Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Price of Heads Up

First, I must thank all of you for the great comments in response to the drama in my life. You guys are terrific! Even when I couldn't get on my computer, I was able to read your comments via email on my cell phone. They definitely cheered me up.

I managed to get a computer system up and running, so I am back in action.

As for the price of Heads Up, I lost another bounty. My showing against bloggers lately is not impressive. My newest banner is up for viewing compliments of JJOK. He beat me in a match about a week ago.

I also lost a match to Slb a non-blogger who has made the Veneno list as a special exception. Slb..thanks for the offers for more HU games recently. I do wanna rematch!

And for anyone else who has missed the opportunity to face the Poison, now might be the best time. Fluxer, where are you? I need a sure Oh wait, I forgot, you surrendered.

On the upside, I have had 3 straight victories in HU matches against non-bloggers. One against JVC (Jeff). He owes me another dinner at Commerce...Sweet!

Counting the days to Vegas.....


Anonymous said...

You should take advantage of my offers as I'm only up for HU on rare occasions. We'll get together soon enough, though. Maybe this time you won't run into my A's. Hehe.

SirFWALGMan said...

I will play you any day of the week.

Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...


sent here by Waffles on the IM - we run in similar circles it seems and turns out I'll be in Vegas for the tourney.

any chance a debonair Canuck swashbuckler could swing an invite to the PJ party. think 100% italian silk - possible smoking jacket Hef Style. don't know you Diva #4 is, but Jules and Kat don't seem to hate me too much so I'll use them as credit references.

ok, hasta pronto. Y hablo espanol tambien (mas o menos...)

TripJax said...

good to know you're back online...hope things get better for ya...

Veneno said...

Slb..not sure what got into me..I should jump at the chance to play you again!

Waffles..yummmy...can't wait!

Iakaris..100% Italian got my attention..accepted!

Trip..thanks for the kind words.

CarmenSinCity said...

hehehe - nice banner. You should just keep it. Just kidding!

Riverrun said...

I just added you to my Yahoo! AIM, I just downloaded it, yes i'm behind the times but I need to work on attending more blogger events and my heads up play!