Monday, November 20, 2006

Trash Talk Gone to Waste

This morning I was awaked to the sweet sound from my cell phone indicating an IM message was received. Who would be messaging me at 6:00 a.m.? It was Mr. AlCantHang.

So I open his message hoping to find a nice warm morning greeting, but instead get a reminder of my not so fabulous effort in the HUC4. Al's message said, "You choked against NewinNov?". My response, "Yes".

I could sense the disappointment in his next comment, "Tsk tsk and all that trash talking gone to waste" true my friend.

I'm sure many of you would like to know how this could have happened....(okay maybe only a few care). The first thing I remember New saying to me was that he hadn't played HU other than final stages of tourneys. Hmmmm...that sounded

As New wrote in his post, things were off to a good start. I was playing my usual aggressive style that can often catch a first time opponent off guard. When facing a new player, I will typically raise pre-flop by 2-3x the blind to see if they will drop their cards enough to give me a reason to keep doing it. New was definitely giving me a reason.

At some point players finally realize that I can't possible have that many good cards. By the time this happens, I usually already have a huge chip advantage. Such was the case with the first match.

In the second match, New was adjusting his play a bit and I changed up to more of a post-flop game. I still kept my aggressive style going but could backdown when necessary. I did chuckle a few times when he raised 1/3 of his stack a couple of times pre-flop. I'm not a big fan risking too many chips pre-flop unless I have a premium pair to fight back with. The turning point in this match was my hitting top pair with a OESD, I moved all in on the flop only to find that New had flopped the nut straight.

The second and third matches are a bit of a blur. I know the last match went over 50 hands. I was losing my focus and patience. Finally, I choked big time when I failed to fold my KK with an A on the board. New was kind to say, "What could you do?" I had KK afterall right....FOLD FOLD FOLD...that is what I could do. Really simple. I bet the flop to test his strength...and then failed to listen to the reply (a re-raise).

So yes, I choked.

Despite my loss, it was nice to meet another blogger. As I commented on New's post, if nothing else, I hope his HU game is improved as a result of facing the Poison.

Aside from this event, I had a pretty sweet weekend. Saturday night I had my first Party at the new place. The evening included food, drinks, and a single table NL tournament.

My guests included:

Old time friends - Debbie, Valerie, Kenny, Craig, and Tina

New friends - HighPlains and his girl Michelle

Brother - Richard


My friend Deb won the event, my Dad took 2nd, and my brother came in third. My family loves to play poker, so I wasn't too surprised with the result. That is where my passion for the game started. I grew up playing cards. The one thing you can count on at my Dad's house during the holidays is a family game of poker.

Since I am not much of a cook, I made pre-cooked Teriaki Chicken that you buy from Costco and simply warm up in the oven. White rice which I made in my new rice cooker. I had read the instructions for about 15 minutes (don't laugh!) and finally got help from my brother who is a fantastic cook. Eggrolls. Meatballs. And sauteed zuccini. Everyone enjoyed the meal.

For drinks, there was a choice of Magaritas, Eggnog (I know it's early..but it tasted yummy), Wine, and beer.

HighPlains was kind enough to run the event. He is great at setting up the structure and managing the blind changes and such. Plus this allowed me to keep up with my hostess duties.

I was able to break in my new poker table and copag cards that I bought just for this event.

It was a great evening. Somehow, I even managed to stay sober..despite my slow sipping of the Eggnog and Margaritas. Hmmm...has my alcohol tolerance improved? Perhaps I am getting better prepared for the next blogger event that I will be attending in December.

Last night, I went to HighPlains tourney as I love to do. This time the Eggnog worked much better...We played HORSE and I went out early. Then I played one of the guys that I enjoy teasing a game of HU for $40 and lost.

Finally, still not quite ready to drive...I used High's computer to play a $20 single table SNG on Full Tilt. I came in first which paid $90.

It is Monday morning...uggghhhh...and I am up and all I want to do is get back in bed..and sleep for a few hours...I really don't like mornings..and especially don't like Mondays!

Hasta luego all...


NewinNov said...

Thanks for your nice comments. Sounds like your party was a good time. Take care.

SirFWALGMan said...

He Smoked you... what did he learn? Veneno has lost her touch.. that is all. lol. Good try kiddo! Good morning too!