Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Querida - "Wanted"

I have finally succeeded in causing some trouble. After hanging out with Waffles for a couple of years now...Is it any wonder?

This is the annonymous comment I received on my "Fuel for the Fire" posting:

"Querida, I am Fuel's wife and I am very interested in knowing more about the invitation he has made to you to party together in Vegas... Can you elaborate?" is my elaboration -

First I can understand your concern when one definition of "Party" via is: "To enjoy oneself thoroughly and without restraint; indulge in pleasure".

My intention was to chat and drink with fellow bloggers and see the inside of a Penthouse suite for the first time. While I am a big flirt and tease, I have no interest in "indulging" with your hubby. Besides I don't even know what he looks like. I don't know him that well at all. We played 2 HU matches. That's it!

Besides, I'm into dorks, retards, pyschotics, introverts, and hippies. So if he doesn't fit into one of those categories, he won't even be appealing to me.

For futher clarification, your husband mentioned that he and Iakaris were going to have a Penthouse in Vegas. I then asked if I could "Party" with them in the Penthouse. He said yes. So technically, I invited myself.

Most of what you read on blogs is an exaggeration. Try not to take it too serious. None of us blogger do.

My apologies for any misunderstandings that this may have created. It was all done with the intention of good respectable fun.

Hasta luego...


kipper said...

Hi Veneno...

Never a dull moment out there on the west coast!

We have a quote back here..."Whatever happens at camp stays at camp!"

SirFWALGMan said...

Holy crap you trouble maker! Wife - DO NOT BELEIVE HER! SHE IS SATAN HERSELF! HAHAHAHA! Just kidding, V is very sweet and will not defile your husband.

Wes said...

I don't know about Fuel being a hippie, but those other options sure do fit him perfectly.

I kid, I kid.

slb159 said...

As a one Mr. Bracelet says, "This is my TGOD, Totally Gay Online Diary. I don't take it seriously, neither should you."

Hope that helps Mrs. Fuel.

Veneno said...

Kip...First I need to make it to the

Waffles..I'm not sure you are helping.

Wes..You crack me up!


Falstaff said...

"I'm into dorks, retards, pyschotics, introverts, and hippies"

Geez, YoYo, now MY wife is worries, 'cause she's pretty sure I fit nto most of those categories! But she's coming to Vegas with me, so it's all cool.

Anonymous said...

W. T. F.