. I even tried to fight with Waffles, but he didn't seem to have enough spark to handle me tonight.

The highlight of my night was playing HU with Jordan. He is still a challenge and fun to battle in the HU arena. But even he mentioned that I was not giving my usual effort with comments and smack talk. At least I won..haha

Laters all...


kipper said...

I have a shuffle board in our basement... Just don't have the 'tools' to play it. It was alreay there when we moved in.

Veneno said...

So let me know when you get some "tools"...and I will come join