Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Donkey Experiment

It was inevitable that I would have a donkey session this year. So why not get it out of the way early?

This week I joined one of the blogger cash games you may have been reading about at the 1/2 NL table. Weak_player was generous enough to leave the table and give me the opportunity to sit. The bloggers I played with included Waffles, MiamiDon, Mr. Dreamy, TroubleCat, PokerNome, Fuel55, Zeem and Fluxer. I think I forgot someone...

Blogger games for me are generally a temptation I cannot resist. Understand that one of my primary reasons for playing is for the social aspect. But this blogger table was no social affair. These guys were out to get each other and I was just wasting a seat.

I generally buy-in short in order to limit my risk. A fun about for me to donk of is in the $50 range. But this night, I did not limit my risk to a "fun" range.

My first buy-in was for $69. I lost most of this to MiamiDon, when I bet into his nut boat. Sweet!

Then I bought in for another $60. Donk!

By now I was not very pleased (Poison tilt). The stubborn side of me took hold and I placed the balance of my FT bankroll on the table, $120. This sum dwindled gradually until I had about $80 to donate to one of the bloggers (Zeem I believe) in my final donk style move. Instead of making a move on the flop or the turn. I called him down with a flush draw and pair and lost to a pair of tens when none of my outs hit.

After busting out, I realized the following:

* I was out powered (being a short stack for all sessions)
* Outplayed (definintely not playing my best)
* Unlucky (my flops were not hitting and I did not suckout)
* Not having fun

I had one my first SNG of the year the night before on a $50 table made $170 profit. And earned $176 profit the week before on a cash game. These were nice scores for me. But in the end, donating this profit on the Blogger table, was not worth it.

I will chalk this up as a lesson learned.

Last night when Waffles and Mr. Dreamy tried to entice me into making another donation, it was easy for me to say - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

I still have a few hundred on Stars and money on Neteller to play. Think I'm gonna stick with HU for my entertainment. And get back to my SNGs for building.

Hasta luego all!!

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SirFWALGMan said...

Do not be too hard on yourself that was blood filled sharky waters for sure.