Thursday, January 11, 2007


I have been working a lot of long hours which is cutting into my poker time..ugghhh. The beginning of the year is pretty busy. And I've been under a lot of pressure to get everything done.

To make matters worse, I when I brought my girls home last night, they soon started feeling sick. Any doubts I had about deciding to get two restrooms disappeared. I had one barfing in each toilet. It was a sleepless night.

This is the kinda day when you really need a little something special. And thanks to a super terrific blogger, I got just that!

I was sitting at my computer working in my front room when I heard someone knocking at my door. This is extremely rare. It was the UPS man with a delivery. Hmmmm. Sweet! Wow a package for me?

Excitedly I opened the card first. Who would send me something?

This is what it said:

Besting the Luckbox isn't easy.

Now I knew. It was my bounty reward for beating CJ in our HU challenge. Awesome. So I opened the package and found the cutiest little bonsai tree. I loved it. It was just perfect.

Thanks CJ for making my day. That is the best bounty that I have received. I definitely can't wait to beat your butt again...hehe

See guys...that is why HU and bounties are so much fun. You might just get something special on a day when you really need it.

Hasta luego all...


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