Saturday, January 20, 2007

Vanquished by Veneno

Starting from behind at 1 and 2 didn't stop me from Vanquishing the mighty VinNay. Our last two matches were true battles. He definitely made me work to get this victory with the first match going 55 and second 35 hands. No quickies with him. But the best part is that I collect another bounty. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Keep a look out for a new banner and ode to Veneno on his site.

I also played in a 4 person HU shootout yesteday and won.

After receiving my cute little Bonsai from CJ, I realized it was time for me to pay up on some of my own bounties.

Trip finally received the Personalized Silver Velvet lined card holder that I owed him. I got this IM from him today:

i just wanted to tell you i got something in the mail this morning.

I think he liked it.

Another package finally went out to Jordan with his Copag cards.

There is still one bounty that I owe. Those bloody cookies!!!! Weak is gonna be out here in LA during the month, so I just might have to get to baking. Check his recent post about dropping the Hammer on Fuel! Another good reason for me to pay Weak is that the receipt of my bounty from Garth is contingient on me paying Weak. How did that happen?

Speaking of bounties, I have yet to collect my CD from Gary. He brought it with him to Vegas intending to give it, but somehow managed to misplace it! I WANT MY

I also should be receiving a set of cards from TanOrpheus.

If you haven't hit me up for a HU match do it! What are you waiting for? Just send me an email or catch me on IM. It's sure to be a good time. And someone will get a cool bounty. Doesn't get much better than that!

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TripJax said...

You rule!