Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dreaming of WPBT

It's always interesting when I wake up in the middle of the night dreaming of something poker related. Tonight I was dreaming of the upcoming WPBT in Vegas.

Perhaps it was because the Roshambo Lord finally told me tonight that he had booked his reservation.

Or maybe it was because I can't wait to drink SoCo with this hippie, who made me smile tonight with plans for the upcoming event.

Or could it be because the infamous karaoke blogger has promised to bring me a long overdue CD.

Then again, maybe I just can't wait to get my hands on the best blogger ass around.

Of course, it could be that I'm just looking forward to rubbing the tiltmeister's head.

Perhaps it is the fact that I will finally get to deliver cookies to this friend and his lovely wife.

Or maybe I just can't wait to have fun with best blogger girlfriend.

It certainly could be thinking of the opportunity to win some money off of the Cranberry man.

How could I miss a chance to be in the presence of Mr. Dreamy?

Perhaps I'm just craving another Dave sandwich.

Maybe this trip I will get to join the Vegas tour guide.

Will I get to win another wager with this awesome bowler?

Will the this lovely lady bring her kitty?

I am looking forward to getting a big hug from this finger flipper and his better half?

Perhaps I'm overdue for a visit with the doctor.

All I know is that this wiz better not hit another royal flush to knock me out 2nd to last in the tournament.

I owe a big thanks to this wonderful person for making my dreams come true.

But whatever the reason...I'm dreaming good dreams...and excited about being here:

What: WPBT Holiday Classic III
When: Saturday Dec. 9th at 1:30pm
Where: Caesars Palace
Format: NL with one rebuy
Buy-in: $80 + $50 rebuy

Hmmmmm....back to dreaming now....good night!


peacecorn said...

Meow! See you there!

cc said...

Great meeting you and playing with you during the tourney. Hope we can connect again on the felt soon.

Anonymous said...

Did I read correctly - you won 2nd place in the WPBT last weekend? Mega-grats to you! Well done!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to kick some ass. I just came by here to offer my congrats and Chipper beat me to it. Nice work!!!

littleacornman said...

I'd just like to join Chipper n Peaker in saying a big well done after I read about your 2nd place at Tao of Poker.

Your a star V!

Veneno said...

CC - It was a pleasure to meet you also. Don't forget to hit me up for the HU match.

Chipper - Yes, I did. It was amazing!

Peaker/Acorn - Thanks for the kind words. It means alot to get the congrats from my poker pals!