Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fuel for the Fire

It is always a good night when I receive an invitation like the one that Fuel55 sent me tonight via email, "wanna play some headsup?"....ummm...doh..."Absolutely" was my response! Did it matter that I was already playing in a 20 table SNG for $11 on Stars?...Of course not!

So Fuel finally got to play a little one on one with the Poison. We opened up Full Tilt which is a good place to play HU. The trick to getting on a table is that you must both watch until the current table fills then plan to jump on the next table immediately. If you do it as I just described, you will almost always get on with the intended opponent.

Our first match went 24 hands. In the busting hand, I caught a set on the flop with my pocket 3s. Unfortunately, Fuel hit his straight on the flop. I knew it was there. But there was too much invested and I would be left with very few chips. So I pushed on the turn and that was it.

For our next round, it was a nicely paced battle with Fuel on top until the end. Finally I meantioned that I preferred to be on top...and that was the turning point. I took him out on our 53rd hand.

In addition to enjoying our first match, I got invited to party with Fuel in Vegas. Apparently, he gets to enjoy Vegas styling in a Penthouse...hmmm...sounds sweet!

On another fine note, I made it to the final table in my SNG. Finishing 9th out of 180. Only made about $20 bucks, but had a good time.

Signed up for Full Tilt using Promotion code: VENENO99

A special thanks to FATBOYACAB for signing up under my account.

Hasta luego all...


SirFWALGMan said...

Alright now I know you have no motivation in poker.. How the hell could you leave it tied at 1-1???!?!?!?!?!? What the heck are you thinking?!?!?! I am disgusted which is one of my sons spelling words btw.

Drizztdj said...

I plan on drinking tonight.

If I'm not tilting off my bankroll, hit me up for a HUs match. Its free money.

PeTAKid said...

I personally don't know what anyone sees in Full Tilt. I have/had an account with just about every site out there and I can honestly say Full Tilt is the worst.

I actually hate that site so much I even went out of my way to write a blog about it and compare it to another site.

Veneno said...

You are right Waffles..that was

Drizz..I wish I hadn't been busy..


Anonymous said...

Querida, I am Fuel's wife and I am very interested in knowing more about the invitation he has made to you to party together in Vegas... Can you elaborate?