Saturday, January 13, 2007

Time to Track

It's time to start tracking my poker activity. I've done it before and found it to be valueable. I went back to the free tracking site, Poker Dominator (recommended to me by Tripjax) to start inputting my sessions for this year. I've only entered a few sessions and will need to get back to it later.

I'm just going back for sessions in 2007, so that I can track my results for this year. Some of the things that I'm interested in knowing are the following:

1) Net profit/loss for the year
2) What games are most profitable
3) What sites are the most profitable
4) Hourly rate on cash games
5) Online versus Live play comparisons

Of specific curiosity - How much money do I spend getting those bloody tokens? You know the ones that have never resulted in any profit. What is percentage win/loss on those same token SNGs? I think I'm due for a win!

What I can tell you without even entering the information, I'm up this year. Even with the loss of $250 on that blogger cash game, I'm still ahead for 2007. Most of the profit has come over the last week. I've played about 7 sessions of 1/2 nl 6 max ring games. Made money in 5 of the 7. The net profit for those 7 sessions is $380.

No offense to my blogger friends, but I'm avoiding cash games with you guys. Whenever I get on a blogger table, my donkey mind set kicks in. For me personally, I know it is a -EV scenerio.

I will keep you posted. Cause I'm sure you guys are all soooo interested in how im doing...haha

Also, Tommy just for you...I will get a picture of the my new little baby Bonsai. You guys wanna help me name him?



HighOnPoker said...

I'm with you, V. I play very differently at blogger cash game tables, and the 1/2 NL tables are too high stakes for me to be playing crappy poker. Of course, it doesn't help that most bloggers are smarter than the average bear.

sag said...

you are really about to name a tree? why not call him:
- al green
- stiff little leaf
- big brother