Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Read It on Card Player

I found this on Smokee's blog. This is really cool!

Thanks everyone for the congrats and feedback. For me this was big and it was really sweet to get the comments.

There are a couple of people that I would like to especially thank. A victory like this is only really enjoyable when you can celebrate it with someone else. HighPlains, Slb159, and Shawn were really super about getting updates during the breaks and supporting my progress during the tournament. Thanks so much guys!

The brackets have been set for HeadsUpchallenge #4 (HUC4). Looks like NewinNov will be the my lucky "first victim". Looking forward to it. We are in the process of coordinating a date and time for our first match. So stay tuned for an event you will not want to miss.

Speaking of staying tuned....What is Iggy up to? Anyone have any ideas on what kinda announcement we are waiting for?....I am not a patient gal...

Hasta luego all..

1 comment:

slb159 said...

Nice job at the Commerce tourney. Glad you took my advice when kept telling you to refer to smokkee's site for how to luckbox your way deep into a live tourney. ;)

Just kidding of course. Great job and I'll see you around.

Take care