Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tiempo para Salsa

I've been trying to do things to take care of myself. This week I finally made it to the exercise category. They had a Salsa class at the gym so I joined, sweated, and had a blast. I love to dance, so it really didn't seem like exercise. But I definitely need to get into better shape. Well at least it was a start....I don't have time to get this body to a "hot" status before Vegas, so everyone will get a glimpse of the "before" version of Veneno.

In talking to Iggy, I will fit right in. Something about bloggers not being about looks. Really? Sounds like a perfect crowd. I really can't wait.

Since I have my computer up finally, I had a chance to play some online poker including HU.

First I had the pleasure to play the newest member of the blogger community, slb159. If you haven't had a chance to welcome him, please do stop by his blog. He will be most appreciative. Most of us couldn't figure out what he was waiting for..he was eager to be part of the blogger crowd. So far, my Poison has had no effect on slb. Even with the hammer, I could not break him. In our match, I had the hammer on the first hand, and in true blogger style, I moved all in. He called with something like K J off. And that was it! So he has me 2 and 0. Yikes!!!!

This evening I played 23Skidoo and went 1 and 1. First game he was trying to trap me while I had a Full Boat..haha. Second match he managed to call me with a pair of 3s when there was paint on the board. Said something about wanting to lose. I figured him for weak but didn't push him off the hand as planned. So we went 1 and 1.

The best time this week was playing the Bad Beat tables with Iggy on Party. I made $80 at limit..hmmm..interesting....

Lastly, I did get a chance to play some live poker at the Bike on Sunday. This time I went straight to the 100 nl. My plan was to go one buy-in and see how it went. It went good. I cashed out $171 dollars richer. Need to build that Vegas fund.

My new business venture is going good. Most importantly, I am getting out, doing something positive, and feeling good about myself. If anyone is interested in a link to check out some great skin products or wants a gift for the wifey to make up for your Vegas venture, just send me an email and I will give you a link to my Mary Kay website. You can pay with poker funds! (contact me at yosoyveneno@yahoo).


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