Saturday, June 10, 2006

Retards Rule!

So how does everyone like my new banner? Compliments of BoobieLover. Finally someone who knows how to take advantage! It is pretty funny...

I may be a retard as Boobie Lover states but at least I'm lucky! It was a great night after losing to Boobie. We joined a $10 MTT on party poker. This event started with 910 entrants.

While playing in the background was there was the usual chat. It was great to hang out with the gang again, lately my online play has been reduced. All the cool people were there..WeakPlayer, Garth, Kat, Louddwnouder, SoxLover, Twitch, slb159, Thorm (a new pal for me), and Boobie.

Caught up with some of the recent events.....

Weak placed 3rd recently in a 24/2 on Full Tilt. Go Weak! He is my new hero. Not everyone can quit their job and play poker all day..any day..any time! But it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. He is gonna be in LA next week and agreed to lower himself to my level for some poker fun at the Bike. Can't wait.....

Boobie has been taking a beating on the 400 NL tables and yet he is still up for June. When I asked whether he was going to Vegas, he tried to convince me that he had no money...hmmm...plays 400 NL..has no money? I reminded him that you CAN actually take money out of your online account to pay for trips and

Twitch had invited me to a low limit tournament on Stars as well..I busted in this..but him and Boobie made the money.

Slb159 finally played the token he won on Full Tilt, unfortunately, the Donkey's got the better of him.

Waffles was online too but he was "too busy" to chat something about focus and not wanting to "tilt"..or

So I'm humming along playing in the party tournament..chatting..having a good time..and pretty soon..I'm in the money..and building chips...hmmmm

By this time I was getting an offer for a HU challenge with Thorm, we negociated terms for our best 2 of 3 challenge..and I actually declined to play during my MTT cause I had my eye on the prize. But I will definitely take him up on his offer. He says he CAN DELIVER a poem if I am the winner! Sweet....

Speaking of delivering, nice to know some people can deliver. Unlike Waffles who still owes me a poem for the Katfight! Of course, until I bake cookies for Weak..who am I to speak? And Garth is holding back my reward until I deliver..dang..I better get to baking sometime. And I owe Trip and Jordan stuff..okay..better get to that...oh and I also still need a CD from Gary. Anyone in Okie Vegas willing to get my prize?

Before you know it, I was on the FINAL table. Boobie was super..sweating me to the very end even after he busted. Weak and Slb were the only one left from the conference and they opened my game to rail. I also had a few others on IM cheering me on..Dreamy, TrumpJosh, HighPlainDifter and Jeff.

It was great to talk to Trump again. He has been having a hard time of late with the recent loss of his sister who died at the age of 29. If you wish to offer your sympathies you can send me an email and I will be happy to forward or leave a comment. I'm trying to convince him he needs a Vegas

I must thank HighPlains for introducing me to his home game. It has been a blast. Thursday, I played in his HORSE cash game. By the time I left, I was down $3 but it was well worth the fun and company. I have made a few new friends including Jeff, the super smart young college guy who is gonna Graduate in a couple of days. Of course, he has yet to beat me in heads up..haha..I even won a dinner at Commerce. Then he convinced me to play him in a HU HORSE match. Veneno wins. Woo hoo. After he told me he had a 4 and 0 record for HU HORSE. Should I feel badly for breaking his winning track

So..I finished 7th..and got a $273 payout. And yes, I did play like a Retard...but it profit for a $10/1 MTT eh?

I cashout $600 to pay for my new Mary Kay business so this was a sweet boost to my roll. Now that I have some money to work with, I have decided to finally pursue earning some bonus money and gifts with my PSO account. If you haven't tried this yet. You really should. The few times I have, it has been worth it. If I can get a few Best Buy gift cards and up my roll..I would love to get a new laptop....

So Bodog here I come....

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SirFWALGMan said...

"I have made a few new friends including Jeff, the super smart young college guy who is gonna Graduate in a couple of days. Of course, he has yet to beat me in heads up..haha..I even won a dinner at Commerce."

Thats a very super smart way to get a date with Veneno at the Commerce, lol.