Tuesday, July 18, 2006

New Beginnings

I found my next home, well apartment to be exact. I'm pretty excited. This will be the first time that I have had a place of MY OWN. It is gonna be the "girl's pad" (as in me and my two girls). When I have the girls, it will be slumber parties and playtime. And when they are not with me...hmmm...I can only imagine..lol. My girls went with me this last weekend to give their input and vote on our next dwelling. We went to a few apartments before visiting this one. Once we saw this place, we knew it was right. So even though I will be paying a small fortune, it is gonna be worth it.

It is a 2 bedroom and 2 bath apartment about 900 square feet. The kitchen is all white cabinets and has a wrap around bar that opens into the living room. Off the living room is a sliding window that leads to the patio. The patio is all enclosed with a high wood fence. The bedrooms are fair size. One with a walk in closet and the other with wall to wall mirrored closet.

In addition to the nice apartment, there are amenities too. Starting with 2 pools, Jacuzzi, BBQs, Tennis courts, Club House with a library, Cardio workout room and separate weight room including a punching bag that my oldest daughter immediately warmed up on, sauna, and playground. Lots of grassy areas. The Club House serves up fresh coffee and juice every morning.

My patio back gate will open up to the pool and BBQ area and is adjacent to the Club house. I couldn't have planned for a better spot.

I wanted to have a downstairs place, so when the called me yesterday to say that a downstairs 2 bedroom was now available, I made sure to go straight there after work. Today I got the call that all was approved and I can move in on August 24th.

My house never even went on the market. EM had called a company that has investment buyers in our area. There were 2 people that came to see the house just before I left for Vegas. They made offers right away. And when I returned from my trip all the paperwork was ready to sign. Escrow is estimated to close sometime this week.

He has repeatedly called me cold. I don't want to hug him, give him back rubs, or shave his back. These are all things that he still thinks I should provide. And of course I have to continually say emphatically NO, NO, NO!!!! If he would listen to the first "no", I would not have to go to such lengths to make it clear. I think he just likes to torture me. His common line is "Why don't you want to do these things? We are still friends". I could go on and on...but I have tried not to publish all of our dirty laundry in a public way. Suffice to say, "I am absolutely DONE!"

So while I did get a little sad at the thought of leaving my first home, I'm ready and excited to move on to the next phase of my life. It will be a big relief to live apart from EM. Living together for these last few months has been uncomfortable to say the least.

I have many other things to blog about including an awesome night at High Plains home game (actually click on his link he has a nice recap already), HU match with JVC, the bowling night in Vegas vs the Penner42, but that will do it for tonight.

Laters all...


biggestron said...

That name you picked for Alan's blog is priceless.

katitude said...

Veneno, congrats on the enw digs! Sounds purr-fect!!!

slb159 said...

"a punching bag that my oldest daughter immediately warmed up on"

Did she have a bad poker night?

Congrats Poison, best of luck.

littleacornman said...

All the best to you and the kids in your new home V.Sounds great!

peacecorn said...

Way to go!