Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Are We There Yet?

I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to the upcoming Vegas trip. A little splurge on myself is definitely needed.

In spite of all the chaos in my life right now...I'm doing okay.

Lately my life feels like a soap opera. It seems that daily I have some kinda dramatic occurence. But I am determined to keep my chin up and move forward.

The latest event took place on Father's Day. I had already told EM (you can guess what this stands for if you like) that my plans for the day were to take my dad to breakfast, play in the Poker Stars Blogger event, and then go to my Mom's place for a BBQ with Step Dad.

The day started great. Me and my girls were up early baking cookies for the Dads. (I'm sure Weak will give me a dig on this account...when will I ever get him his cookies?) I love baking with the girls. Those are the special moments that make life wonderful. The girls joined me to take my Pop's to breakfast at one of his favorite places, Polly's Pies.

I brought the girls home for them to enjoy time with EM. He asked if I was planning to join them for lunch. I reminded him that I had plans and had no intention of joining him. He then made some remark about having to pay for his own Father's day lunch.

Meanwhile, I fired up my computer and signed on the Poker Stars to get ready for the Blogger Tournament. At about one minute before the game begun, my husband walked over threw the computer into the printer, then took a chair and jammed it into the computer monitor. UNBELIEVABLE! With my other computer not working, I would not be able to play the event at home. (I have a list of reasons why I should not consider going back to my husband....this event made the list).

Determined not to let him ruin my day, I drove to my parents and got a key to my sister's house. I started the event 25 minutes late. The event was not nearly as enjoyable as I had hoped. I had been looking forward to chatting and enjoying the company of all my online poker pals. But I did get to play and finished 278th. Which was a good showing, but nothing to show for it.

So I am computerless for the time being.

Last night I was able to enjoy railing Speaker to a nice score at Paradise via phone. Go check his blog for details.

Just counting the days till Vegas......

Hasta Luego!


Falstaff said...

Did you just say "threw the computer into the printer, then took a chair and jammed it into the computer monitor?"

In my best Tony Soprano voice, What the fucking fuck?

That is some seriously unstable shit, soysauce. Lemme know if you want me and my boys to have a little "talk" with the sumbitch.

SirFWALGMan said...

EM = Evil Maggot?

Fuck him. I am so glad you are getting out from his tyranical rule. Your gonna so enjoy life after EM.

L'artiste said...

What the fuck?!? Did that really happen?

I think Falstaff is really on to something here. A few California bloggers should definitely pay this guy a little visit and, to put it nicely, rearrange his organs.

And to all the bloggers heading to Vegas, please spoil Veneno rotten for me. She really deserves it!!

iamhoff said...

Huh? I'm with falstaff and artiste, what the fuck?!? I'm in San Diego, and conveniently I was recently laid off. As such, I have time on my hands. Give me an address and I'm on it. Several other broggers are on my way to LA, so we should be able to pull together a small enforcement squad to properly take care of things. Hold things together until Vegas. Seriously, though, be careful. That sounds like a potentially dangerous situation. If he's willing to smash up a computer and monitor, it probably isn't a large step to throwing something at you or taking a swing. Let us know if there's anything we can do to help.

katitude said...

Having been with a guy like that, all I can say is thank god you're getting out. Unstable fucks never ever change. Men like that give men a bad name :-(

Ingoal said...

Wtf? Computer --> printer, chair --> monitor? Wtf? Wtf? Wtf?

Veneno said...

Thanks for all the comments! You guys are really terrific. It was really nice to be able to read these in my email even though I was without a computer. Email I can access via my cell phone. So your comments were putting a big smile on my face.

Veneno said...

Waffles - you were close..it is actually Evil Maniac..

Drizztdj said...

Holy shit, what compels a person to think trashing things like is going to solve anything?

I hope you're moving far far away from this guy.