Sunday, June 04, 2006

Full Tilt 200k ...Beware of the Poison...

That's right...I'm gonna take my shot tomorrow at the Big Time Sunday game...feel free to stop by and wish me luck..

It all started this morning when I decided to play some poker. First I signed up for the 200k freeroll on FT. This was a single table SNG where first place gets the entry into the 200k Satellite. I won! So I planned to play the Satellite at 5:30pm PST.

I also finished 5th in another $10 MTT on FT with just over 100 ppl and made about $76. The SnGs on Party did not go so well. So I basically lost the money I won on FT.

By the time I started the Satellite, there were over 600 entrants. So I figured my chances of winning were pretty slim. Only the top 9 would get the entry. To my surprise and amazement, I finished #1 and got my entry into the 200k!!! Super SWEET!!!! It was an awesome ride...Thanks to my railbird friends Duggle, HighPlainDrifter, Albert, slb159, and PresDave.

The other thing that did not go so well tonight was my attempts at winning a Token on FT. I ended up 0 for 4. On a up note, the last attempt I played was with slb159, he is a blog reader who has joined in on the DADI and takes an interest in what is happening in the community. He popped on to my Satellite and so we started up a chat on IM. Before you know it, I had him joining me for a token game. We have a deal where I get a % if he makes money from playing a MTT with his token.

He played an excellent game finishing #2 and won his token just after I busted 5th for $4. I think he must be destined to be a blogger..cause he dropped the hammer a couple of times in true blogger first time he played the hammer against the chip leader, he made the remark "I proudly put all my chips in with the hammer on a semi-bluff and dropped it...I was so proud..that pretty A on the turn was so conducive for me to take it down". Then, the 2nd time he played the hammer he really tilted one of the players. A comment was made not "to show him any more blufs" job Steve..Looking forward to you making something out of your token!

Lastly, I played a little $5 Omaha tourney with HighPlains, Duggle, and Albert. Check out this site for a nice little recap of the event. I busted out early..not a



Anonymous said...

Thanks Poison,
Great playing with you and pres. Unfortunately, he went out early, so I didn't get to take any revenge on him for busting me out of the DADI with air. Just kidding. Another blast playing with you both and hope to do it again soon. I think I REALLY tilted that guy when I replied, "What bluff? The hammer is the best hand in poker." HA! Unfortunately, now I have to fulfill my promise to play you heads up. Here come the donations. That is if I play more than one with you. Hehe.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks for the transfer too...just checked my email. Best line of the night, when we were on the bubble and I was getting nervous since I've had huge bad luck there recently..."If all else fails, I'll use the poison." Lol. Thanks for calming my nerves. Best of luck in the 200K...see you there.

Drizztdj said...

Next time you play the PLO8 tourney give me a ring if I'm on.

I love the DS Omaha Hi and 8 or better tourneys.